[Top 10] Street Fighter 6 Best Looking Alternate Costumes

Marisa in Alternate Outfit 3 performs a Super Art.
Marisa knows that you have to show those guns.

The characters of Street Fighter 6 have received several alternate outfits since the game launched in June 2023. The development team at Capcom thankfully found the time to make some new threads for the main characters while they weren’t giving a pile of them to the player avatar for the World Tour mode. Some are great, while others are more rudimentary (they’re outfits from previous games -- which is fine, notably).

Every character in the base roster has three as of this writing, with the DLC characters having two. The second outfits can be unlocked through the World Tour mode or through the in-game shop with Fighter Coins (that require real money), but the third outfits can only be unlocked through the shop for money that will empty your wallet if you’re not careful. The DLC characters will get their third one when the final character of the first season, Akuma, releases. 

All that said, some outfits they’ve released thus far are great. Let’s discuss the better ones here.


10. Ryu Outfit 3

The "less of a bum" look for Street Fighter's biggest character.

See Ryu Outfit 3 in action:

Ryu’s third outfit for Street Fighter 6 stands in stark contrast to the prior two he’s received. It should be no surprise that the Street Fighter franchise’s (and the fighting game genre’s) most notable karate man has two gis available, one being the new default karate gi and the other being his old outfit since the Street Fighter II days. The new one consists of casual street clothes.

As in, they’re SOME form of casual street clothes. Reception to this outfit has been divisive among the community, with a crop of players liking it with others thinking it’s too ill-fitting. (It’s clear which side we’re falling on here from this list.) The mere thought of seeing Ryu outside a karate gi can be ill-fitting by itself, honestly, considering how iconic the character is. Even if the outfit isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing one, the clear work of a guy who slapped something together so he could just get out the door.

The story behind the skin is what makes it all worthwhile. These were threads given to him over the years, including those Chun-Li purchased for him when she hooked him along for clothes shopping, in one of the most endearing and hilarious story notes during the World Tour. Ryu has zero sense of style, so he didn’t know or care about meshingall the clothes for strategic matches. But the result and story behind it are so charming that they earned a place on this list, even if it’s the lowest place.

How to Get Ryu’s Third Outfit: Purchase the outfit from the shop for 300 Fighter Coins. Fighter Coins can only be purchased with real money, in packs consisting of 250, 610, 1,250, and 2,750 Fighter Coins, which cost $4.99, $11.99, $23.99, and $49.99, respectively. Yes, these third outfits ARE expensive.

Skin Rating: 7/10 -- It’s just too charming.


9. Guile Outfit 2

Guile gets to show off those Big Patriotic American Guns.

See Guile Outfit 2 in action:

Guile’s second outfit is the most basic choice on this list: They’re the threads he was introduced with back Street Fighter II. These are his army fatigues, with his tank top and military-patterned pants. Guile’s received several outfits over the years, but there’s just no comparing to the original.

Guile was bound to have his older outfit available as some sort of option, similar to the other characters who originated from Street Fighter II. But this outfit in particular makes this list because this is the best these threads have looked on him in a long, long time. It’s a testament not only to how good Guile looks in this game, but how Street Fighter 6 itself has the best graphics system Capcom has utilized for the franchise and genre.

Enough about that, though. We’re talking about Guile here. This is the best Guile has looked in his old outfit since the Street Fighter Alpha days in the late 1990s, a LONG time ago. Street Fighter IV’s character models weren’t that great (and look even worse in retrospect), and the old threads removing Guile’s sunglasses in Street Fighter V gave him a permanent wide-eyed crazy dude look. He looks perfect in it in SF6, with this costume in particular accentuating his large and Very American™ muscles. Fitting for someone who goes home to be a family man.

How to Get Guile Outfit 2: Unlock it through mastering Guile’s Bond Level after meeting him in the World Tour. Buying him gifts is the fastest way to do this, particularly Natto, sold by the merchant in Ryu’s location in Japan. Giving him the same gift repeatedly will work, too. Alternatively, you can buy the outfit in the shop for 50 Fighter Coins.

Skin Rating: 8/10


8. JP Outfit 3

JP has that sinister flow (by this outfit flowing in the wind).

See JP Outfit 3 in action:

JP’s third outfit stands in complete contrast to his other two. His default one is a regular suit, while the second outfit makes him look like a high-class pimp. The character opts for a more casual look here. It’s specifically casual gear originating from the second main territory in the game’s World Tour mode and story: Nayshall.

It’s a different outfit, but still fits the kind of character JP is in Street Fighter 6. The silk shirt and robe give off serious “casual warlord” vibes, from a guy who likes to keep it sinister and stylish. Those warlord vibes are further emphasized when the outfit is contrasted with the threads the other Nayshall citizens wear in the World Tour mode, solidifying his status as the most sinister individual in the area.

The aspect that seriously makes this outfit memorable is how it flows in motion whenever JP uses certain attacks, especially his bundle of Psycho Power techniques. The slick chain and VERY expensive-looking jewelry complete the look. The man is truly The Money, and he knows it, representing his evil status in a country he helped to make impoverished.

How to Get JP Outfit 3: Purchase it from the shop for 300 Fighter Coins. RIP to your wallet.

Skin Rating: 8/10


7. Dee Jay Outfit 3

Dee Jay's most shimmering look yet.

See Dee Jay Outfit 3 in action:

Dee Jay’s previous two outfits represent his fighting style as a Jamaican kickboxer, the second among which being his outfit from his introduction in Super Street Fighter II. This third outfit, however, emphasizes his other identity as a musician and showman, with a stylish suit that wouldn’t make him look out of place on the dance floor.

The third outfit makes for Dee Jay’s most stylish look yet, one completed by his slick sunglasses and the expensive-looking gold watch. It’s a perfect fit for Dee Jay’s outgoing personality, because the default and all the alternate colors for the outfit would turn heads at any club he attended, in areas full of flashy outfits. It’s even better when the watch he wears is actually a smartwatch that plays music -- likely HIS music, at that.

This is the kind of outfit that Dee Jay sorely needed in the Street Fighter IV games, but it makes sense that he’s received this kind now that Capcom’s actually made him a good fighter. They gave him an outfit so stylish that no one will even notice that he’s not wearing a shirt. This is also the way it represents Dee Jay’s home in Jamaica, one laden with hot and tropical temperatures all year around.

How to Get Dee Jay Outfit 3: Purchase it from the shop for 300 Fighter Coins. Hope you’re as rich as Dee Jay here.

Skin Rating: 8/10


6. Cammy Outfit 3

They've run out of Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie moments to reference for Cammy now.

See Cammy Outfit 3 in action:

Whereas Cammy’s default and alternate outfits are her new casual outfit and old battle outfit, respectively, the third one takes on her threads from a new perspective. Well, a new-ish one, more specifically. Here, she dons a half-sweater top and tight shorts, perfect for going undercover.

Really, the most striking aspect of this outfit, and why it assumes this position on the list, is the blatant homage. It’s a reference to the outfit Cammy wore in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, in one of the most memorable aspects of the film from its first scene, when she performs an assassination. (The neck-breaker move she uses is also referenced through her second Super Art in SF6.) She’s not an assassin anymore, but some of Cammy’s best moments in the Street Fighter lore come from the period when she had an air of mystique around her, which this outfit delivers. And let’s be real here: It helps that it gives her a bit of fanservice through the outfit she’s wearing underneath the coat.

This outfit also rocks because it makes Cammy look and feel more like her key inspiration: The titular Alita from Battle Angel Alita. The development team made sure to lovingly implement the outfit into the game, with how the coat realistically flows as she moves around only helping. Considering her nature as a rush-down character, she moves around very frequently.

How to Get Cammy Outfit 3: Purchase it from the shop for 300 Fighter Coins.

Skin Rating: 9/10


5. Manon Outfit 2

It would be a shock if this wasn't Manon's main outfit going forward.

See Manon Outfit 2 in action:

Manon, as Street Fighter’s newest fashion icon, undoubtedly has a dizzying array of outfits in her wardrobe. But the best ones to use in terms of displaying her street fighting prowess are those that represent her nature as a judo expert and a fashionista. That’s her second outfit.

This outfit is a sterling representation of style and substance. The large sunglasses and the fur collar on her jacket give her an air of mystique and style, while the tight leather pants give her maneuverability. It’s quite practical by fighting game standards, really. The frilly dress equivalent to an accessory around her waist makes for a nice stylish touch.

This, funnily enough, is the outfit Manon is pictured in most, though both media provided by Capcom and copious amounts of fan art. It’s enough to suggest that it will be her main outfit going forward. It looks far better than the straightforward judo outfit she uses for her default threads. The classic French military look she wears for her third outfit amounts to a nice try, though with iffy execution. 

How to Get Manon Outfit 2: Obtain it from the World Tour by maxing out Manon’s Bond level. Buying her multiple Beaujolais gifts will work best, purchased from the Merchant in Bathers Beach in Jamaica. Alternatively, the outfit can be purchased from the shop for 50 Fighter Coins.

Skin Rating: 9/10


4. Kimberly Outfit 3

Kimberly transforms into the most "anime" looking character in the game.

See Kimberly Outfit 3 in action:

Kimberly’s previous two outfits consist of her street clothes, fitting enough for a franchise called “Street Fighter.” But she has to wear something to identify herself as a ninja, which is where her third outfit comes in. A very LOUD ninja, to note. Modern ninjas have no need for subtlety.

Let’s be more specific by saying that this is Kimberly’s Anime Ninja outfit, on account of how ridiculous it looks. Ridiculously good, that is. The very “anime” look is driven by the hair, because you gotta have blue hair, at least for the default color. But it’s also very cute how she keeps her music-driven motif by keeping her Walkman the kind of small bag that ninjas usually keep their talismans in.

Capcom knew they had a banger of an outfit here when they hired a cosplayer to model in it before formally revealing it. The team nailed the modern ninja vibe that Kimberly represents, far better than her previous two outfits. It’s similarly cool how the outfit doesn’t stand out as off-putting with Street Fighter 6’s more realistic art style, a testament to how the design team wanted to get this one just right. This applies for all of the alternate colors, too.

How to Get Kimberly Outfit 3: Purchase it from the shop for 300 Fighter Coins

Skin Rating: 10/10


3. Zangief Outfit 3

Don't change the channel on THIS Zangief outfit.

See Zangief Outfit 3 in action:

Zangief has received a variety of wrestling outfits for alternate costumes in Street Fighter games over the years, if they weren’t otherworldly threads that referenced his Mecha Zangief persona from the over-the-top crossover games. His third outfit, however, is more casual. And casually good.

The third outfit gives him a sophisticated look by putting him in a nice dress shirt, vest, and pants, complete with a tie. The glasses complete the look. Zangief must have found a good tailor to make a shirt that fits his massive frame, which comes in a series of alternate colors. It makes for one of his best alternative appearances in years.

Zangief has frequently been seen as not the brightest bulb throughout the franchise’s history, though that’s never been the case in the games themselves. This can be pinned on the original movie and the memes that emerged from it, with his portrayal in the Street Fighter II V anime series not helping, at least for 1990s kids. But this is the kind of outfit that will prevent anyone from questioning a person’s intelligence. You simply cannot do that here.

How to Get Zangief Outfit 3: This is another one of those outfits that must be purchased from the shop for a significant 300 Fighter Coins. Is your wallet crying in pain yet?

Skin Rating: 10/10


2. Juri Outfit 3

Who knew Juri's loungewear would make for one of her better oufits? (Everyone did.)

See Juri Outfit 3 in action:

Juri’s first two outfits in Street Fighter 6 were predictable threads, consisting of modified versions of her Street Fighter IV outfit and her biker outfit from Street Fighter V. That’s not the case for her third outfit here, though. She’s received casual threads in prior Street Fighter games, too, but none more casual than her third outfit here.

This is Juri’s loungewear, consisting of a onesie with a hood and a full zipper. It includes several small touches that fit her character, including the spider design on the back and holes in the hood for her hair horns. The outfit is fittingly baggy, comfortable for anyone to remain in while indoors, also fitting for a character very comfortable with the profession and path in life she’s chosen. The design team assuredly factored this into the design.

The idea behind the loungewear itself couldn’t be simpler -- it’s nothing more than that, outside the minor personal touches. Yet, it’s a textbook case of how an outfit’s execution means far more than the basic concept, with how the outfit fits Juri’s personality to a tee. Let’s be honest here: The fetish fuel though the zipper being undone and her going barefoot help complete the look.

How to Get Juri Outfit 3: It’s another outfit that must be purchased from the shop for 300 Fighter Coins. Ouch.

Skin Rating: 10/10


1. Marisa Outfit 3

If you have muscles like these, it's against the law to cover them up while fighting.

See Marisa Outfit 3 in action:

The stories in the World Tour mode include characters in several outfits that clearly represented the Street Fighter 6 design team’s efforts to test the waters for alternate outfits. No one represents this more than Marisa, shown in a wedding outfit in one of the stories after bonding with her.  The outfit was inevitably going to make its way to the game as an alternate option for Marisa after the positive response it received, and here we are.

The garments primarily come in white, fitting for a wedding outfit, but she looks good in them through all colors. The outfit is, in fact, her best look yet. It gives her a hairstyle that stylishly resembles an old Greek or Roman helmet, much better-looking than the Magneto helmet hair from her other outfits. Best of all: The outfit directs special attention to her muscles.

The threads show how big of a sin her second outfit committed by covering her bulky stature up with a jacket, despite her size making it very clear that she’s still by far the most muscular female character in the franchise. But those muscles are meant to be shown, and the wedding dress does this better than the others thanks to the design’s way of directing the eyes to them thanks to the loose sleeves. This should be the blueprint for her future outfits: Don’t cover up the muscles.

How to Get Marisa Outfit 3: Like the other third outfits, it must be purchased from the shop for 300 Fighter Coins. You know they were going to make people pay for THIS particular one.

Skin Rating: 10/10


Street Fighter 6’s alternate outfits reflect how much the design team has paid attention to all the praise and criticism from previous titles, just as they have for the entire game. Ratio of good alts to bad ones has never been lower, even at this early point in the game’s lifetime. Now, if only they could do something about those ridiculous prices for the third outfits, beyond Capcom wanting the fanbase to pay for quality threads. Perhaps they plan on implementing bundle options down the line.


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