Top 10 Games Like Resident Evil

Games Like Resident Evil
Resident Evil 6 Characters (From L-R): Helena Harper, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, Jake Muller, Sherry Birkin, Piers Nivans

The Best Games Like Resident Evil

Resident Evil is one of the most successful and popular franchises in gaming history, even with the latest and seventh installment. The franchise, spanning over twenty years shows no sign of slowing down and revolutionized the first-person shooter zombie game, a genre that continues to dominate the gaming industry. If you are craving some survival horror, check out these 10 games like Resident Evil 7.

10. Overkill's The Walking Dead

The Sunday night staple gets another game in this four player co-op. Set in The Walking Dead universe, in this game you must fight both to living and the dead to stay alive in a world gone mad with zombies. Each character comes with their own skill set to aid in the fight for survival.

9. State of Decay 2

The sequel to the first installment in the series, released on May 22, has been played over 1 million times. Use your real-world skills to navigate a terrain ravaged by the undead and fight the living, who any zombie survival fan knows is the real enemy.

8. Project Nightmares

A new, creepy survival horror has been creating a lot of Internet buzz for months. The Argentina-based gaming company, NC have created literally the stuff of nightmares in a narrative that follows a paranormal experimental group attempting to connect the human mind with the supernatural.

7. Pathologic 2

This open world survival horror game takes place in a town devastated by a plague. Complete with those creepy, bird plague masks, Pathologic 2 is a disturbing and mysterious romp through a foggy, diseased landscape. This new game is bound to be a hit.

6. Vampyr

Set for a June 5, 2018 release, Vampyr is a survival horror gem set in 1918 London. The historical take on the survival horror genre is fresh twist. Play as newly turned vampire (or vampyr) Dr. Jonathan Reid as you attempt to save London from a flu epidemic and those you've turned into a fellow bloodsucker.

5. System Shock Remake

This reboot of the 90s classic has a whopping 9/10 on Steam. Featuring improved graphics, and an updated narrative, this game will give you all the nostalgia. The reboot brings back the original and groundbreaking 3-D graphics and space station setting for an enhanced game play experience.

4. Call of Cthulhu

Lovecraft's classic monster story comes alive in this survival horror game. Play as a private investigator Edward Pierce as you try to solve a mysterious death of a family. After years in development and an equal amount of silence from developers, anxious fans were worried the game had been cancelled. Set for a release later in 2018, Call of Cthulhu is sure to be a hit.

3. Outlast 2

In this sequel to the 2013 first-person survival horror, Outlast 2 brings back the horror. The deeply disturbing narrative follows a reporter and his wife who explore an abandoned mental hospital only to find horrifying experiments. In the sequel, you meet a cult leader preparing for the end of the world and explore the darkness of humanity.

2. The Evil Within 2

This acclaimed single-player survival horror follows the story of Detective Sebastian Castellanos who had lost everything, including his daughter. He then receives a visit from a mysterious agent who takes him to a world full of horrifying monsters and comes face to face with the daughter who he thought he'd lost only to find her emerged into a new reality of terror.

1. Until Dawn

This acclaimed horror adventure game takes the classic cabin the woods scenario and flips it into a horrifying narrative. Complete with mysterious circumstances and a non-linear storyline, this 2015 release is still gathering up positive reviews.

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