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Best Horror Youtube Channels
Characters from your worst nightmares.

If you’ve ever found yourself lying in bed, falling deep into the rabbit hole of Youtube, you know the platform is a goldmine for thrill-seekers and all things horrifying. But with so many channels ready for your attention, where do you begin your descent? Fear not (or do!), because we’ve got you covered. 

Grab your favorite blanket, some movie-watching snacks, dim the lights, and prepare to watch some spine-tingling terror. We’ve scoured the darkest corners of Youtube to bring you the ultimate list of the Top 15 horror channels that will have you biting your nails and sleeping with one eye open. From narrative storytellings and true paranormal sightings to gameplay of the scariest video games, these channels will leave you screaming for more. 


15. The Haunting of Sunshine Girl Network - (605K subscribers)

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl Network is an ARG, which is an alternate reality game, where the audience are the players. Each video follows a girl named Sunshine, a teenager who encounters ghosts, black-eyed ghouls and everything paranormal. 

The innovative approach to storytelling really sets this channel apart from others. There are vlog style videos that follow scripted content, which makes each story feel completely real. This sense of realism draws in viewers that can interact with the story and feel like active participants. 

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl Network is a must watch for fans of  paranormal and supernatural thrillers. The channel is incredibly unique with a fantastic main character. Her acting is on-point, which really sells the twisted reality. Not only are these videos fun to watch, but she also has books where you can read her adventures as well. If you’re watching Sunshine explore abandoned buildings or getting chased through the woods, you’ll certainly be on the edge of your seat with her content. 


14. The Walten Files - (644K subscribers)

The Walten Files

What began as a Five Nights at Freddy’s retelling, became a whole new internet sensation. Each video tells a story of an anti-drinking and driving campaign. It begins in a restaurant called “Bon’s Burgers” with a whole new set of animatronics built by Jack Walten and his associate. The death of his children in a car accident sets course for a series of events of misery, horror, and gore. 

The most unique piece of The Walten Files is the way the audience gets to play detective. Where each video is a found-footage style narrative, the audience has to piece together the lore and figure out where the true story begins and ends. Not only this, but the main story being an anti drinking-driving campaign is incredibly well done and heart-breaking, making the content worthy of anyone’s attention. 

With fantastic animation and voice acting, The Walten Files is deathly terrifying. Anyone who enjoys immersive horror or long time Five Nights at Freddy’s fans are sure to enjoy this content. The show continues to build its fanbase, and if you’re looking for a great scare with a wonderful creator who loves his fans, The Walten Files is certainly for you. 


13. Marble Hornets - (665K subscribers)

Marble Hornets

The foundation of youtube horror itself is Marble Hornets. What grew its fame from the Slenderman videos grew into a huge fandom. The stories are told through found footage and describe the life of Jay as he investigates unsettling events that surround a student film called Marble Hornets.

The series is unique as it paved the way for found-footage and cryptic youtube videos. Each video is incredibly different as it drags a sense of dread and psychological tension. As the characters march forward in their adventure, the stakes grow higher and the fear deeper. 

Marble Hornets is a groundbreaking channel that redefined the horror genre many years ago. Each entry feels like a piece to a puzzle that the viewers have to put together. It is an incredibly interesting and compelling series about the elusive figure Slenderman and the mysteries that began creepypasta. With a haunting narrative, Marble Hornets remains a must-watch for horror enthusiasts looking for a creepy experience to enjoy. 


12. Night Mind - (803K subscribers)

Night Mind

A vault for all things internet-horror, Night Mind is the source of exploration for you to find your next favorite series. The creator of the channels goes to analyze and deconstruct complex internet series, games, and ARGs, diving deep into the lore and unraveling these mysteries. 

Night Mind is incredibly unique because he doesn’t just comment on horror videos, he dives into them, completely breaking them apart. He covers everything from SCP, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, Shipwrecked, and Welcome Home. He also guides viewers through intricate stories and explores hidden meanings, symbolism, and breaks down codes that viewers may not see or understand with the naked eye. 

Anyone interested in internet-based horror stories is sure to enjoy Night Mind’s content. His videos are incredibly detailed and informative that breaks everything down in an easy to understand format. It’s impressive the way he unravels even the most complex theories and his thoughtful analysis make every video captivating and engaging. Whether you are fully engaged in horror content or you’re looking to dive into it, Night Mind is sure to have a video for you. 


11. LazyMasquerade - (1.72M subscribers)


LazyMasquerade typically features videos of the unexplained and missing persons. Sometimes there will be animations to horror stories or urban legends from different cultures around the globe. 

LazyMasquerade’s channel feels more like a detective working on a case, as we, the audience, sit and watch. It's an interesting take on these unexplained cases rather than a simple narration. He is unique in his approach to the unexplained, which leaves many of his fans in anticipation for his next upload. 

The channel’s dedication to unearth even the most hidden cases on the internet is truly applaudable. Each story told, whether true or legend is usually lesser-known rather than a tale told over and over again. Each dive into the rabbit hole feels different than the last, making each video unique. LazyMasquerade never fails to deliver a spine-chilling experience that keeps viewers hooked until the very last word. 


10. Manlybadasshero - (1.96M subscribers)


Let’s introduce some horror gamers on Youtube. Manlybadasshero is a specialist in the genre, mostly playing indie horror games that usually don’t receive much attention from other gamers. 

What sets Manly apart from other youtubers is his dedication to the horror genre. He showcases indie creators and helps them grow their own following, while giving helpful and encouraging feedback. He also is an excellent gamer, never wasting the viewers time with fails and complaints, but instead uses straight to the point gaming, while still covering  important pieces of the story. 

He also sets an atmosphere with an incredible voice that he uses in his playthroughs. His commentary provides depth to the experience, and really immerses his fans into the game. He really understands his audience and accepts and provides excellent feedback for his fans, game creators and even himself to make horror games a fun and horrifying experience. If you’re looking for a great gamer with an eye for horror games that you may not have seen before, while still holding through to the classics, Manlybadasshero is definitely for you. 


9. Snarled - (2.24M subscribers)


In terms of storytelling, Snarled has certainly got an interesting way of doing so. Using animation and voice acting, snarled provides a few different options for horror stories. Something Scary was its most popular show, voiced by Sapphire as she told stories of paranormal encounters, alien invasions, and folklore mythology, whether true or false. 

The diverse range of horror stories and the animated stories certainly makes Snarled unique. They’re content varies with a wide-range of audiences, with a little bit of something for everyone. Each story is really brought to life and there’s plenty of content to choose from. 

The cast of Snarled are excellent storytellers. They explore new methods of telling the same stories and do their research to find new content that many may not have heard of. The atmosphere of each video is spooky, making each video extremely fun to watch with background noises like howling, crickets, or screams. If you like true crime or maybe some spooky stories, Snarled is a great place to find a quick story to enjoy. 


8. Kane Pixels - (2.37M subscribers)

Kane Pixels

At only 16 years old, Kane Pixels jumped into the horror genre head-first with his viral creation of the ‘backrooms’ videos. Since then, he has created many different horror videos and everyone should take a look at his content. 

Kane Pixels is an amazing horror creator and uses old ideas and creates something completely new in found-footage movie type videos. His videos started with an exploration horror of the backrooms and have evolved into the famous “rolling giant” or even Attack on Titan horror shorts. The minimalism combined with real people make the videos completely eerie and realistic-feeling. 

Kane Pixels has been extremely talented since a young age. His content has reached millions and turned him into an internet sensation. Each video is a journey into the unknown with dangers lurking behind every corner. Every story and short film he creates are extremely immersive and Kane Pixels’ unique interpretation of these haunting concepts have solidified its place as a must-watch channel for any horror-loving fans and found-footage enthusiasts. 


7. Loey Lane - (2.47M subscribers)

Loey Lane

Loey is known by her fans as the queen of horror enthusiasts. She takes arms with evp’s or video cameras and explores real haunted places in America. She has even bought haunted dolls and used spirit boxes to communicate with them. 

Loey covers a wide-range of horror with depth and authenticity. No two videos are the same, whether she's covering internet videos, horror games, or exploring haunted places, she delivers a variety of content. 

One of Loey’s most commendable qualities is her ability to be respectful even to the spirit world. She always makes sure to research anything before she talks about it to deliver the most accurate content she can. Her genuine passion for horror and the supernatural shines through in every video, making her channel a must-watch for anyone extremely interested in ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. 


6. Crypt TV - (2.68M subscribers)

Crypt Tv

If you’re a fan of horror movies, Crypt Tv is for you. New clips of movies, tv shows, and short films are posted every Friday for you to enjoy on this digital platform. 

Crypt Tv doesn’t just cover horror movies in review, they may show you hidden easter eggs in films, play “choose your nightmare” games where the fans can comment how they want the story to go, and even showcase creature features you’ve never heard of before. No two videos are the same on this channel, making it a horror lover’s dream. 

Crypt Tv is a vital part of the horror community, especially among movie fans. Not only are classics showcased like Scream and Friday the 13th, but the channel also shows rising talent, giving new artists a place to grow and show their work. This means that there’s always something new and exciting on the channel, making it extremely interesting and binge-worthy. If you like short films to franchise reviews, Crypt Tv has something to satisfy your craving for horror. 


5. Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared - (3.3M subscribers)

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

Probably the most well-known on this list, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is a youtube sensation disguised as a puppet show for children, but secretly hides something much darker. Created by Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling, the show first aired on Youtube in 2010 and combined the elements of puppetry, animation, and live-action to create unsettling horror shorts. 

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is incredibly different as it first began with a whimsical and joyful appearance, but slowly dissolved into disturbing horror. The audience is often on edge with each episode, wondering what could possibly go wrong or where the episode may take a turn. There are also plenty of easter eggs and secrets to be discovered, which makes the viewers feel involved with the story. 

Each episode is a rollercoaster of emotion, especially as the story begins to unravel. It truly is a masterpiece of gruesome horror that leaves fans experiencing shock, humor, existential dread, and anything else the creators feel like touching on in a specific episode. It never fails to elicit strong emotions and response from fans with its testament to power and creativity, making the channel extremely effective. For fans of bizarre and unnerving horror, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is certainly for you. 


4. Nuke’s Top 5 - (4.23M subscribers)

Nuke's Top 5

Ironically number four on the list, Nuke’s Top 5 is a cache of all the unexplained and eerie videos around the internet. He features everything from UFO sightings to real life ghost footage. If you’re fascinated with the unknown and don’t feel like sleeping at night, Nuke’s channel is the one for you.

What sets Nuke apart from other youtubers is his compilation format, which is typically appreciated by those with a short-attention span or anyone who doesn’t like unnecessary filler. He has a straight to the point attitude, while still adding his creepy tone into the video. 

Nuke’s Top 5 does a great job at setting the atmosphere, which leaves viewers questioning everything about the unknown. His commentary is intriguing and concise. And watching his videos feels like you’re an explorer yourself as you watch ghosts move about on screen or dive into deep, dark tunnels, you’ll feel completely involved. Whether you’re a skeptic or a true believer in paranormal mysteries, there’s something undeniably captivating about this channel and the strange events you’ll find there. 


3. Mr. Nightmare - (6.46M subscribers)

Mr. Nightmare

Mr. Nightmare specializes in narrating true stories of all things horror. This can range from hitchhiking horror stories to horrifying crimes caught on camera. 

Mr. Nightmare’s channel takes a simplistic approach to storytelling, which makes him so unique. Images and atmospheric noises help paint a scene for you while he describes these stories. There are no flashy jumpscares or visuals, which allows the horror to take center stage, leaving you with a sense of fear long after the video ends.

Mr. Nightmare’s channel is a treasure trove of real horror stories that are carefully selected and delivered to you, the viewer. Mr. Nightmare himself is a fantastic storyteller and his voice range is what really sells the story. The way he reads the story makes you feel like you’re the person that’s watching this all happen or experiencing it in person. . He also gets straight to the point, and many people enjoy his honest approach without advertisements or any breaks to tear you away from the scene and ruin the vibe. Whether you're alone or watching with friends, Mr. Nightmare is sure to deliver those spooky stories that you crave. 


2. Corpse Husband - (7.33M subscribers)

Corpse Husband

With his enigmatic voice, CorpseHusband is the perfect storyteller for horror and true crime. Everything creepy can be found on his channel, whether he’s playing horror games with friends or reading urban legends from the internet, he’s got something for everyone. 

What makes CorpseHusband so interesting is his faceless persona with the deep voice that makes every video so haunting. His most popular videos  are his scary story readings, but people also enjoy his animations, music, and gameplay. He is no one-trick pony. 

CorpseHusband always makes sure to keep things interesting and fresh. His passion is evident and each video feels like confiding in an old friend, and it's this personal touch that sets him apart. His unique voice makes every video an immersive experience and the spooky feeling is heightened. His channel is extremely captivating, and has everything you could desire if you’re a fan of horror.


1. Markiplier - (36.5M subscribers)


Finally, to top the list, is the ultimate combination of horror and humor. Markiplier is most known for his gaming and particularly his uploads of “3 scary games”.

Formally known as the ‘King of Five Nights at Freddy’s’ Markiplier specifically focuses on the horror genre with his own twist of humor. He is even working on a horror movie himself based on the game Iron Lung. Markiplier is also extremely known for his personality. He truly loves his fanbase and his ability to emotionally connect with others, combined with his enthusiasm for gaming, has made him one of the most beloved channels on Youtube. 

Markiplier’s horror gaming content is a must watch for any horror fan. His hilarious commentary really makes the experience all the greater as you jump at scares with him and listen to his terrified screams. Whether he’s trapped in an ocean made of blood, or running through abandoned asylums with a camera, Markiplier’s videos are always entertaining and engaging. His fans are always impressed with his ability to immerse himself in gaming content and deliver a video that plays through like a horror film. His content will remain a cornerstone in the horror gaming community, and definitely deserves the  title he has received. For all fans of horror and humor, Markiplier is your guy. 


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