[Top 10] Resident Evil Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)

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Creep your way through the Spencer estate while battling the undead.

The classic survival horror, Resident Evil, released in 1996, sent us on a harrowing journey through its dark and claustrophobic hallways while also allowing us to act like badasses with its vast army of weaponry. Now, thanks to the remake, those already great weapons have been considerably improved upon and are cooler than ever, giving us the definitive way of dispatching the undead in the spencer mansion. And we’re here to showcase these 10 best weapons and guide you on how to obtain them. 

10. Flamethrower

The flamethrower is one of the coolest weapons in the entire game for a single reason: it allows you to roast any enemy that you come across. However, unlike Jill’s exclusive weapon, this one is only available for a brief segment and cannot be brought over the mansion.

Why the Flamethrower is Great:

  • Not only is the flame thrower used to barbecue the remaining hunters in the cave area but it also serves as a puzzle piece, giving it a distinct purpose from the other weapons.


  • The weapon’s design is based on the flame thrower seen on the sci-fi horror franchise Alien and Aliens.

How to Unlock this Weapon:


9. Defensive Weapons

These defensive weapons are the newest addition to the remake’s arsenal, and they can be used if you are grabbed by an enemy, allowing you to walk away unharmed. The three types of defensive weapons that you can pick up are a dagger, flash grenade, and a stun gun, each with its own trigger animation. 

Why the Defensive Weapons are Great:

  • It allows you to walk away from an unwanted encounter without taking any damage. Changing the way you traverse in the mansion’s hallway


  • There are 3 variations of the Defensive Weapons, while some are only able to stun enemies, the grenade has the ability to decapitate a zombie’s head and even damage everything in its radius of the blast.

How to Unlock this Weapon:


8. Self Defense Gun

Probably the most overlooked weapon in the entire game, the Self Defense Gun is a single bullet weapon capable of killing a non-boss enemy in a  single hit. It’s only located in the Guard House area behind the mansion.

Why the Self Defense Gun is Great:

  • It may appear to be a very tiny gun but it actually packs a lot of damage and can even match the power of the magnum revolver.


  • The weapon can hold two rounds, but there will only be one available when you pick it up because it has previously been used by someone else before the events of the game happened.

How to Unlock this Weapon:


7. Shotgun

The shotgun may not be as powerful as the others on the list, but it’s still a useful weapon to have when you’re flanked by zombies in a tight hallway.  This is the weapon that you'll mostly be using the most in your first playthrough,  making it your greatest friend in the dark hallways of the spencer mansion.

Why the Shotgun is Great:

  • This is the most powerful common weapon available, capable of decapitating zombies as well as knocking down hunters. 

  • The weapon is not only memorable in and of itself but it is also the weapon that led us to the infamous “Jill Sandwich” scene. While the scene may have been altered in the remake,  there’s no denying that every time we see a shotgun, we’re reminded of that famous scene.


  • This weapon can’t simply be obtained for both characters as the location where this weapon is placed is booby-trapped, resulting in an immediate game-over screen (unless you’ve managed to trigger the scene where Barry arrives to help Jill).

How to Unlock this Weapon: 


6. Samurai Edge

The samurai edge, despite its low ranking on the list, is no slouch when it comes to killing the undead. This small handgun has a great chance of decapitating zombies, and it also has an infinite amount of ammo, ensuring that your new game plus is one hell of a ride. 

Why the Samurai Edge is Great:

  • This awesome handgun will replace the default beretta once obtained, providing an infinite amount of ammo without the need to reload.


  • This weapon can be unlocked after finishing the game on normal difficulty in under 5 hours.

How to Unlock this Weapon:


5. Grenade Launcher

A weapon exclusive to Jill’s scenario, the Grenade Launcher is a powerful weapon that allows several types of rounds to be used in exchange for a relatively short attack range. Its design is a mixture of the Arwen 37 and the M4A1 carbine.

Why the Grenade Launcher is Great:

  • The grenade rounds, acid rounds, and incendiary rounds are the three types of shells available for this weapon. All provide different elements of attack and can be used in a variety of situations.

  • The weapon is almost the same as the rocket launcher in a compact form, but what makes this one different is that it could be obtained by just playing the game normally.


  • Forest Speyer, one of BRAVO team’s unfortunate dead members, previously owned this weapon.

How to Unlock this Weapon:


4. Assault Shotgun

Unlike the standard shotgun, this weapon can hold ten shells and has a significantly more powerful attack while still using the same type of ammunition, therefore making it an upgraded version of the standard weapon. The assault shotgun, which is based on two real-life guns, the Benelli M3 and Benelli M4, may only be obtained after Richard’s death at the aqua ring or during the first yawn encounter.

Why the Assault Shotgun is Great:

  • The weapon can be obtained as a free upgrade to the standard shotgun once the brave Richard has met his fate. 

  • This weapon allows you to maneuver considerably more easily than a standard shotgun because it can be fired much faster. Making it more effective during boss encounters.


  • The Assault Shotgun can hold ten rounds instead of the seven required by the real-life guns on which it was based.

How to Unlock this Weapon:


3. Magnum Revolver

This beast of a weapon is one of the most powerful you’ll find in the game’s two scenarios.  Allowing you to wipe out the enemies in just a single hit and with its high critical chance, it may even decapitate them.

Why the Magnum Revolver is Great:

  • Unlike Barry’s very own magnum, this weapon can be obtained by solving a puzzle in both of the characters’ scenarios. It is especially handy for Chris as he won’t be able to get his hands on the grenade launcher.

  • Not only is it powerful but it also has a high critical chance of blowing up the zombies’ heads in such a gory fashion.


  • Only by completing a specific puzzle in the game will you be able to obtain the weapon.

How to Unlock this Weapon:


2. Barry's .44 Magnum

Barry’s favorite weapon against all living things, the Colt Anaconda also named Barry’s .44 Magnum, is a powerful firearm capable of wiping out strong enemies with just a single shot. In terms of its design, it takes inspiration from the Colt Python and Colt Anaconda.

Why the .44 Magnum is Great:

  • Before being obtained by Jill, the .44 Magnum is Barry’s favorite gun. Almost every scene in which he appears sees him holding on to it (until he is killed by Lisa).

  • The weapon can be used to knock out the tyrant’s first form in the laboratories by only using one ammo, downing it with its devastating blow.


  • The ammo for it is extremely limited because it is a special weapon that can only be obtained by completing a certain task in the story.   Once all of the ammo has been used, you won’t be able to use the gun anymore.

How to Unlock this Weapon:


1. Rocket Launcher

Nothing is more satisfying than a reward that allows you to blow up every single enemy in sight, and the Infinite Rocket Launcher provides exactly that. This powerful weapon may be brought over into the scenarios after beating the game on normal difficulty in under three hours. Letting you cleanse the zombie-infested mansion by blowing them all up into pieces.

Why the Rocket Launcher is Great:

  • You’ll unlock the infinite rocket launcher if you finish the game in under three hours. Allowing you to kill as many enemies as you like without ever running out of ammo.

  • This is the very first rocket launcher we ever got a hold of as a reward, and it appeared in practically every entry in the franchise after this one.


  • While the weapon’s size makes it somewhat difficult to use, it is by far the most powerful weapon in the game. 

  • Unlike the other weapons listed above, the infinite rocket launcher’s design is a mixture of various existing weapons in real life.

How to Unlock this Weapon:


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