16 Horror Game Characters Who May Be Scarier than Freddy Krueger

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"One, two, Freddy's coming for you..."

The boom of slasher flicks in the 80s set the bar for villains in pop culture. This era brought us the kings of terror on the silver screen. Freddy Krueger has haunted our nightmares since his first appearance of A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984. It has been over thirty years since the release of that first movie, and audiences everywhere still recognize the sound of his laugh. If you see Freddy in dreams … well let’s just say I hope you like coffee.

Recently, horror games have come into their own. Villains in video games have left their impression on main stream media. We have to wonder, can they hold their own against the master of nightmares himself? Are any of our favorite video game bad guys as scary as the great Freddy Krueger?

Here is a list of horror game villains who we think just might be scarier than Freddy: 

1. Chris Walker - Outlast

“I’ll find you piggies…”

Nobody cares about a handful of forgotten lunatics. At Mount Massive Asylum the patients have been forced to endure illegal experimentation. Miles Upshur, an investigative journalist, arrives at the hospital following an anonymous tip from one of the Mount Massive staff. Miles arrives at the scene of the crime and finds the staff slaughtered, and the inmates literally running the asylum.

Chris Walker is one of the most hostile patients in Mount Massive. Chris is a former ex-military police officer who stands at an impressive six feet and nine inches tall. He also happens to like murdering people with his bare hands. Like the other patients at the asylum, Chris suffers from a number of physical deformities, some of which were self-inflicted. You know he means business when he slices the skin off his own face.

Armed with only a video camera, the only thing Miles can do is hide. Getting caught results is an instant brutal death scene which involves some form of dismemberment. 



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