11 Most Terrifying Video Game Monsters

It doesn't even look organic.

Both Hideous and Dangerous

All of the monsters on this list have a bit of a sphincter-clencher-factor.  Some of them are ugly, some are dangerous, some are ugly and dangerous.  All of them got here by being grotesque and absolutely awful in one way, shape, or form. 

As you would expect, they all come from games with some sort of horror factor already built in.  Many of these baddies have been genetically experimented on or have been exposed to other toxic chemicals in order to make them just as much of a pain as they are. 

Ready to see what we’ve got here?


11. Alien from Alien: Isolation


He’s ugly.  Just like he is in the movie. 

He’s got empty eye-sockets and metallic teeth for starters.  To be honest, he hardly looks like he has eyes.  Sometimes, you can see its brain in that elongated head of his. 

This thing hunts you down.  If it can hear or see you, it can find you and kill you.  Stealth is your friend.

Another thing that’s hair-raising is that the thing’s immune to gunshots.  So if you’re the type of player who likes to use guns—don’t.  With this guy, all gunshots are going to do is get you dead.

Try the flamethrower instead.  Also, avoid at all costs.  It’s not like you can actually kill it. 

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