[Top 10] Games for Astronomy Fans

10. EVE Online (PC /Mac OS / Linux / GeForce Now)

Known as the number one and biggest spacial MMO-RTS game. EVE Online has been active for 20 years now. It’s the biggest universe created in a game. 

Explore over 7000 solar systems and choose your spaceship from 350 customizable ships. Dive into the greatest and longest adventure. Experience the cosmos as you’ve never seen it before. The goal of the game is to become a pilot, explore, and conquer this sandbox universe. 

Did you know that EVE Online has a Guinness Record for the biggest JcJ battle of multiplayer games? This game is absolute madness!  

A spaceship approaching a Gas Ringed Giant. Pretty similar to our Saturn. The scale looks much smaller than it is.


9. Dead Space (PC / PS3 / PS4 / XBOX / WII / iOS / Android)

With a recent remake, Dead Space brings a terrific survival horror game. Mixing aspects of Sci-Fi and FPS, this game is set on an abandoned spaceship. You and your team must investigate and repair whatever happened to this ship. But as soon as you enter you can feel the dreadful atmosphere. There’s something wrong. Now you’ll have to make use of all your wit and guts to face the terror that’s hunting this place. 

Dead Space remake is the greatest nightmarish experience for anybody who fancies cosmic horror.   

This creature is called Slasher. A common Necromorph and perhaps the least scary. 


8. Elite: Dangerous (PC / PS4 / XBOX / Mac OS)

Elite is a spaceship simulation where you’ll be able to pilot your ship through the galaxy. Set in a realistic version of the Milky Way, this MMO offers constant updates to keep you entertained. 

Become a member of the Elite. Start with a humble starship. Learn new skills. Obtain power and coin to survive in outer space. Every step you take in this world will have a real-time consequence. Whatever you do, always keep in mind how this influences the world around you.    

One impressive ship with an incredible amount of details This kind of scenario on Elite makes you go like wow! 


7. Stellaris (PC / Linux / Mac OS / Project xCloud / PS4)

Stellaris is a grand RTS (real-time strategy) game set in a sci-fi Galaxy. 

You are the ruler of a civilization that started to travel in space. Your goal is to create and grow a galactic imperium. Discover the wonders hiding in this colossal galaxy. Take care of your society. Explore new worlds and search for different forms of life. 

This game is mostly about management. It requires a lot of your time and understanding. Stellaris is one of the most complete 4X strategy games. The amount of characteristics and materials available in the game is quite massive. Totally recommended.

To your left is a list of all the customizable features for your species. As you can notice there’s a large amount of choices. This screen is the one you see at the beginning to choose your origin. 


6. Star Citizen (PC)

Star Citizen is an MMO space simulation. This game has been presented as one of the most spectacular Spatial games ever made. It mixes elements of shooters, piloting, RPG, and economy management. 

Explore a sandbox sci-fi universe with life-sized cosmic designs. Decide who you want to become while existing in an immense galaxy. Choose your career and dive into this futuristic universe waiting to be explored. Discover new civilizations. Evolve. Give shape to your reputation. Upgrade your spaceship and more. Anything you do will have consequences on the world around you!    

This is a high-tech metropolis called New Babbage. Is an icy place that suffers from terrifying storms.  


5. ADR1FT (PC / PS4)

Take one second to imagine yourself as an astronaut. You wake up in the middle of nowhere, floating in outer space. Your EVA suit is damaged and your situation is critical. There’s nobody to help you and you are in a zero-gravity environment. Which makes everything seem much slower. This will put you in a desperate situation. The nearest spacial station is destroyed. You must find the problem and fix it to save yourself. 

This is a pretty short game that offers about 4 to 5 hours of gameplay. The main attraction is the beautiful graphics since the gameplay can get dull.      

A beautiful scenario that you come across on your journey. ADR1FT is all about landscapes and cute places like this one.


4. Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars (PC / PS4 / XBOX)

This is a DLC for Far Cry 5. But it deserves to be mentioned. Most space games are set in the universe in general. But this one is set on Mars. 

Nick Rye and Hurk meet for an other-worldly adventure. This place is filled with disgusting alien creatures. You must explore it to prevent an alien invasion on Earth. The gear you find on Mars is, of course, alien. Try out the different weapons and travel with the coolest jet pack. If you played Far Cry 5 you can’t skip this DLC. It has a great narrative, awesome dialogues, and the nicest soundtrack!  

Two players battling a crab-looking creature. They are arachnids but this one looks particularly like an alien crab. The deserted atmosphere is very well achieved. 


3. Starfield (PC / XBOX)

Although Starfield is soon to be released, it already has earned a lot of respect. That is because this promising game is the newest universe by Bethesda. 

So far this game seems to be a masterpiece. We’ll be exploring a futuristic open-world set in the future. In this universe, humankind has already conquered other planets. 

You and a group of Spacial travelers will venture into an exploration quest. Seeking rare artifacts, you will find incredible things out there. Everything can be considered to craft all sorts of useful things. You can even get your customizable spaceship! 

For now, the previews we have of the game are spectacular. I’m planning to get it as soon as it's released, are you?   

Just a small shot of the wonders that Starfield has to offer. Take a look at how realistic this place looks, the mountains, resources, and Saturn in the sky. The more you look at it, the better it gets.


2. Outer Wilds (PC PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / Nintendo Switch)

Outer Wilds is not just a game, is a mystical experience. It offers an open-world exploration experience. 

A solar system has been caught on a time loop and you were sent to find the answers needed. Your journey will be much more than you could imagine. You’ll see how things are going on in the rest of the planets, and I must warn you, you have to be prepared. Learning how each environment works will help you understand how to approach them without dying. Trial and error is a big part of Outer Wilds if this is your first time playing it. 

Exploring this world is one of the most exciting activities I’ve ever seen in a game. Exploring can be boring but not in Outer Wilds. The story and soundtrack are marvelous. If you are still wondering what to play next, this game has to be your first choice.     

This creepy creature is an Anglerfish. These are found in the Dark Bramble area and they are hostile. This one is luckily just a skeleton and it has a camp inside of its mount.


1. Kerbal Space Program (PC / LINUX / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX)

This title is a space flight simulation. You get in charge of a Space Program crewed by the Kerbals, an alien race. Your goal is to launch them into orbit by building functional spacecraft. 

The magic behind Kerbal Space Program is that it has realistic aerodynamic and orbital physics. This means that to build a functional spacecraft you must have basic knowledge of the features mentioned before. 

This game comes with three game modes: Science mode, where you experiment and gather new knowledge for the Kerbals. The Career mode, where you get into every aspect of the Space Program. And the Sandbox mode, where you can build unlimited spacecraft. 

Pack your Kerbal crew, build the greatest spaceship, and venture yourself to discover the Kerbol solar system! 

A successful landing for this little Kerbal friend. You’ll probably see many of them dying on failed attempts. 

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