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The Four Empires of EVE Online


The four Empires of EVE: Online control most of the settled High-Security and Low-Security systems. They dictate the politics, wars, trade, and customs of their respective territories. 

There are many ways for players to align themselves with an Empire, including:

  • Choosing your starting race and nationality
  • Running missions to gain standings with an Empire and its agents
  • Aligning with an Empire in Factional Warfare
  • Roleplaying and being a part of an Empire through a player group

In this guide we review each Empire and guide you on which to choose. Our opinions will be based on tangible benefits available to the Capsuleer, but an introduction to each Empire’s lore will also be provided for players more interested in the roleplay aspect of EVE.

Note that many of the cross-empire restrictions have been removed, and as such starting empire choice is largely cosmetic only. No skills are restricted to any specific race or nationality, so we encourage you to train skills and fly ships of any empire that suits your fancy!


1. Caldari (Best)

A squad of Rokhs firing their railguns

The Caldari State is an authoritarian militaristic nation built on corporate capitalism. Caldari territory is split among eight megacorporations, who govern society in their systems and are composed of thousands of smaller companies. 

Although the Caldari are not as large in number compared to the Gallente or Amarr, their economy and military are sound and as strong as any other empire due to a well-maintained fleet with cutting-edge technology.

The Caldari value loyalty, efficiency, patriotism, and hard work. Their name comes from the origin planet of their people, Caldari Prime. 

Caldari takes the top spot on our list mainly due to its economic prowess. The vast majority of player-to-player trade in EVE happens in Jita, The Forge, and surrounding regions. Jita remains the best public trading hub for sourcing ships, modules, and more, as well as offering convenient access to mission agents.

Players aligned with the Caldari State also receive discounts on buying and selling fees in Caldari stations like Jita.

With its proximity to Jita and other independent groups’ stagings, Caldari Factional Warfare (FW) also sees lots of action and its Navy-aligned Capsuleers are some of the most numerous. Because of that, the Caldari Navy is a good starting point for players looking for combat opportunities. 

Caldari State Strengths:

  • Trade: Jita is the galaxy’s one-stop-shop for everything in EVE
  • Missiles: a weapon common to Caldari ships, missiles are possibly the most versatile weapon platform
  • Combat: easy accessibility to Factional Warfare, a decent source of income 

Caldari State Weaknesses:

  • Tank: Caldari ships generally have a large EM resistance hole with their shield tanks
  • FW: Loyalty Points gained from Factional Warfare may not be as valuable as other Empires’

Choose Caldari if:

  • You want to base out of the largest trade hub in the galaxy
  • You enjoy the idea of corporate life and rule
  • You want easy access to an early source of income and combat opportunities
  • You like the blue-gray motif and design of Caldari ships


2. Amarr (Excellent)

A group of Oracles patrolling Amarr space

The Amarr Empire is an authoritarian imperial state ruled by the Amarr Empire. It’s a vast theocratic society as well as the oldest and largest among the empires. The Amarr were the first group to form following the collapse of the EVE Gate, an event that left the colonies from the Milky Way stranded in New Eden. 

In-game, the Amarrian society is supported by a broad foundation of slave labor. From the beginnings of their expansion, those conquered and unwilling to cooperate were forced into slavery under religious pretenses.

Their main slave force was composed of the Minmatar, until a revolt led to the Matari breaking out of Amarr rule, initiating several wars that continue today into Factional Warfare.

The Amarr control Amarr, the second largest High-Security trading hub in Amarr, where their namesake planet Amarr Prime can be found. We know, that’s a lot of Amarrs! Although Amarr (the trading hub) is nowhere as large and replete as Jita, it still remains a serviceable trade hub where most ships and modules can be purchased. 

Players choosing to live in Amarrian space enjoy easier access to various sources of income, listed below.

Amarr Empire Strengths:

  • Second largest high-sec trade hub
  • Easy access to Sansha Incursions, Winter ice anomaly sites, Amarr FW, Sansha relic sites (for chance at Intact Armor Plate drops)
  • FW: small but elite group of Factional Warfare capsuleers
  • Armor-tanked ships with explosive hole-patching Tech II resistances, giving a balanced resist profile
  • Lasers make it easy to switch ammo with target distances due to instant swap

Amarr Empire Weaknesses

  • Most ships are laser platforms, so capacitor load is always an issue of consideration

Choose Amarr if: 

  • You want easy access to High-Sec Incursions, a highly lucrative opportunity for new players to earn up to 250M ISK/hr
  • You like the idea of an imperial society with religious backing
  • You want to fly the glorious gold-painted and plated ships of the Empire 


3. Gallente Federation (Good)

Taloses patrolling a Gallente station

The Gallente Federation is one of the longest-standing democracies in New Eden. 

Life in the Federation is often described as utopian - as long as you have the wealth. Anything from hobbies and art to body modifications and drugs tend to be readily accessible here. Again, as long as you have the money.

Yet the Federation still exists as a testament to freedom and individuality, offering a shelter for the outcasts and discontent.

Much like the Amarr, the Gallente also have their own smaller trading hub in Dodixie, though the relatively close proximity to Caldari space also allows for daytripping to The Forge.

Gallentean space also harbors the starting point for the Sisters of EVE epic arc, a common entry point for newer players to missioning and combat.

Gallente Federation Strengths:

  • Serviceable trade hub for mission running and commodities
  • Proximity to Caldari and other spaces permits flexibility in Capsuleer life
  • FW: plenty of Caldari targets to shoot!
  • Drones: emphasis on drone technology and bonused for their use
  • Access to some new player opportunities

Gallente Federation Weaknesses:

  • Ship weaponry can be limited at times, especially if drones aren’t optimal in a given scenario
  • Like Caldari ships, Tech II resistances polarize Kinetic/Thermal and not the Explosive armor hole
  • Ships range from anywhere between beautiful and truly ugly. Imicus, looking at you!

Choose Gallente if: 

  • You’re intrigued by the carefree society and want to help the Federation expand
  • You like the flexibility between trade, missions, and location that Gallente space offers 
  • You hate the Caldari for any reason. Trust me, you’re not alone.
  • You want to fly the green and matte gray motif of Gallente ships


4. Minmatar Republic (OK)

Hurricanes exiting a wormhole

The Minmatar were once a capable and technologically advanced tribe, until they were enslaved by the Amarr. The present-day Minmatar Republic consists of those freed from slavery through a mass rebellion, and was born through the cooperation of four major tribes. 

A third of the Matari peoples remain enslaved under Amarr rule, and around a fifth have since settled into Gallentean society, creating a powerful bloc that no doubt contributes to the tension found between the Gallente and Amarr. As such, the Minmatar have their roots spread far across the galaxy.

The Minmatar value resilience, ingenuity, and hard work. At first following Gallentean ideas of democracy, the Minmatar Republic has taken its foothold as a tribal society. They continue to hold a revulsion against the Amarr and will go to extraordinary lengths to rescue their enslaved kindred.

Minmatar Republic Strengths:

  • FW: similarly to the Amarr, a small but elite group of capsuleer fighters
  • Projectile weapons: artillery offers the highest alpha damage in-class
  • FW LP, ships, and weapons highly sought after for large fleet PvP
  • Shield-tanked ships with EM hole-patching resistances, giving a balanced resist profile

Minmatar Republic Weaknesses:

  • Trade: limited access to trade markets and can be difficult to source ships/modules
  • Other than FW, comparatively little opportunities for players 

Choose Minmatar if:

  • You like the idea of helping the Minmatar fight against of their enslavers
  • You enjoy and want to fly ships sporting the “rusted sheet metal and bolts” aesthetic 

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