10 Sandbox Games You'll Love

Who doesn’t enjoy the freedom of a good sandbox game?

10.) Terraria

“The world is yours to create”

Check out elementalfact0r start Terraria from the beginning.

Build the world as you see fit in this intriguing sandbox-style game. Start by building yourself a basic house and just move up in the world from there.

This game is basically a world of dreams.

Whether you’re a fighter, explorer, builder, or more, Terraria has something for you. From building your own world from the ground up, to defending it from monsters, to finding floating islands and helpful NPCs this really is a sandbox game that never has to end.

9.) Minecraft

“No one can tell you what you can and cannot do”

Take a look at the basics of Minecraft.

Minecraft is the classic sandbox game that everyone has played at least once - and usually continued to play. It is, quite literally, a giant sandbox from which you can raise your own world.


Minecraft is also a game which has grown immensely since its inception. Since people started banding together they’ve been able to create massive and beautiful worlds with themes ranging from New York City, to Game of Thrones, to The Lord of The Rings.

And building isn’t the only thing you can do here. You also must defend yourself from the creatures of the night and the terror of the Nether. If you’re just getting into sandbox games, you can’t go wrong with Minecraft.

8.) Mount & Blade: Warband 

Be the knight/jouster/royal/bandit you were meant to be!

A little bit of Warband gameplay.

It’s up to you to decide what to do in the medieval world of Mount & Blade. If you want to become a knight, a squire, a poet, or a royal it’s up to you. How awesome is that?

You can even decide to usurp the king and put yourself on the throne, just make sure you pay your armies so you know they’re on your side!

The glory of battle is upon you!

If you enjoy MMO style fighting fear not, you can get that with Mount & Blade as well, and get into massive battles with over 60 other players.

Overall, Mount & Blade: Warband is the game for you is you’re looking for a sandbox feel with more freedom in lifestyle choices and, of course, a middle ages vibe.

7.) EVE Online

Immerse yourself in their world for just a moment.

Some of the basics for combat in EVE.

EVE is the MMO of your dreams. It is a game that’s pretty much completely player run, from the economy to the wars, and it’s all set 23,000 years in the future.

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be afraid of the dark” - Galileo

When we say sandbox you think freedom right? Well it doesn’t get more free than this. You can become a miner, a pilot, a pirate, or anything else that suits you, and go forth into the universe to make a name for yourself.

You can also choose from over 200 ships to see which best fits your playstyle and your role in the universe.

While it is a bit tough to get into, EVE is one of those games that’s really worth the time and effort you put into it.    

6.) SIMS 3

A world of infinite possibilities…

Creating a sim and house!

Expansion after expansion has come out for SIMS but you wouldn’t hear people complaining. The SIMS has consistently made people lock themselves away for days on end and for good reason.

It’s definitely one of the most addicting games you’ll ever play. Being able to create your own world is fun but being able to control the fates of the “people” in it is a whole new kind of rush that will have you pulling all-nighters to see what happens next.

What a lovely home you have.

In SIMS you can build your own world, from the house you live in to the city you stay in. You can also choose to work in fields varying from law enforcement to music. Something new with SIMS 3 is that you have the option to branch out in your career as you advance which adds a great new layer to the game.

5.) S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

Try to stay alive

Is you heart pounding yet?

If a nerve-wracking, slightly terrifying game is more your speed, STALKER is the game for you.

Watch your head.

STALKER is a different kind of sandbox. Where you would usually find open spaces, and freedom to build anything or make a fortune, here you’re just trying to survive.

You’re in the Zone, a post-Chernobyl disaster area of Russia, and you have to avoid diverse monsters, radiation poisoning, and even other Stalkers.

So grab your gas mask, your weapons, and as much ammo and provisions as you can carry, it’s going to be a long night.

4.) Saints Row IV

Discover the game that blew the minds of a generation.

Take a look at the climactic opening.

Aliens have invaded the Earth, what do you do? Naturally you would elect a former gang - The Saints - to power and let them handle everything.

Saints Row IV is one of the more whimsical games on this list. From the way you travel - running faster than a sports car or leaping tall buildings like Superman - to the weapons you use - a dubstep gun and an inflat-o-ray are at your disposal - this is a game that can get you rolling on the floor.

Go ahead, become a Saint today.

With so many different ways to go about the game, and so many fun things to get into, Saints Row IV is definitely a game you’ll love playing for hours on end.

3.) ARK: Survival Evolved

So. Many. Dinosaurs.

A little bit of the basics.

What would you do if you found yourself stranded on an island, naked, and suddenly seeing dinosaurs? Well with ARK lets you test out those survival skills to see if you could make it.

Totally badass

You can basically do whatever you want in order to survive and thrive, as is typical with sandbox games, but there are a few added differences with ARK like having to deal with other humans on the island, choosing to fight or flee from dinos, and trying to ultimately figure out what you’re doing here.

ARK is an incredible game if you want to test your survival skills and is even compatible with Oculus Rift to make it that much more realistic. Because who wouldn’t want dinosaurs trying to kill you to be realistic?

2.) Garry's Mod

Your toy box awaits.

A little taste of building gameplay.

Who can resist a gigantic toy box? Garry’s Mod is a true to definition sandbox game; you can do whatever you want.

Rule #1 - There are no rules

There are no rules, and no objectives for you here, but you do get props, a bunch of different tools to create with, and NPCs which you can transform in ridiculous ways.

When they say you can do anything, they mean it. The only limit for this game is your imagination.

So if you’re tired of going through battles, or fighting to survive, or planning your next coup, come on down to this sandbox and go crazy.  

1.) Grand Theft Auto V

What a rush!

A walkthrough of the heist.

Grand Theft Auto is a game that rarely, if ever, gets old. You can steal cars, beat people up, carry out crazy plans, and have an overall epic time.

Oooh kill ‘em!

Stealing cars, beating up strangers, messing up shops, and occasionally getting involved in a cop chase, what’s not to love? In GTA V you can do whatever you want, as with all sandbox games, and you can also follow a surprisingly intriguing storyline along the way.

The world of GTA V is a land of opportunity, and if you have (or take) the cash, you’re in. If you’ve never played any Grand Theft Auto V you’re definitely missing out.

If you’ve never played sandbox games, this list is a great place to start. If you agree share it with your friends and get them gaming!

If you disagree or think there are better sandbox games out there leave a comment and let me know!










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