[Top 10] Minecraft Mansion Seeds That Are Fun! (2022 Edition)

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Live a life of luxury with these ten Woodland Mansion seeds!

[Top 10] Minecraft Mansion Seeds That Are Fun! (2022 Edition)

In my previous two articles, I mentioned that just about every Minecraft seed list has to contain at least one “mansion at spawn” seed. Woodland mansions are a hot ticket item for any adventurous player, and typically, they require a tremendous amount of effort, time, and in-game travel to locate and loot, so getting lucky enough to spawn right on top of one is a dream come true. If you can’t count on your own luck to get you there, here are ten convenient and/or unique woodland mansion seeds that definitely will.

10. 46052904 - 1.18 Feature Gallery

Start Video At: 9:08

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/wL0wZ_XP9CI?list=TLPQMzEwMTIwMjKDAPU1K0R7Tw&t=548

This seed isn’t particularly remarkable compared to some of the other seeds on this list - it doesn’t have any wacky generating quirks or crazy spawn conditions, but it’s a great seed to start with nonetheless. In addition to the nearby mansion - the link takes you to the end of the video, where the mansion is showcased - there’s also a plethora of 1.18 update features to explore. If you just wanted a fun seed to experience all 1.18 has to offer, this one’s for you.

9. 25138882 - Diamond Block Treasure

Start Video At: 0:00

Check out the seed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te6VRMJX03c&list=TLPQMzEwMTIwMjKDAPU1K0R...

This seed has a bit of everything at your fingertips, spawning you near several villages, ruined portals, and, of course, a woodland mansion. The mansion is hiding a diamond block within its walls, making this spawn an efficient start to any new game.

8. 114056 - Desert Bay Mansion

Start Video At: 3:49

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/BA61udD2cx4?list=TLPQMzEwMTIwMjKDAPU1K0R7Tw&t=229

This seed spawns you, initially, in a mesa biome - which, by itself, is pretty darn rare and cool. But additionally, nearby, a woodland mansion can be found sandwiched between a savanna and a desert - nowhere near the woodlands. It’s floating on a body of water that separates the two otherwise quite dry and arid biomes.

7. -6868631422137514351 - Mountain Mansion

Start Video At: 1:29

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/JXMAcRUmI00?list=TLPQMzEwMTIwMjKDAPU1K0R7Tw&t=89

I’m well-known among my friends for enjoying mountains in Minecraft. I like to hollow them out and make my home there, with windows set in the stone to watch the snow fall outside. It seems that, in this seed, the Pillagers have taken a leaf from my book, building their mansion on the side of a snowy mountain.

6. 526726214 - How did this even Happen

Start Video At: 2:06

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/hDk_cxUxN9o?list=TLPQMzEwMTIwMjKDAPU1K0R7Tw&t=126

I don’t have much to say about this seed other than… how? This woodland mansion has been generated on top of a little dark oak peninsula, and, well… somehow, a ship has crashed through the wall. Half of the wreck is left exposed, high up the wall, making this one of the weirdest generation quirks I’ve ever come across in my time researching these seeds.

5. 275180360 - Bamboo Mansion

Start Video At: 6:56

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/BA61udD2cx4?t=416

Bamboo jungles are uncommon enough without an enormous woodland mansion spawning smack dab in the middle of them. The dense bamboo and tricky terrain make this a questionable building spot for such a large structure, but I can’t deny the absolute spectacle of this location.

4. -1555671298 - Cavern Mansion

Start Video At: 0:00

Check out the seed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCMIoze1gnY&list=TLPQMzEwMTIwMjKDAPU1K0R...

This woodland mansion has generated deep in a massive crater, ringed by a dark oak forest, This is another seed where the in-game logic struggles to apply. How and why did the pillagers build it here? I suppose it’s safer, but boy, must it have been a challenge to accomplish.

3. 847558 - Tall Desert Mansion

Start Video At: 0:32

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/BA61udD2cx4?list=TLPQMzEwMTIwMjKDAPU1K0R7Tw&t=32

Dotted inside with desert resource blocks like sand and sandstone, this mansion generates halfway up a sandy mountain spire, floating in the sea. From one angle, the mansion appears to be cozily nestled between two sandy peaks, like the mountains had built themselves around the structure, holding space for the house to stay warm and safe above the crashing waves. Of course, it’s sand, so I don’t know how safe it would actually be…

2. 649 - Want Mansions? We Got Mansions

Start Video At: 2:38

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/hNuojm3a4no?list=TLPQMzEwMTIwMjKDAPU1K0R7Tw&t=158

The spawn conditions of these mansions aren’t too shocking, generating in a dark oak forest, as most mansions do, except that, well… you may have noticed that I said “these” mansions, and not “this” mansion. This forest hides not one, but two woodland mansions at spawn.

1. 1295549042 - Massive Mansion Portal

Start Video At: 7:49

Check out the seed: https://youtu.be/hDk_cxUxN9o?list=TLPQMzEwMTIwMjKDAPU1K0R7Tw&t=469

Seed number two might be a little luckier, but seed one is definitely more interesting. This woodland mansion, massive though it may be, is still not big enough to fully contain the nether portal it’s housing, ten blocks high and eight blocks wide. The portal has burst through the roof of the mansion to make room for the rest of the obsidian and stone bricks it’s composed of.

If you’ve always wanted to explore a woodland mansion but have never had the motivation to hunt them down yourself, I would love to hear what you make of these ten seeds that give you the opportunity to plunder one firsthand. We’ll see you around - and happy gaming!

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