[Top 10] Minecraft Most Cursed Seeds

 [Top 10] Minecraft Most Cursed Seeds
The Herobrine seed

What are cursed seeds and how do they make the game interesting?

Seeds can be a crazy thing when it comes to world generation, some seeds can take the rarest of biomes and put them together to make something that appears magical, or they can even take your gameplay to a whole new level, seeds can make your game experience easier or harder depending on the seed.  But in some cases seeds tend to have a rather strange effect on your world, either generating structures that not only seem like they shouldn't be there or even turning your gaming experience into a complete nightmare, These are what we like to call “Cursed seeds'' and on these seeds, anything can happen and you'll never know what you will encounter, form glitches and bugs, to bizarre terrain generations. These seeds are destined for those looking for a completely out of this world Minecraft experience! 


10. The Lava river (1669320484)

The lava river of seed 1669320484

In this seed, you will find a seemingly endless river of lava flowing through a big part of the world, located below one of the biggest ravines in the game. Imagine travelling through the forest, running from zombies or skeletons and suddenly falling into a huge river of lava… Seems like quite a challenge and something I wouldn't enjoy happening in my hardcore world.

Cursed Points:

· Huge lava river


9. The Skeleton Guardians (-1699688427)

One of the four dungeons you can find in seed -1699688427

In this seed, you will find a desert temple that is surrounded by not one, but four skeleton spawners, this means that not only will you have to be aware of the traps hidden within the temple, but you will also have to constantly fight an army of spawning skeletons that seem to never end. Now that's what I call the pharaoh's curse!

Cursed points:

· Desert temple with four skeleton spawners


8.  The Pillagers Skyscraper (1256894139)

Pillager outpost on seed 1256894139

If you are not one of those people who suffer from fear of heights, then this seed is perfect for you; since here you will find the tallest pillager outpost to have ever spawned in the history of Minecraft, it is made entirely out of wood and stone. Climbing to the top may be your biggest challenge since you will either have to mine or build your way up. Either way, you will have thousands of pillagers sniping you from the top.

Cursed points:

· Largest pillager outpost


7. The underwater library (1234569)

Fish swimming inside the underwater library 

Not only does this seed have an underwater stronghold, but it is also home to the only exposed library that you will find in Minecraft, making it one of the hardest strongholds, not only will you have to face the mobs that spawn around you, but you will also have to make yourself some underwater breathing potions to deal with the fact that you can't breathe while underwater, turning your exploring experience into an underwater nightmare. , And to sweeten the attraction, you will also find an underwater monument located below the stronghold.

Cursed points:

· Underwater stronghold

· exposed library

· on top of an underwater monument 


6. The mineshaft village (872827694)

The rails of a Mineshaft going through the village 

Mineshaft and villages don't seem to get along very well, but you will find exactly that in this seed, giving you one of the strangest views Minecraft could offer; also, the village is abandoned, leaving you with some wild west ghost town gold rush feels. Might not be a big of a challenge but it does feel like quite a cursed way to generate some terrain. 

Cursed points:

· Abandoned village combined with broken mineshaft


5. The snowy desert (545565911)

The snowy village in the desert of seed 545565911

The only possible explanation for this seed might be a glitch, since at some point as you wander through the desert, you will find a village that is filled with snow and huge mountains of ice, This combination of biomes defies all laws of physics and shouldn't even be possible since everyone knows ice and heat don't get along very well, this seed will give you the feeling that something ain't right and that is because deserts and ice don't mix in any way. 

Cursed points:

· Desert village with a huge glacier 


4. The repeating pattern (289849025)

You can see the pattern repeating on the giant mushrooms 

Have you ever had the feeling that you are walking in circles? Well, this is exactly how this seed feels. Due to some terrain generation glitch, this seed will take a specific pattern and repeat throughout some of the chunks of this world. This seed will drive insane any person who just wants to adventure through the world looking at the many views and biomes of the game. 

Cursed points:  

· A repeating pattern of the world in certain chunks


3. The Spawn trap (1911516739)

three spawner dungeon 

Imagine you are walking through a dungeon and you suddenly find yourself surrounded by thousands of skeletons, spiders and zombies, so you place some torches and realize that around you are three spawners and that you are trapped inside of three dungeons that are combined. Well, that is what you find in this seed, feels like something right out of a horror movie, or the perfect place to make an XP farm. 

Cursed points:

· three different spawners combined in one cave 


2.  The active End portal (8820529816979238)

Look closely at the right side and you will see the half that's activated 

So this seed might not be as cursed as the others, but you still encounter one of the strangest things in Minecraft, a half already active end portal, yes there is a glitch that makes the game think that the portal should be active since it is located at the end of the chunk, it gives the game the idea that the portal is complete and so it gets only half of it activated.  More than a curse it could sound like a blessing to some players, but we consider it to be something so bizarre that it belongs on our list.

Cursed points:

· Half active End portal


1.  The claustrophobic spawn (10931311583393626) 

the view after breaking through the blocks of cobblestone 

Imagine that you spawn in your world, but all you see is a black screen,  you will probably think your world crashed or that there is a new difficulty where you have to beat the game as a blind person but that is not the case, actually what happens in this seed is that you spawn right in between some blocks of stone that are located inside of a woodland mansion.

This will not only make your experience a complete nightmare while figuring out what the hell is going on; but also once you realize it, you will have to break your way through all that stone using nothing but your bare hands … If that is not the most cursed way to start your world in Minecraft, then I don't know what it is. 

Cursed points:

· Spawn between rocks 


So now that you know what a cursed seed is, do you think you are brave enough to play on one? or will you stick to the normal seeds for normal players?

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