[Top 5] Minecraft Best Biomes For Base Building

Minecraft Best Biomes For Building
Get ready to leap into the challenge of the jungle biome!

[Top 5] Minecraft Best Biomes For Base Building

Minecraft has come a long way since its Beta release in 2010. Beta 1.0 had almost nothing to offer, especially when compared to today’s 1.17. It didn’t even include a survival mode. You could technically play in survival, but it had to be modded in. Nowadays, however, the possibilities for play are literally endless. Infinitely generating worlds with countless materials to find and gather, mobs to fight or befriend, ancient structures to explore, and, most relevant of all, a diverse landscape that provides a unique scenic backdrop for any player looking to build a one-of-a-kind home. If you’re struggling to pick a spot to put down that crafting table and that furnace, look no further: here are 5 of the best biomes to build a base in and some world seeds to get you there!

5. Plains Biome - 300090

The plains biome is characterized by wide, open grasslands and herds of cows and pigs.

It seemed a sacrilege to leave the Plains Biome, largely regarded as the gold standard for building environments in Minecraft, off this list, so let’s get it out of the way first. This region always manages to be beautiful and serene - wide, open grasslands punctuated by ponds, rivers, flowers, and non-hostile mobs. It might seem uninspiring, but a creative crafter can do a lot with an area like this. This biome is perfect for beginners, who are just learning to build!

  • Plains biomes are mostly flat, leaving a lot of room for building. Traditional, above-ground houses can often be constructed with little to no terraforming.
  • Resources are easy to come by in this biome - trees for wood, ponds for water, grass for seeds, and mobs for food.
  • There is plenty of space for farming crops and replacing the trees you cut down.
  • Villages are very common in these biomes, putting villager trades close at hand, among other resources.
  • At night, there is a lot of room for hostile mobs to spawn, which can be frightening in early game, but comes in handy later, when bones and ender pearls become important resources to gather.

4. Birch Forest Biome - -300876028932872447

Birch trees tend to be taller than the standard oak, the bark a beautiful white with black tiger-like stripes.

The Birch Forest Biome is one of my favorite biomes. Birch wood is commonly considered one of the most beautiful types of wood in Minecraft - an opinion I wholeheartedly agree with! These regions often don’t have villages, providing an isolated yet idyllic region to build up a home, surrounded by these stunning trees. 

  • Birch Biomes often generate many hills, which not only serve as ideal spots for mining, but also good options for underground bases.
  • Rivers lined with clay, sand, and sugar cane are common in these regions.
  • These biomes are very aesthetically pleasing, if that’s one of your priorities when choosing a home location - many kinds of flowers can easily be found dotting the forests.
  • Pigs and cows are common in these areas, providing food and an ever-important resource: leather.

3. Jungle Biome - ​​573398763507649

The trees in the jungle biome are enormous in height. Some jungles even contain dense bamboo forests.

The Jungle Biome can be a tricky area to build in, but if you’re up to the challenge, setting up camp in one of these biomes can really pay off. Villages hardly spawn here due to the dense foliage, but temples can be found in these regions, containing valuable and mysterious loot... as long as you’re clever enough to avoid the traps!

  • Extremely thick and tall trees provide no shortage of wood for any adventurer to settle down here.
  • A surplus of vines and bamboo open up many uncommon but useful crafting avenues. Additionally, the vines climbing the enormous trees allow you to ascend to the jungle canopy and get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area.
  • This region is ideal for treehouses!
  • Uncommon mobs spawn here, like parrots, which can be domesticated and taught to sing, and pandas, which serve very little practical purpose, but are extremely cute and fun to find!

2. Mountain Biome - 121707886

Mountain biomes frequently contain gorgeous, naturally spawning waterfalls.

Yet another one of my favorites, the Mountain Biome is an excellent spot if you’re looking for more unusual terrain to work with. The enormous hills, sheer cliff faces, waterfalls, and oddly shaped structures that seem impossible to believe not only look fascinating - giving the world a larger-than-life feel - but can offer some unique advantages to a player seeking more permanent shelter.

  • Exposed ore is fairly common in this biome, such as coal and iron, giving a player quick and easy access to some basic - yet crucial - mining resources.
  • Sheep and cows are also very common, providing both food and important crafting supplies.
  • Trees are less common, but grass is not, opening up plenty of space for planting your own forests, using whatever saplings you’ve collected while exploring.
  • There is a diverse range of altitudes in this region, so options for building locations are endless - you could build a house on top of an enormous hill, giving you the high ground, or you could dig deep straight into or even under the mountains. In between hills or under cliffs and rocky outcroppings are also great choices.

1. Taiga Biome - 49128

Be on the lookout for smoke rising up over the trees in a taiga biome. That might just be smoke from a taiga village campfire!

Don’t be intimidated by the thick forest - there is no such thing as too many trees! Spruce wood, like birch, is another beautiful option for building supplies. In fact, birch and spruce look wonderful together! This biome is perfect if you’re seeking a more rustic space. The trees themselves are gorgeous, tall and dark with shelves of rich, deep green foliage - and of course, who doesn’t love the smell of pine?

  • Villages, while not extremely common, can spawn in Taiga Biomes and possess one of the prettiest aesthetics for Minecraft villages. Not only does this provide access to trades, but they look nice next to your home to boot.
  • Rabbits can spawn in this region, offering food and crafting supplies along with some cute atmosphere.
  • Foxes and wolves are also common here. Both can be domesticated, and wolves/dogs can be very useful allies against hostile mobs.
  • Wild berries grow on bushes all over the Taiga Biome and are an easy food source!

Wherever you end up settling down, hopefully this list provided you with some fun ideas to work with as you begin your latest journey into the world of Minecraft. Always remember that no matter what your base looks like or where you choose to build it, a furnace, a crafting table, a bed, and a chest are all you need to make that hut a home. We’ll see you all around - and happy gaming!



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