Minecraft: How to Breed Horse

Thumbnail of two Horses from Minecraft. They are implied to be in love.
This tutorial will teach you how to breed horses!

Minecraft: How to Breed Horse


Check out this handy video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH4SqoBZXpM

Video by: Udisen

Baby animals in Minecraft are so cute - miniature versions of what were already pretty adorably designed mobs, often with comically large heads and goofy looking eyes. But there are some mechanical perks to breeding, as well - for example, if you have a great horse and you find another great horse, you can breed them to get another, even greater horse! Here’s how.

  • The supplies you will need for this tutorial are at least 2 carrots or apples and Gold Ingots. If you don’t have that much gold on hand, use the carrots method, which requires only 2 Ingots. If you use the apple method, you’ll need 16 Gold Ingots.
  • Once you’ve gathered your materials, you’ll want to choose and tame 2 horses. If you’ve done this already, great! You can skip this step. But if not, here’s how you tame a horse.
    • Using your interact key, which for most PC players is the right-click on your mouse, you can mount an untamed horse. The horse will likely try to buck you off; this is normal! Just keep right-clicking. Eventually, you’ll see hearts around your player character and the horse. This means the horse has been tamed.
      • If it makes it easier, you can lash a horse to a fence post using a lead, which can be acquired in several different ways.
    • Do this to 2 horses, and you’ll be all set to breed!
  • Now, with your 2 tamed horses nearby, craft 2 Golden Carrots or 2 Golden Apples.
    • For Golden Carrots, place your 2 Gold Ingots in your Crafting Table by themselves to craft a total of 18 Gold Nuggets. Then, place your Carrots in the center of the grid and surround them with your Gold Nuggets. You’ll wind up with 2 Golden Carrots and 2 leftover Gold Nuggets.
    • For Golden Apples, place your Apples in the center of the crafting grid, and then surround them with Gold Ingots. You’ll wind up with 2 Golden Apples.
  • Finally, holding the Golden Carrots or the Golden Apples, use your interact key on both horses. Hearts should appear, and they will try to get close together. Make sure to let them touch! A few moments later, a baby horse will be born.

And it’s that simple! Breeding horses is slightly trickier than breeding cows or sheep, as it’s harder to get the materials required. We’ll see you around! Happy gaming.

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