[Top 10] Minecraft Biggest Cave Designs That Are Awesome

Minecraft Biggest Cave Designs That Are Awesome
In honour of the caves and cliffs update!

Which are the biggest cave designs?

Minecraft, as you may know, is an open-world game where the player can explore a wide variety of biomes and environments, such as lakes, oceans, fields, mountains, and many more. But one of the essential environments is caves. Caves can work as a shelter when starting your adventure or as a faster way to get to the lower layers to find scarce ores, and with the new caves and cliffs update, caves have become even more relevant. Many players have managed to turn them into some of the most unique homes; for this reason, we decided to make a list of the top 10 biggest cave designs that are awesome. 


10. The Natural Cave

The point of this design is to find a naturally generated cave, and that's it, there's no need to build break, or change anything, you could do a bit of transforming but it is optional. 

What's great about design:

  • The design is very simple and doesn't need much work
  • Looks very natural and beautiful
  • The design will blend perfectly with the environment since that's how it was generated originally


9. The Lush Cave

This design is similar to the last one, except you will need to find a lush cave; Lush caves are generally bigger than other caves and will have more things like plants and lakes which will make the cave look even better.

What's great about design:

  • The structures that generate within lush caves are beautiful and unique
  • They are full of life and have a better atmosphere than other caves
  • They can also be full of resources and materials


8. The Temple Cave

The idea of this design is to make it look as if the cave was carved into some sort of ancient temple, something similar to desert and jungle temples after the cave can be either used as a base or to hide valuable loot. 

What's great about design:

  • This  kind of design can look very cool and can blend in perfectly with the environment
  • It can have multiple uses for the player such as a base or a place to store loot 
  • You can get inspiration from the already existing temples to make your own but a unique temple for any biome you like


7. The Modern Cave

The idea of this cave is to make it look as modern as possible, you need to get your fancy blocks and make it as luxurious as possible, but don't forget that you are inside of a cave. 

What's great about design:

  • Very modern and impressive-looking design
  • Fun to build and very rewarding in the end
  • One of the most beautiful looking caves to build


6. The Secret Cave

This cave is quite simple, the point is to hide the entrance to the cave and to make it as hard to find as possible, that way only you will know how to find the entrance to your cave.

What's great about design:

  • Very hard or almost impossible to find 
  • The outside of the cave will blend perfectly with the world and will look very cool
  • All your friends will envy your cave and will do anything to find it


5. The minimalistic Cave

The point of this design is to make it as simple as possible, this means no complicated structures or hidden rooms or decorations. Only the essential, the best part about this cave design is that anyone could do it.

What's great about design:

  • Very simple and creative design
  • This build doesn't require too much effort or complicated structures
  • As the name suggests everything within this cave must be simple and minimalist


4. The Mansion Cave

With this design the point is to make it as big and luxurious as possible, don't worry about what other players might say, this is your cave and you have to make it as big and beautiful as you can; this design is meant to be a flex on all of your friends. 

What's great about design:

  • Very big and luxurious design
  • This cave is breathtaking and will blow the mind of anyone who sees it
  • Must have lots of shiny blocks and ores which will make it look very fancy 


3. The Mineshaft 

Mineshafts are some sort of cave that is meant to be “man-made” of course in Minecraft there is no one else except for you so they naturally generate in your world. But, that's the main idea, the best part about this cave is that it can be as big and mysterious as the game wants. Minecraft can serve lots of purposes such as exploration and mining or it can even be used as a hideout or base.

What's great about design:

  • Doesn't need much work 
  • Mineshafts look very cool and are full of loot
  • These are perfect to live or explore since they are generally full of mobs and precious ores


2. The Village Cave

This type of cave can naturally occur in the game or you can make it artificially, these designs can have some of the most mind-blowing and unique views so they are definitely worth the try finding one or building it yourself

What's great about design:

  • Since you will have villagers and houses you can gather loot or trade with the villagers
  • Golems that spawn to protect the villagers will also protect you 
  • The views and structures in these caves are beautiful 


1. The Bunker Cave

The point of this design is to use the cave as an entrance which will then go down into a very secure bunker, although this might be one of the most complex builds it certainly is one of the most rewarding and safe ones too.

What's great about design:

  • Unique design that will impress your friends
  • Very safe and zombie-proof
  • Hard to find and to get in for anyone except you


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