Minecraft: How to Auto Click

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Who needs to PLAY Minecraft when your computer can do it for you?

Minecraft: How to Auto Click


Check out this handy video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNuntnp2u_4

Video by: Victor's Tech Tutorials

If you’ve built an XP farm, then it’s likely that you’re already tired of standing in one spot, clicking manually over and over and over again to collect that sweet, sweet XP. Luckily, there’s an easier way, one that allows you to hack and slash and eat a sandwich at the same time: auto clicking!

Important to note that some servers consider auto clicking to be a hack, and you could get banned. Make sure you’re on a server that allows this, or playing by yourself!

  • There are several applications designed to allow your computer to automatically click at high rates of speed. Victor’s Tech Tutorials has recommended one to use and included a link to download it in their video, listed above.
    • Once you’ve chosen your application and downloaded/installed it, you’re going to go ahead and open it to configure the controls so they won’t clash with your Minecraft controls.
    • While in the auto clicker window, you’ll have the option to choose a key to activate the clicker. Victor’s Tech Tutorials’ recommended application has this defaulted to F6, but if that’s too much of a stretch for your fingers, you can change it. 
  • Next, you can play around with the speed of your click. Victor’s Tech Tutorials says that setting the milliseconds value to 70 will have you clicking at a rate of 10 clicks per second, which is fairly fast.
    • Make sure that the settings allow the app to click until you stop it yourself and will click wherever the mouse is hovering.
  • Now, you should be all set - open Minecraft and play as normal until you reach your desired auto click destination, and then hit your activation key. This will allow you to build bridges fast and easy, or farm XP at insane speeds while you’re away from the computer.

That’s all there is to it - now that you know how, you’re probably ready to auto click off this article. We’ll see you around! Happy gaming.

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