[Top 10] Best Minecraft Armor Enchantments

Best Minecraft Armor Enchantments
Armor is your main source of protection... so treat it like royalty.

In Minecraft there are a lot of important factors to take in to ensure your survival. One of those factors is armor protection. Whether you are fighting mobs or pvping other players, armor enchantments are essential to long-lasting armor and a better chance at survival. Today I’m going to be counting down the best Minecraft armor enchantments that will help you in battle. 

10. Thorns

Thorns is a powerful enchantment that's maximum level is III. Thorns causes players who wear it to wield damage to attackers simply by wearing the enchantment while fighting. Placed lower on this list for its durability penalty which is applied if worn on multiple armor pieces. 

What Makes Thorns Great: 

  • Equitable with all armor (Chestplate primarily, helmet, leggings, and boots are secondary items). 
  • Worn armor items with the thorns do stack.
  • The total amount of damage that can be dealt is 4. 

9. Aqua Affinity

An enchantment used for helmets and turtle shells, Aqua Affinity increases a player's underwater mining rate once equipped. Aqua Affinity’s maximum level is I.

What Makes Aqua Affinity Great: 

  • When underwater it usually takes players 5 times as long to mine a block but, while wearing Aqua Affinity the penalty is ignored.
  • Useful when mining at underwater biomes, and exploring temples underwater.

8. Depth Strider

An enchantment that is boot specific, depth strider allows those who wear it to increase their underwater movement speed. Depth Striders maximum enchantment level is III.

What Makes Depth Strider Great: 

  • Level III lets players swim as fast as they walk on land. 
  • For players wanting to explore Underwater biomes, monuments, temples, etc. This allows players to get there quicker.

7. Fire Protection

Equipable on all armor, fire protection allows for players to experience reduced damage from fire. Placed lower on this list due to its incompatibilities with armor protections such as blast protection, and projectile protection. Fire protection has a maximum level of IV. 

What Makes Fire Protection Great: 

  • Reduces all kinds of ongoing fire damage.
  • Reduces burn time.
  • It can be placed on multiple enchantments. However, only the highest level’s burn time reduction is used. 

6. Respiration

A helmet and turtle shell only enchantment, respiration is another underwater specific enchantment. When equipped, players have an extended breathing time underwater. The maximum level is III. 

What Makes Respiration Great: 

  • Extends underwater breathing by 15 seconds per enchantment level.
  • Useful in underwater exploration. 

5. Blast Protection

No one likes those pesky creepers. Blast Protection, equippable on all armor items reduces explosion damage. Creeper explosions and TNT explosions are reduced. The maximum level for this enchantment is IV. Placed lower on this list for its incompatibilities with feather falling, fire protection, and other protection enchantments. 

What Makes Blast Protection Great: 

  • Reduces explosion damage 8% per level. 
  • Damage reduction is capped at 80%.
  • Reduces explosion knockback by 15% per level. 

4. Feather Falling

Fall damage is a dangerous thing in the world of Minecraft. Feather falling, a popular boot enchantment reduces fall damage for those who equip it. Feather falling has a maximum level of IV. 

What Makes Feather Falling Great: 

  • Each level of Feather Falling reduces fall damage by 12%.
  • Up to 48% of fall damage can be reduced.
  • Reduces damage from ender pearl teleportations. 

3. Unbreaking

Perhaps one of the most popular enchantments in Minecraft, Unbreaking is equipable on all armor and weapons! This handy enchantment has a maximum level of III and gives players the chance for items to not lose durability when used. 

What Makes Unbreaking Great: 

  • Primarily used for armor and primary weapons.
  • On average, armor lasts anywhere from 25% to 43% longer.
  • Great for expensive armor and enchanted items to maximize their usage.


Similar to Unbreaking, Mending is a popular enchantment that restores a player's durability of items. Just like Unbreaking, Mending is equipable on all armor and weapons. What makes Mending different is that it uses experience points to mend.

What Makes Mending Great: 

  • Experience orbs repair items at a rate of 2 durability per XP orb.
  • If multiple items have the enchantment, it is chosen at random.
  • An alternate use for XP orbs outside of enchantment points.


Undoubtedly the most popular enchantment for armor in Minecraft is the Protection enchantment. When applied, this enchantment increases the armor's damage reduction. Protection has a maximum level of IV and can be applied to all armor. 

What Makes Protection Great: 

  • Each level reduces 4% of damage.
  • Full Protection (IV) absorbs 16%.
  • Damage reduction is absorbed for all armor pieces if multiple pieces contain the Protection enchantment.

That concludes my list of the top 10 best Minecraft armor enchantments! What makes all of the selections on this list great is how well they work together (despite the ones with incompatibilities). Players are truly able to utilize enchanting to their advantage. Now that you have this knowledge, go and make some sick armor and PVP some mobs and stuff! 

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