[Top 5] Minecraft Best Levels for Ores

Minecraft Best Levels for Ores
Are you ready to go ore mining?

How to find every ore in Minecraft                                   

Ores in Minecraft are items that can be crafted, smelted or can help you smelt other ores into new items which you can craft weapons or armour with; the best example of these is iron which once you collect it you can use carbon to smelt it and then craft it into weapons, tools or armour, amongst other things. The downside is that most of these ores are quite hard to find and take a lot of time and resources, for that reason we came up with the top 5 best ways to find most of these ores and make your Minecraft adventure a lot simpler.


5. Loot

Minecraft Survival guide

Loot is a great way to find most resources but it is also quite difficult since you will need to find structures such as temples or villages which most of the time are quite rare and sometimes you won't even find as much ore as you would with mining. 

What makes Loot great: 

  • No need to dig or mine
  • No need for smelting 
  • easy to find


4. Layer 11 - 15

Minecraft Survival - how to find ores

This is the layer where you will find most of the ores, from diamonds to coal, although it might be quite hard to find some of them, it is the only layer where diamond veins are generated.  

What makes layers 11- 15 great:

  • Find every type of ore
  • Most ores are easy to find here
  • Mining these layers will fill your inventory with other useful resources


3. Caves

Minecraft - guide 5

Caves are a great way to find most ores without wasting your tools mining since most caves can lead from the top of the world to the bottom, this way all you have to worry about is finding the ores and mining them without having to mine countless amounts of dirt and stone. 

What makes Caves great:

  • Not much mining is needed
  • full of resources
  • Go from top layers into the bottom ones


2. Ravines

Minecraft - Exploring Ravines

Ravines are a great way to find ores because when you find one you can see from the top the number of resources that it has, you don't need to dig that much to get to the bottom and even if you dig, they are always full of ores and resources. 

What makes ravines great:

  • Lots of ores
  • go into the deepest layers
  • Don’t need too much digging


1. Mine shafts

Minecraft Guide - Exploring Mineshafts

Mine Shafts are the best place to look for ores since not only will you find a great number of ores in their natural state, but also you will be able to find Minecarts which hold a chest filled with loot that can be resourceful for your adventure. 

What makes mineshafts great:

  • Full of ores and resources
  • not much mining is needed
  • very extended tunnels 
  • chest full of loot 


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