[Top 15] Minecraft Most Beautiful Seeds (2021 Edition)

A beautiful lake under Minecrafts blue sky
Just a normal day inside of the most beautiful seeds of Minecraft

What makes the world of Minecraft beautiful and unique?

Have you ever been walking around the beautiful landscapes of Minecraft or swimming through the vast and gorgeous oceans, and wondered; How is all of this possible? Is it all randomly generated? Or how does Minecraft decide to add an ocean, or a village, or any kind of terrain possible?

The answer is quite simple, it's all thanks to something we like to call “Seeds”.

Seeds are made from a combination of numbers and letters that when put together will generate a Minecraft world; Through the use of algorithms. Every world is different, but every seed makes the same world; so, by typing the same seed into two different worlds you will still get the same terrains, landscapes, villages, etc. 

Seeds can be used for the player's advantage since you can spawn in certain locations, like closer to the end portal, or having different biomes close to each other, whereas in any random seed could be difficult to find. A seed can be randomly generated when creating a world or it can be added by the player. So, if you go online you will be able to find a list of seeds that you can use to your advantage, or for any reason, you would like to use the seed.

So here is a list of the top 15 most beautiful seeds in Minecraft 2021 edition, of course, beauty can be relative, so we'll be judging the terrains where you spawn, (Beaches, mountains, plains, etc.), the way they harmonize with the nearby places there is, and their unique features. 


15. Flower Mountain (2110927888)

Sunset over the Flower mountain 

 In this seed you will spawn in a beautiful mountain filled with flowers and landscapes, the mountain is also surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers, making it the perfect place to sit down after a long day of mining. 

Beauty points

· Good for mining in the mountain

· Beautiful landscapes

· Great for collecting diverse types of items 


14.The Blacksmiths home  (770405033)

View of the Blacksmith villages and ravine

Within this seed you will be able to find, not one but 8 villages full of blacksmiths all together within the same forest, you will also witness some of the most beautiful views of the forest. and to make it even better you will be able to find a ravine next to one of the villages. Perfect for fixing your weapons and armours, or even for trading the precious ores that you find in the ravine; the real question would be with whom?

Beauty points

· 8 blacksmith villages together

· Beautiful forest views 


13. The Nether Seed (604602972)

The view outside the Nether portal 

This seed, unlike any other seed, will Spawn you in the perfect place for a nether portal, Once inside of the nether you will encounter some of the harshest nether biomes; some of the biomes are, three bastions and a nether fortress, all within a few blocks from your spawn. Another great detail about this seed is that you will spawn in a gorgeous valley near an abandoned nether portal. 

Beauty points

· Beautiful views from the nether

· Big variety of Nether Biomes

· Close to a fortress and three bastions

· Beautiful valley landscape views 


12. The End comes Twice (-178769665)

The two End portals inside the stronghold 

The feature that makes this seed unique, is something that you will probably not encounter in any other world in the game. besides its beautiful landscapes; in this world you will find two end portals located one below the other. Now we don´t know if this has any use game wise, but what we know is that fighting the Ender dragon will probably be twice the fun!

Beauty points

· Two end portals together. 


11. Stronghold Igloo (331476055)

The Igloo outside the stronghold

So what could be better than the views of the mountains filled with snow and a cozy igloo? The answer is that inside of the igloo you will find a stronghold, not only making it a one in a lifetime experience, but also getting you closer to achieving the goal of finding the end. The location of the stronghold is perfect for settling down and building a small cabin, that is of course if you don´t mind the cold! 

Beauty points

· Beautiful snowy location

· Close to a stronghold 


10. The Endless river (-837628466)

Where the rivers meet

This seed has a beautiful line of canals of water that come together to form a beautiful lake in the middle; surrounded by plains and forests the landscapes that you encounter in this seed are something that you could only imagine in your dreams.. You can also find a village that formed on the edge of the river giving a really artistic look to the biome.

Beauty points

· Beautiful Scenery

· Close to a village

· flatlands 

· Close to water


9. Castaway Island (1911127900)

The ruins and the shipwreck 

This small island may seem like it doesn't have much to offer, but it has two of the rarest structures you can find on the vast oceans of Minecraft, laying on the surface of the beach, a shipwreck and ocean ruins. Not only giving you some of the best views you can find on the ocean but also a feeling of peace and relaxation of having your own private island, just be careful not to run out of resources.

Beauty points

· Gorgeous island

· Beautiful ocean views

· has a shipwreck and ruins 


8. The cave shelter (456355206)

You can see some of the insides of the mountain 

Not only is this biome filled with beautiful snowy mountains and landscapes, but inside of the mountains, you will find two of the biggest and most incredible caves you could find in-game. The place is perfect to build a great stronghold against threats like creepers and zombies or to start your own civilization with villagers inside of the cave. It is also the perfect place to mine and gather up resources since you are inside of a cave and caves are usually filled with precious resources. 

Beauty points

· Beautiful snowy mountain views

· Perfect for finding shelter

· great for mining and gathering resources


7. The Biome home (574729119)

Look closely and you can see the desert the Badlands and the jungle

In this seed, you will find six different biomes that come together to give you some of the most beautiful and astonishing views you could ever witness in Minecraft. You will find a desert with its very own village, a jungle, badlands, plains, a savanna and a stronghold.

This seed is perfect not only for its views but also to gather resources and to get to the end since everything is packed up neatly in a combination of every biome. 

Beauty points

· Beautiful views

· Six biomes combined

· perfect for gathering resources 

· Close to a stronghold


6. The haunted biome (12023120)

The 4 biomes in perfect harmony 

Another beautiful seed filled with biomes and villages, this time you can find a haunted village that is surrounded by badlands and within the surface of the village you can find a stronghold giving this seed not only some beautiful views but also an atmosphere that may give you chills as you wander through the stronghold and the haunted village. Just be careful, haunted villages are not the best place to have a warm stay when the night falls.

Beauty points

· Beautiful views

· perfect for gathering resources

· 4 biomes close together 

· near a stronghold


5. Mansion Village (-77107740)

The sunset over the Mansion and the village 

Within the depths of this seed you can find a fearless group of villagers who decided to raise their village right next to a woodland mansion, surrounded by beautiful forests and rivers this seed also has a ravine mineshaft within the depths of the village; and to make it even more interesting, the village has a small floating island were the player can settle and build a beautiful house to watch the sunset over the village. 

Beauty points

· Beautiful landscapes

· Unique village

· Close to a mansion

· Has a Mineshaft

· great for gathering resources 


4. Were the ocean meets life (-203726012)

The view of the ocean and the biomes coming together 

Talking about beautiful landscapes and biomes, this seed is full of them. The first thing you will find is a place in the middle of the ocean where four biomes meet as small pieces of the island; the first biomes you will find are the badlands, a jungle, snowy plains and a frozen ocean. But if you are looking for the perfect seed to settle down; then this seed has so much more to offer, since it's filled with exposed dungeons and villages all around the world. 

Beauty points

· Unique views

· Easy resource collecting

· dungeons 

· Villages


3. The more the merrier (1072988533)

Two of the rarest biomes together (Badlands and Mushroom fields)

If you thought 6 biomes together were a lot, then this seed will probably blow your mind! Since you will be able to find more biomes together than we could count, one of those biomes being: the Mushroom fields, which are some of the hardest biomes to find in the game. Some of the biomes are Forests, badlands, tundra, jungle, and many more all within a small sailing distance to the spawn point. 

Beauty points

· Beautiful views

· Mixture of Biomes

· Good for mining and finding resources


2. Mansion village pt2 (575901225)

The Villages together with the Mansion 

What could be better than having a village next to a woodland mansion?

That's right having two villages next to a mansion, which you can find in this seed; but that's not where the fun ends, upon the hills of this seed you will be able to see one of the biggest ravines in the history of Minecraft, now that's what we call resourceful. 

Beauty points

· Beautiful and unique views

· Woodland mansion next to two villages

· Huge ravine

· perfect for gathering resources 


 So Far we've seen so many seeds with some unique features that will blow your mind, but what could be so unique and awesome that beats every single one of these seeds, making it the perfect world to settle down and build your very own house of wood and stone? 


1. The Ocean Village (542630838)

The view of the Island Village 

At first glance this seed may not seem to have as many things as the ones above, so why is it our number one spot on our list? 

Well, to begin with, this seed you will be able to find something unique that you will not find in any other; a Village located in the middle of the ocean, and that is only on the surface; because below the village within the depths of the ocean, you will find a stronghold, talk about rarities. But of course, there is more, if you sail a few chunks from the village you will be able to find a second Ocean Village, but this time it will be a haunted village that holds the ruins of an abandoned nether portal. · Unique Views and landscapes 

Beauty points

· Easy nether access

· great for gathering resources

· Close to the End portal 


Well now that you know which are the 15 most beautiful Seeds in Minecraft, you can be ready to choose which one you would like to create your world in, or you can also try doing it randomly and see what you get, with so many options out there who knows, maybe you could find a seed as beautiful and unique as the ones on our list. 

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