Minecraft: How to AFK Fish

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Check out this hack that makes fishing so easy, you could do it with both hands tied behind your back!

Minecraft: How to AFK Fish


Check out this handy video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoSh5CQu7zs

Video by: Carbon Gaming

Fishing is one of the most lucrative exploits in Minecraft. You can catch fish, of course, which double as food and as pet bait, but you can also catch all sorts of valuable treasure, like enchanted books, bows, and name tags. So, indeed, lucrative - but, sadly, inefficient. It can take ages to fish up that Silk Touch book you’ve been looking everywhere. Unless… there was a way to do it without touching your keyboard at all!

  • Now, assuming you’re prepared to AFK for a while, let’s build the machine, shall we? The tools you’ll need are two Chests, one Hopper, one Fence, one Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate, one Water Bucket, one Note Block, and one Iron Trap Door.
    • Dig two blocks out of the ground side-by-side
    • Place down a Double Chest using your two wooden Chests. Dig another block out next to this Double Chest, where you will place your Hopper. Holding shift (crouch), place your Fence post on top of the Hopper.
    • Dig another block out, next to the Hopper. You should have four blocks in your inventory now, that were picked up from digging.
      • You can use one of these blocks later, on top of the Note Block. 
    • Take out your Water Bucket and hold shift to empty it on top of the Hopper.
    • Place your Note Block next to the hole the water should be flowing into.
    • Place one of those extra blocks on top of the Note Block, as mentioned earlier, and use it to place your Iron Trap Door so that it’s hovering over the hole the water is flowing into. 
  • Now, you can use the AFK fishing mechanism by standing on the Chest and facing the Note Block. Aim for the Note Block with your crosshairs and cast the line of your Fishing Pole onto the Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate. It should automatically repeatedly cast your line every time you catch a fish - or something else!
  • By the time you return, your Double Chest should be full of fish and loot.

I’m really looking forward to trying out this hack on my own! We’ll see you around, and happy gaming!

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