Minecraft Best Texture Packs For A New Experience

Yeah, the game really can look this good with some texture packs!

Minecraft Texture Packs That Change The Game Completely

I don't know about you, but I enjoy a texture pack that gives the game a completely different aura and atmosphere. Today, we will be looking at which texture packs with this aims manages it the best.

We have realistic looking texture packs, HD remakes, and amazing texture packs with their own art style and overall, I think you will be enjoying all of these hand-picked packs.


10. Excalibur

The Excalibur resource pack has been created in a way that makes every medieval build come to life. Everything has that medieval fantasy game vibe to it. Almost every single texture in the game gets changed by the resource pack to create a world with that beautiful middle age aesthetic.

Honestly, if you like building medieval and middle-age builds, this is a great resource pack to use. Whenever I go into a village; I feel like the villagers are going to give me side-quests from how cool the resource pack looks. Definitely worth a shot!

How Excalibur makes things better:

  • It helps make everything more medieval and overall, creates a fantasy setting.
  • It has random mobs if you also have Optifine installed with lots of different variants for how mobs look.
  • It also has 3D block improvements that make the game even more immersive and enjoyable.

Get the mod here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/excalibur


9. Optimum Realism

You can’t really go wrong with resource packs that aim to make the game look as realistic as possible. Optimum Realism has amazing textures and with over 200 new looks to blocks, you can achieve amazing builds; and overall, it is an amazingly different experience while playing Minecraft with this resource pack.

Compared to other resource packs that aim to make the game as realistic as possible, this resource pack aims to also not completely run over your PC while doing so. Even though you will still need a good PC to run this resource pack, it definitely requires a lot less power to run compared to the other packs; so, that’s a plus.
How Optimum Realism makes things better:

  • It is available all the way to 1.19.2; so, you can enjoy this resource pack with the latest version of Minecraft.
  • It makes the game look as realistic as possible without absolutely destroying your PC.
  • It even has a 2048x version that can even run on a GTX 1050. 
  • It is also available in Bedrock Edition and also Pocket Edition.

Get the mod here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/optimum-realism


8. Faithless

Is someone talking about completely changing how the game looks? Well, I might have found a great example of that. With Faithless, you can expect Minecraft to look like an RPG game with basic but sharp textures and models. 

Honestly, it’s a treat to look at.

The resource pack is absolutely great at giving Minecraft a completely different personality. The resource pack also aims to make Minecraft as accessible as possible for full colorblindness, arachnophobia, trypophobia, hard of hearing and ayslexia. And you know we love every developer that works towards more accessibility; so, huge plus there.
How Faithless makes things better:

  • It makes the game look completely unique and fun to play, giving it a completely new character and personality.
  • It has a lot of different accessibility options so that everyone can enjoy the game.
  • It is available all the way up to 1.19.2, which is always great to hear.

Get the mod here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/faithless


7. Bare Bones

Bare Bones, as a resource pack, might look like it doesn’t change that much from the original game; well, at a first glance, at least. However, playing Minecraft with this resource pack proves that a small change to make the textures in the game much more simplified changes the feel of the game completely.

Bare Bones, as the name suggests, makes everything more simplistic and easier to look at, with clear colors and models. 

The resource pack brings something akin to peacefulness into the game world, or something like that, it’s hard to explain.
How Bare Bones makes things better:

  • The resource pack is available for 1.19; so, you can explore the new caves that came with the newest updates in their minimalistic, bare bones form.
  • As the Minecraft world is much more bare bones with this resource pack, everything is more colorful and vibrant all around.
  • Building with this resource pack is really fun and especially making pixel art is great, since the textures are usually only one color or variation of a single color.

Get the mod here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/bb


6. Brixel

This resource pack is a great one to look at. Once you realize that everything is basically made out of LEGO bricks, it’s definitely a brain-melter. 

Now, whenever someone tells me about a resource pack like this, I always think that it will probably look terrible or be really gimmicky; however, this is not the case for Brixel. Everything looks like they were actually made out of bricks with the textures not being repetitive or gimmicky. 

For builders out there who want a different style to work with, or for players of all kinds who are looking to change the feel of the game completely, this is definitely a good resource pack.
How Brixel makes things better:

  • It turns everything into LEGO bricks and completely changes the look of the game.
  • The resource pack is available all the way up to 1024x fidelity; so, the textures are sharp and intricately created. They are simply amazing to look at.
  • It also is available for 1.19.2. You can enjoy this resource pack with the newest version of Minecraft.

Get the mod here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/brixel

5. Yuushya

This resource pack is one of the resource packs that made me realize how far Minecraft came since I started playing it. Back then, you would change a few textures with another art style and call it a day; but today, they are basically adding new items to the game. That’s also the case with this resource pack.

Yusshya gives the game a different feel with more immersive lightning and more realistic textures that, again, gives the game more of a medieval, middle-age touch. But it doesn’t end there. The resource pack also adds 60 different decoration blocks spanning from lamp posts to bicycles. Absolutely incredible!

These additions add a lot of different ways to play around with different builds and with a unique and cool-looking texture pack on top, this is one of the better resource packs I’ve tried before.
How Yuushya makes things better:

  • It adds cool textures that make the game feel more immersive and fresher.
  • Not only that, but it also adds new items like new furniture and similar blocks to help enrich your builds and bases.
  • Available all the way up to 1.19.1, you can enjoy this resource pack with one of the latest versions of the base game.

Get the mod here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/yuushya-16x


4. Reimagined

What does the name tell us for this resource pack? Well, it tells us that the way the game looks, not only textures, have been reimagined and recreated in a different way. The main purpose of this pack is to make the world of Minecraft as immersive as possible by changing things, especially animations.

The animations look absolutely amazing and don’t look like they are repeating themselves all the time, like how some animations in the base game is, if looked at carefully. They look alive, especially the torches. Oh yeah, the torches look absolutely amazing.
How Reimagined makes things better:

  • It adds new animations that create more immersion.
  • It is available all the way to 1.19.2; so, you can enjoy this resource pack with the latest version of Minecraft.
  • It is also recommended to play the resource pack with Fresh Animations, Dark GUI, White Colorman Fix, Night Panorama, Reimagined 3D+, and Bushy Leaves Enabler addons to get the full experience with this resource pack.

Get the mod here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/minecraft-reimagined


3. Misa's Realistic

This is an old texture pack that is still going strong in 1.19.2. The resource pack changes a lot of textures the way that the old texture packs used to change them: by almost completely changing the art style. 

One of the most known things old texture packs used to do was to go for realism but without the new freedom found with the concept of resource packs (rather than texture packs), they couldn’t do the photorealistic textures; so, they went realistic with a style, and this resource pack definitely resonates that. It has those cool textures that look realistic but also artful. Definitely worth a try, especially for the veterans of the game who like that old school texture pack.
How Misa's Realistic makes things better:

  • With more than a decade of production, the resource pack is still available for the newest version of Minecraft, no problem.
  • It goes for realism and immersion without going for spotless photorealism. 
  • It’s also compatible with shaders and supports connected textures, random mobs, custom models, and so on.

Get the mod here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/misas-realistic


2. Unity

While this resource pack tries to stay faithful to the original game and its textures, it definitely changes up the feel quite a lot. There is now a lot more color in the textures and everything is just a little bit nicer to look at, in addition to be being higher quality.

Overall, the game is more vibrant and creating big and ambitious builds that connect with the natural world around them seems to be much easier and more impressive with this resource pack. Definitely worth a try for the builders, but also for casual builders. There is also a lot of mod support for this resource pack, working with a lot of different mods and modpacks.
How Unity makes things better:

  • The resource pack is available for 1.19.2. Yeah, you know it!
  • It adds more color and vibrancy to the game, along with sharper textures and a whole different atmosphere to the game overall.
  • Also works together with a lot of different mods.
  • It also has a dark version with a dark GUI, for those who want a dark mode for their game like the one they have for different websites and apps.

Get the mod here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/unity


1. MYTHIC - A Pixel Art Journey

If you are looking to change the feel and art style of the game completely while also creating an amazing and fresh experience, this is the resource pack you are looking for. With a lot more focus on making the pixel art in the game akin to other RPG games with pixel art, this resource pack definitely changes up the game a whole lot.

Also available in Bedrock Edition, this resource pack creates a new feeling of adventure inside vanilla Minecraft. The interior of buildings feel a lot cozier or a lot creepier, depending on what and how you are building. Overall, the immersion is definitely there. 

If you are looking to step up your game to a different genre entirely, this is definitely the resource pack for you. Also, for builders and people who want to play or create something like an RPG, there is nothing better around, in my opinion of course.
How MYTHIC - A Pixel Art Journey makes things better:

  • The resource pack features amazing pixel art that makes Minecraft feel like a great looking RPG game.
  • Available all the way up to 1.19.2, the new mechanics, mobs, and other things in the game with the newest versions are also available in their MYTHIC versions.
  • The resource pack is also available in Bedrock Version.
  • There are two additional addons called Faithful Tools and Gingerbread Tools that can also add even more to your game.

Get the mod here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/mythic-a-pixel-art-jo...

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