[Top 15] Minecraft Cave Seeds That Are Fun!

Mine down for all the ores!

Minecraft cave seeds are seeds that have any kind of underground cave in them. These, in my opinion, are the ideal seeds for a bit of fun. They bring out so many resources and provide an enjoyable experience because of the rich cave biomes, Deep Dark, mineshafts, and the enormous diversity of ore you can find. Dive on into these top 15 Minecraft cave seeds!


1. Jungle Cave (7180157851369889166)

Slide on down for some ore!

Starting with a deep cave in the jungle, you spawn right above it. You can gently fall down the waterfall to make your way to the bottom for dripstone. This cave has many ore veins to provide some great beginning needs. It’s also spawned right next to a village to help you trade as needed.


2. Underwater Cave System (4981516925953961499)

This cave is under the sea!

Make sure to bring your night vision and water-breathing potions! Spawn in a nearby forest and swim your way to this hidden cavern. Many features include magma blocks, glow squid, and plentiful ores. This cave system provides a challenge to those who are bored of traditional, air-filled caves. Hold your breath!


3. Farlands Hidden Caves (-992714597311471801)

These caves maze through the island!

It took me a minute to find this cave. Beware, you spawn on the edge of a cliff! After finding your way through the farlands, you will find yourself at one entrance of many to this connected cave system. Finding a way in one end, out the other, and directly into another tunnel is certainly one way to get lost in exploration in this cave system (174, -276). Like a maze, lose yourself in this cave system!


4. Lonely Lush Cave (-904660575148047233)

Look at this stunning natural island!

This lush cave system is perfect for seclusion. This mountain is the only land mass for a while in this seed. You spawn on it and directly below you is a lush cave filled with ores and such. The only challenge will be the floor of water in some of the caves.


5. Incredible Lush Cave System Seed (7977544644511621768)

This one goes forever!

This cave system was found by a Reddit user who ran through and mapped most of this lush cave system. Found at X:-734, Y: 73, Z: 87, this system features much beauty and adventure with its many lush twists and turns.


6. Earth Hole Caves (340883181811974)

Take a dive and find some ore!

This seed reminds me vaguely of “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. You spawn on the edge of this giant hole. I would say that this seed is for the daring. From the looks of it, once you jump in if you're in survival, you’re stuck until you can build your way out. This seed features an insane amount of lush caves, regular caves, layered caves, and just an abyss of a cave system. 


7. Layered Dripstone Cave (958475346566062845)

The layers are so pretty!

Originally I had gone into this seed for the alleged lush cave (X:-150 Z:-700) that’s there. However, within the chunk, I spawned in, I found this insanely layered dripstone cave coupled with another deep dive right next to it. This seed is definitely for cave dwellers.


8. Meteor Showered Caves (-2084759484)

The sky fell to make this cave!

This seed featured random, steep caves. This one, located just over the mountain you spawn at, and past the nearby village, goes deep into the land. There have also been reports of other similar caves in the seeds, one right next to another village. This seed would be unique for a meteor shower storyline.


9. Hobbit Hole Cave (-1695166490)

Easy to build on!

This seed features a hobbit house-like cave (106, 187). It’s in the middle of multiple biomes so the resources are here if needed. The cave slides down to the water below. This spot would make a great place for a hobbit house-inspired build.


10. INSANE Cavern Seed (1870652620)

Be careful where you step!

Beware! You spawn on a black on the edge of a pit. You will need to shift back some to avoid the water that will cascade onto you in a matter of seconds. This seed is insane. You start already in this cavern system. The caverns are underneath a vast badlands biome adjacent to the ocean, which pours into the cavern. I guarantee you will happily get lost in this seed.


11. Ravine Village (-2411962888717872099)

A village in a cave!

This seed is for thee headstrong and determined. The spawn is incredibly far from this cave (1001654, 15, 1001117). However, it is a sight to see. You will journey far and wide to get to see this place, but for those who love the weird, it's so worth it.


12. Mountainside Dripstone Cave (-1557631284)

Community and resources!

This community is located at (-165, 80, 390) in front of a dripstone cave. Even though it will take some distance for you to reach there, the cave and the village's interesting features make the trip worthwhile. As you illuminate the locations and continue your exploration, take pleasure in the villagers' praise for your victory over the hordes that used to terrorize their homes.


13. Lava Deep Dark (5752666048925918564)

Light and dark aesthetic, so cool!

This cave system is a stunning discovery. You'll encounter a Deep Dark biome that isn't all that dark by going through a series of caves at (1998, -44, 3689). Lava pools cover the bottom of the caves that lead to an old city. It's amazing to see how light contrasts with the dark aesthetic.


14. Shaft and Ancient City Glitch (4189766944005904899)

Jump away from the Warden on the mineshaft!

This seed has an ancient city with a mineshaft cutting through it at (189, -27, 179). You may just have to fight common gangs and the Warden, and yet the hazard might be worth it for the treasure you discover within. Here, you will find treasure and adventure.


15. Spiraling Mineshaft Cave (4189766944005904899)

Spiral deep into the dark!

I wandered inside a wonderful cave that was adjacent to spawn on the seed for number #14. The mineshaft-like cave descended sharply spiraling around. If you're going to the mineshaft or another Deep Dark place, this might be the best place to recharge before taking on the more difficult journey.


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