[Top 15] Best Minecraft Enchantment Mods That Are Fun

Best Minecraft Enchantment Mods
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Top 15 Best Minecraft Enchantment Mods

Depending on your playstyle, being able to enchant tools and armor may or may not be a highly anticipated part of playing Minecraft. Regardless, the option of enchantment abilities is a favored addition by most gamers. Though the vanilla version of Minecraft has several enchantment options available, there are many fans who have created enchantment modifications, or mods, to use within the game, adding to the vanilla enchantments or creating completely new ones. We have arranged a list of the 15 best enchantment mods that are fun to play with in Minecraft! Each mod is given a short description, and what we think makes the mod fun is briefly discussed.

15- Unique Enchantments

A vanilla-friendly mod, Unique Enchantments consists of nearly completely customizable enchantments to improve players' combat and quality of life with changes to the tools, armor, weapons, and even curses. The effects range from increasing your damage while low in health, to restoring health by wearing an enchanted chest plate.

A Base mod is needed in order for the Unique Enchantments to be functional. It can also be used with other mods and has a group of add-on mods. Currently, it is available for the 1.16 game version as a Forge mod and has been translated into German, Russian, and French. There is specific information about how to customize each enchantment in the wiki.

Why Unique Enchantments is fun:

  • Climate Tranquility mod: Your weapon damage effect depends on the biome temperature. Example: In the hot biome, the attack speeds up, while in the cold biome the target is burned.
  • Fast Food: When using weapons, passive creatures and animals replenish the hunger bar without dropping anything. It’s great for when there’s a limited number of animals to farm.
  • Momentum: Your speed per block increases as you mine and level up. You can mine more quickly as a result, and you'll get to the diamonds more quickly.

Get the mod here.


14- Extra Enchantments and Curses

Just as the name states, this mod is full of extra enchantments and curses to add to your Minecraft experience. You can enchant weapons, tools, and armor, and curse your armor to give yourself that extra edge. Included in this mod are 19 enchantments and 8 curses.

Currently, it is available for 1.18 and 1.19 game versions as a Fabric mod only. It also supports another mod, Enchantment Descriptions which is mentioned below.

Why Extra Enchantments and Curses is fun:

  • Enigma Resonator: Based on the number of hearts a player has there is a high chance to deal more damage. Players are advised to keep their heart levels up!
  • Health for Blood: Based on the highest amount of health a mob has during an attack, the player gets healed the same amount. 
  • Curse of Zeus: Players get struck by lightning if they’re hit by a mod while it’s raining. You will be in for a shocker (pun intended).

Get the mod here.


13- Majrusz's Wonderful Enchantments

Created by and named after user Majrusz, Wonderful Enchantments is a Forge mod that adds enchantments to make players’ tools, weapons, and armor stronger. Curses are included and they are all customizable.

This mod requires a Majrusz library mod in order to work. Currently, it is available for the 1.19.2 game version and like the previous mod, supports the Enchantment Descriptions mod. It has been translated into multiple languages such as Russian, Korean, Spanish, and French.

Why Majrusz’s Wonderful Enchantments is fun:

  • Frost Rider enchantment: This enchantment works just like the Frost Walker enchantment but for horses. When a horse walks over water it creates frosted ice blocks.
  • Harvester enchantment: A hoe tool enchantment, players can auto-plant and till every 3x3 block area. Makes for faster and easier farming.
  • Dodge enchantment: This armor enhancement affects legging durability, giving a 12.5% chance to avoid damage per enchantment level. 

Get the mod here.


12- So Many Enchantments

This mod has enchantments that add to the original vanilla Minecraft enchantments as well as many new ones. Some enchantments have added benefits for players, such as Blessed Edge, which simultaneously heals the player while dealing damage to hostile mobs. Other enchantments have a cursed element to them, like Unpredictable, where the type of damage is literally unpredictable, either healing mobs or dealing damage.

It is available for 1.12 and 1.18 game versions and further information can be found through a spreadsheet in the link below. It is currently only a Fabric mod pack.

Why So Many Enchantments is fun:

  • Penetrating Edge: Using this enchantment with axes, increases the damage to mobs with more armor they have on.
  • Water Aspect: Enchanting main weapons, this enchantment deals extra damage to fiery mobs and Endermen. A bonus if it’s raining or the player is wet from water, as it deals even more damage. If the burning mob is also soaked there is a chance to put it out.
  • Extreme Smite: One of the additions to Vanilla enchantments, this one inflicts extra damage and applies weakness to undead mobs. 

Get the mod here.


11- Leap

Simply named Leap, this enchantment mod lets players double jump anytime they are moving downward. Only applicable with boots, this enchantment can be found in chests, taken from librarian villagers, or through fishing as loot.

This mod has been translated into Russian, Taiwanese Chinese, Chinese, and Korean. It is a Forge mod and is currently available for game versions 1.17, 1. 18, and 1.19.

Why Leap is fun:

  • It can be used to jump over rivers and quickly over larger bodies of water.
  • Running away from hostile mobs is easier to do, especially pesky skeletons.
  • You can safely get across unexpected ravines and areas with lava.

Get the mod here.


10- Qu Enchantments

Creator QueADV has put their own twist on the enchantments designed for this mod. There are 18 normal and corrupted enchantments, 1 curse, and 1 item that can be enchanted for passive effects included. They range from weapon and armor upgrades to runes and even horse armor enchantments.

This Fabric mod is currently available for 1.18 and 1.19 game versions.

Why Qu Enchantments is fun:

  • Bashing Enchantment: When guarding with shields, attackers are knocked back a bit.
  • Curse of Agitation: Players wearing this curse will attract hostile mobs. Can use this to test players' skills.
  • Strip Miner: As it’s named, this enchantment is placed on mining tools and creates clear paths around a destroyed block. However, since it is a corrupted enchantment, the blocks don’t drop anything.

Get the mod here.


9- Spellbound Enchantments

With this mod, players have access to over 30 enchantments for their tools, armor, and weapons. It will provide players with a lot of entertainment because of its wide range. The best enchantments can be chosen based on the type of damage to inflict on hostile creatures or the armor protection most suited to the gameplay style.

It is currently available for 1.17, 1.18, and 1.19 game versions.

Why Spellbound Enchantments is fun:

  • Trophy Collector: This enchantment is applied on bows and swords, and with every kill, it increases in power.
  • Spikes: Used on armor pieces, when worn this enchantment hurts anyone who gets close to the wearer. This makes it handy when dealing with unexpected zombie spawns.
  • Photosynthetic: A repair enchantment, it uses light to restore itself over time on all breakable items. 

Get the mod here.


8- Fabric Enchantments

Fabric users will find this mod useful for enchantments as new ones are added with every update release. Currently, there are over 20 enchantments included for weapons, armor, and tools. The mod can be customized with the option to disable each enchantment separately and change the ability durations.

This mod is available for 1.17, 1.18, and 1.19 game versions and has been translated into Korean, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Vietnamese, and Ukrainian.

Why Fabric Enchantments is fun:

  • Nocturnal: Enchanted helmets give players a moment of invisibility when hit at night.
  • Charged Bolt: Players have a 30% chance to strike mobs with lightning when using crossbows.
  • Replenish: Used with hoes, crops are replanted when broken.

Get the mod here.


7- Flowing Agony

Created by Marblegates, the Exotic Enchantment: Flowing Agony mod brings over 50 new enchantments to Minecraft. Most enchantments have positive effects, like mobs taking damage for you. Other enchantments bring a layer of negative effects, such as players increasing their experience while simultaneously decreasing their attack damage. There is a wiki page that gives detailed information about each enchantment.

You can disable collecting some enchantments using this mod, which is largely configurable.. It is recommended to use this mod with the Enchantment Description mod, which will be discussed below. This Forge mod is currently available for the 1.18.2 game version.

Why Flowing Agony is fun:

  • Resentful Soul: This enchantment stops players from dying if the mob who attacked them is still close by.
  • Morir's Deathwish: Items with this enchantment restore durability points with every damage point taken.
  • Shadowborn: Depending on the light levels, this enchantment either gives players night vision or protects them from blindness.

Get the mod here.


6- More Vanilla Enchantments

This mod adds to the vanilla version of Minecraft by enhancing enchantments with the addition of new enchantment books to discover. There are 7 add-ons in total to enhance players’ armor and tools, as well as different structures to check out and loot from. These structures are mysterious cemeteries that are scattered around. Once found, there are a few steps to follow in order to collect the books. A different kind of enchantment table needs to be created so that the new enchantment books can be used. 

This Pocket Edition mod is available for the 1.18 game version. 

Why More Vanilla Enchantments is fun:

  • Forgefire: Enchanting pickaxes and shovels with this cause blocks of certain materials to melt and turn into the coked version of itself. For example, iron, copper, and gold turn into bars. It’s highly convenient and doesn’t require a stove and coal for cooking.
  • Sweeping Edge: This enchants swords, allowing players to strike down several mobs with one sweep. Good for moments when a horde of zombies or spiders arrives.
  • Campus Stellae: This enchantment is for helmets, providing a powerful light to follow players. Miners and nighttime explorers would benefit from this one.

Get the mod here.


5- Living Enchantments

This mod does one thing: it adds one enchantment to the game. This is the Living enchantment, where tools, weapons, and armor get stronger with use, and they also gain personalities like laziness and glitchy. The items get stronger by leveling up in small amounts with experience points. The enchantment can be found by fishing and looting spawned chests.

This mod is very customizable, with lots of options to change up the leveling-up range. It is a Forge mod and is available for 1.12 and 1.13 game versions It also has been translated into Chinese.

Why Living Enchantments is fun:

  • Each Living enchantment with a personality reacts to events the way you’d expect a person with the same personality to react.
  • You can edit and add your own personalities to items.
  • This mod works with items from other mods that return a proper tool class set.

Get the mod here.


4- Dark Enchanting

This mod makes the enchanting process easier to manage by introducing the Dark Enchanter. The Dark Enchanter is a craftable item made with a vanilla enchantment table, gold bars, emeralds, and crying obsidian. It helps players customize items by deciding the types of enchantments they want and calculating the experience cost based on XP points. It can also be used to repair items. 

This is a Fabric mod and is available for 1.18 and 1.19 game versions.

Why Dark Enchanting is fun:

  • Adding bookshelves around the Enchanter gives players a discount for the enchantments.
  • Players can enchant without having to rely on luck for their items.
  • It’s an all-in-one enchantment and repair table.

Get the mod here.


3- Vein Mining

This mod adds to the vanilla version of Minecraft by allowing players to enchant their pickaxes with the Veining enchantment. It is used while mining veins of coal, iron, and other ores, destroying the whole vein in one go.

This is both a Forge mod and a Fabric mod and is currently available for 1.17, 1.18, and 1.19 game versions.

Why Vein Mining is fun

  • Mining for materials is easier and players can collect materials without removing entire areas.
  • It’s a quick and efficient way to mine.
  • It is customizable, with players able to choose how the mod behaves, such as enchanting other tools or destroying entire trees.

Get the mod here.


2- Enchantment Descriptions

This mod is a great addition to the vanilla enchantments by providing a description for each available enchantment in the tooltips of enchanted books. Players will now be able to understand the enchantment effects and decide which ones they want. This mod can also be used with other modded enchantments and new descriptions can be added as well. 

This is available as a Forge mod and a Fabric mod in 1.18 and 1.19 game versions. It has been translated into multiple languages,

Why Enchantment Descriptions is fun:

  • This is great for Minecraft newbies to have all the information for each enchantment type.
  • It can be used in all game modes, particularly survival.
  • Using it saves time and effort searching for the right enchantments.

Get the mod here.


1- Raiyon's More Enchantments

Raiyon’s More Enchantments mod adds over 15 new enchantments to upgrade the function of armor, tools, and weapons. They range from protection enchantments to player quality-of-life improvements. The enchantments can be bought from villagers and crafted through a Netherite enchantment table. A Smithing table is needed to enchant items with the enchantments.

It is a Minecraft Pocket Edition mod and currently is available for the 1.17, 1.18, and 1.19 game versions.

Why More Enchantments is fun:

  • Area Hit: Enchanting swords with this deals damage to any and all nearby mobs when hitting. 
  • Sculk Eyes: A helmet enchantment that gives players night vision.
  • Health Increase: Chestplates enchanted with this adds health by 5 per level.

Get the mod here.

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