Top 5 Best Minecraft Modpacks

Best Minecraft Modpacks
"Flop like a fish" over these great Minecraft modpacks

5. Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved

Infinity Evolved Guide Video

This pack is very simple, easy to use, and a great starter pack for someone who is new to mods. It is created with both quests, and two other mods built in. You can easily go from normal or expert mode by using this code: ( /ftb_mode ). It is filled with adventure, and a guide book to help you play this mod.

Get mod here-

In game shot of Infinity Evolved Modpack.

4. Hexitt Pack

Hexitt pack play through and review.

If you are looking for a modpack filled with fun and adventure, this is the place to start. Most popular are the Dungeons and Dragons inside this mod. Other fun activities are long and challenging quests that will keep you entertained longer than most modpacks. 

Get the mod here -

In game shot of the Hexitt Pack.

Number 3. Sevtech: Ages

Sevtech: Ages introduction video.

This modpack grows with you as you gain new advancements to grow as a higher age. While fighting monsters and creating new potions along the way, it brings a new light to Minecraft.

Get the mod pack here -

In game shot of the Sevtech: Ages modpack.

2. Stone Block

Stone Block download and install.

Giving a change to other mods, and Minecraft, the stone block modpack is a world of stone blocks. The goal is to go on quests to creat simple, and complex items.

Get the mod here -

In game shot of the Stone Block modpack.

1. All the Mods 3

All the Mods 3 video guide

Hands down the most popular modpack to play is All the Mods 3. Created with a balance of well-know and less popular mods. There are 300 different mods inside this pack.

One handy mod included is a book that opens guides to all the mods inside All the Mods 3. This pack is designed to be as big as your imagination. Bringing both endless possibilities, and freedoms in the game.

Get the mod here -

In game shot of All the Mods 3 pack.

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