[Top 10] Minecraft Biggest Castle Designs That Are Awesome

Minecraft Biggest Castle Designs That Are Awesome
Every king needs a castle!

Which are the biggest castle designs in Minecraft?

One of the best types of structures that blend with the world of Minecraft is castles, whether it's medieval castles or any other type of castle you can never go wrong decorating your world with one of the castles on our list of the top 10 biggest castles designs that are awesome.


10. Simple castle

This castle is not meant to be a challenge, it really is just to have something to start with; the point of this castle is to be “simple” but still great looking. Simple castles can come in many shapes and sizes and it's up to the player's imagination to decide. Just remember that a castle should have a big wall to protect your belongings and to keep the bad mobs outside.

What's great about “Simple castle”:

  • Simple to make but useful 
  • Perfect for starting your adventure
  • Enhances creativity


9. Japanese castle:

This castle is a bit more complicated, but if done right it may be one of the most beautiful castles. The main point is to inspire yourself from the ancient Japanese culture, using the sliding doors and the curved ceilings that just make these types of castles some of the most beautiful ones in the world.

What's great about “Japanese castle”:

  • Building it offers a great challenge
  • Beautiful castle to gaze at after building
  • Inspired by the Japanese culture


8. Steampunk castle

This castle lets the player explore its creativity, since you have to be creative enough to make something new but based on something that looks old, it's a combination between future and past and if done right you can expect something out of this world.

What's great about “Steampunk castle”:

  • It offers the player a challenge to build
  • Look very cool and has a great vibe 
  • Fun to build and to explore 


7. Haunted castle


This castle is quite a load of fun to build, but not one you would like to get stuck in, in the middle of the night! The point is to make it look as old and worn out as possible, so it seems like it was abandoned a long time ago; it must also be dark and creepy so it gives out this haunted atmosphere to whoever enters your castle; you may also need to add a few hostile mobs and booby traps to warn any unwanted player to think twice before venturing into the depths of your castle!

What's great about “Haunted castle”:

  • Fun building experience to enhance your creativity
  • Scary horror movie-like experience 
  • Great for exploring with your friends and have a great time


6. Futuristic castle

For some reason whenever someone travels to the future in any movie or TV show, most of the time everything is very shiny and white, that is exactly what you want to replicate with this castle. The point is to make it as crazy and futuristic as possible so it gives out the idea that you traveled into the future when entering your realm.

What's great about “Futuristic castle”:

  • Fun and challenging to build
  • Looks very cool 
  • "Futuristic"


5. Modern castle

Unlike the futuristic castle, the “Mode castle” must be minimalistic and modern, using simple blocks with wooden floors and white walls or neutral colors, this castle can be big or small, and more than a castle it should resemble more to a mansion.

What's great about “Modern Castle”:

  • Fun to build and satisfying
  • Very simple and minimalistic
  • Very eye-catching and visually astonishing


4. Dracula castle

This castle is not only incredible to look at but is also a great challenge to build since you have to replicate it instead of building it using your imagination, this castle is not for amateurs, this is a build only the pro players should take on

What's great about “Dracula's castle”:

  • Inspired by a real castle, with a horrific atmosphere
  • Offers a great building challenge to the players 
  • Very beautiful castle to build and explore


3. Medival castle:

When you think of castles probably the first thing that comes to your mind is huge fortresses made of stone with huge pillars and towers surrounded by water and a drop-down bridge; well, of course, these are medieval castles, which seem to be one of the most popular castles to build in Minecraft. This is probably due to its size and shape which seem to blend in perfectly with the survival experience of Minecraft.

What's great about “Medival castle”:

  • Fun to build and to help enhance your creativity
  • Perfect for protecting your survival world 
  • Can be as big as the player wants 


2. Gothic castle:

Here is another iconic kind of castle, but this castle tends to be taller and darker and full of spikes and stained glass, this kind of castle blends perfectly with Minecraft's environment and will look very cool next to a village in your survival world.

What's great about “Gothic castle”:

  • Looks very cool and blends perfectly with Minecraft´s atmosphere
  • Fun to build 
  • Offers a great challenge to the player


1. Falcons Rock

This castle is not only huge, a great challenge, and inspired by real-life; falcons rock is a combination of 9 different castles and 7 villages which are inspired by Germany in the Medival times, this castle can be downloaded from the internet and offers the player a great world to explore.

What's great about “Falcons rock”:

  • Very realistic experience to take on
  • Fun to explore with your friends 
  • Very immersive and full adventures and quests 

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