Minecraft: How to Build a House

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Here are a few easy tips to turn your hut into a home!

Minecraft: How to Build a House


Check out this handy video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwkllWjedY8

Video by: Zaypixel

Building a house is one of the most fun and relaxing things to do in Minecraft. Experimenting with architecture and playing around to see what looks good is a really nice way to get creative and learn new things. There are all kinds of houses you can build, ranging from simplistic to masterpieces. If you’re new to the game and don’t know where to start, above is a tutorial for a nice starter home (by the talented Zaypixel) and below is a quick guide on house-making tips that can help you master the basics to create your own dream home in Minecraft.

  • Every house needs walls, a roof, and a door, to keep the monsters out. Windows are not required but are helpful: if you’re up all night working on something, you can easily peek outside to see if the sun has risen and it’s safe to go out.
    • You can build walls out of simple blocks, like Wooden Planks, Cobblestone, or Sandstone - but technically, you could use any material you like! 
    • You can build a roof out of a combination of simple blocks, slabs, and stairs. You can craft slabs and stairs using a Crafting Table - slabs are made by placing 3 simple blocks along the bottom of the crafting grid, and stairs are made by placing 3 simple blocks diagonally from the top left to the bottom right and then filling in the L shape in the bottom left with more of the same simple blocks. You can also easily cut slabs and stairs from stone-type simple blocks using a Stonecutter - my favorite house-building tool!
    • You can craft a door with 6 Wooden Planks or 6 Iron Ingots. This makes 3 Wooden Doors or 3 Iron Doors, respectively. 
      • Iron Doors are sturdier than Wooden Doors, but you need a button, lever, or pressure plate to open them.
      • When placing a door, the game will always place the door on the side of the block that is closest to you, so if you’d like your door to be situated a certain depth into your walls, keep this in mind. Experiment with placing them from different angles.
  • Once the structure is built, you can fill it with tools and furnishings. The most important ones are a Crafting Table, a Furnace, a Bed, and a Chest.
    • You can decorate with Bookshelves and Paintings, and you can experiment with different blocks to create chairs, couches, and tables.
    • You can also place Flower Pots with various plants around to add color and life! My favorite is the Azure Bluet.
  • As a reminder, you need at least 2 blocks of vertical space for your character to be able to walk around inside your house.
  • You can add extra rooms for storage space, indoor farms, or Enchanting Libraries.

And that’s it - those are all the most important basics. You can try all of these tips and design ideas when you check out Zaypixel’s awesome tutorial. We’ll see you around - and happy gaming!

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