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Minecraft is a great single-player game, but it’s even more fun with friends! Starting a Minecraft server with your friends can be an incredibly fun experience, especially if your interested in testing your combat skills in PvP. Unfortunately, vanilla Minecraft PvP can get a bit stale after a while. So this article will take you through the best mods for the best PvP experience!

15. Damage Indicators

While pretty simple, Damage Indicators is a fantastic utility mod that can give you some much-needed information while fighting your friends

How Damage Indicators Makes the Game Fun:

  • Gives you a HUD that tells you the max health that an entity has and how much health they are missing. This is great for PvP because you can see how close you are to killing them, information that could impact your next move
  • Also tells you how much damage you deal with each swing, so you can get a feel for how fast or slow it will take to defeat your opponent

Get Damage Indicators Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/damage-indicators-mod

14. 5zig

Another great utility mod, 5zig is more so geared towards making the overall experience of playing with your friends easier and better

How 5zig Makes the Game Fun:

  • Gives you a HUD that displays ping, FPS, and sever status among several other pieces of useful information
  • Also adds in a lot of quality of life fixes that make it easier to set up servers, communicate with friends, and increased Discord compatibility

Get 5zig Here: https://5zigreborn.eu/

13. LabyMod

LabyMod was specifically designed for a PvP setting with friends and adds in a variety of things to make everything more streamlined

How LabyMod Makes the Game Fun:

  • Adds in the option to speak using TeamSpeak, adds in 1.7 animations, and includes a public server list
  • Also adds some really fun cosmetic items so you can fight in style, such as customizable capes, skins, and emotes

Get LabyMod Here: https://www.labymod.net/index

12. Better PvP

As the name would suggest, Better PvP is geared towards helping you out and giving you every advantage during combat

How Better PvP Makes the Game Fun:

  • Adds to the vanilla Minecraft HUD by providing an overlay that more accurately tells you how much damage your taking and how long any of your buffs or debuffs might last
  • Adds in a lot more functionality to things like sprint and sneak, allowing you to trigger the actions without having to press a button. This helps a lot when managing combat, especially sprinting

Get Better PvP Here: https://chocolateminecraft.com/betterpvp2.php

11. Survival Island

This is the perfect mod if you and a friend are looking for a quick and concise way to fight

How Survival Island Makes the Game Fun:

  • Spawns all players in on an isolated island on the sea with minimal resources. This helps facilitate a condensed survival experience that doesn’t take too long at all
  • You can edit the size of the islands you’ll spawn on and the resources you’ll find there to create a fully customizable PvP experience

Get Survival Island Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/fabric-survival-island\

10. Draconic Evolution

This is the mod to use if you’re looking to completely ignore balance and have an overpowered and crazy fight with some friends

How Draconic Evolution Makes the Game Fun:

  • Adds in some super crazy and overpowered items such as armor that makes you borderline invincible and weapons that can three-shot the Ender Dragon. It’s far from balanced, but it is fun to fight with a mod that’s so blatantly strong
  • Also includes some other really fun and broken effects, such as being able to supercharge shields and weapons to somehow make them even stronger than they already are

Get Draconic Evolution Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/draconic-evolution

9. Witchery

Witchery is all about magic and includes a plethora of magical combat options that are great for PvP

How Witchery Makes the Game Fun:

  • Allows the player to create a variety of impactful potions, such as potions of ice that spawn huge amounts of snow and ice and potions of fire that turns the environment into a fiery hellscape
  • Like any good witch, you’ll need a familiar to do your bidding. Witchery adds in the ability to create familiars such as winged monkeys that can be ordered to pick up other players and bring them back to a designated location, which is perfect for bringing your foe right into a trap

Get Witchery Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/witchery

8. Lucky Block

This is a great mod for putting a cool spin on the PvP format, allowing for a lot of fun and different situations and outcomes

How Lucky Block Makes the Game Fun:

  • Adds in lucky blocks to the game that has a random effect when opened, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Challenge friends to a PvP battle where you can only use items gotten from these blocks for a fun challenge
  • You can get just about anything from these blocks, so every fight is sure to be different. Diamonds, weapons, spawn eggs, bedrock, the combat possibilities are nearly endless

Get Lucky Block Here: https://www.minecraftmods.com/lucky-block-mod/

7. Pixlemon

Who says PvP has to strictly be between the players? Downloading Pixlemon will allow you and a friend to fight using Pokemon in Minecraft

How Pixlemon Makes the Game Fun:

  • Adds in pretty much every single Pokemon that currently exists, ensuring you can battle your friends with whatever you want
  • Pixlemon does a pretty great job of emulating the Pokemon battling system to ensure that you’ll have a great time

Get Pixlemon Here: https://pixelmonmod.com/

6. Tinkers Construct

There Is no other mod that adds in such a large amount of options when it comes to the different weapons and armor you can use in battle, making for extremely unique and interesting battles

How Tinkers Construct Makes the Game Fun:

  • With hundreds of new equally powerful items to choose from, you’re sure to never get bored of finding the best way to PvP with this mod
  • Tinkers Construct also adds in a lot of new types of weapons to spice thing up even more such as longbows, broadswords, and daggers

Get Tinkers Construct Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/tinkers-construct

5. Avaritia

Avaritia adds in really cool new weapons and amazing new items that can be super impactful in PvP

How Avaritia Makes the Game Fun:

  • Adds in over 30 new weapons and even more armor pieces that have a wild variety of effects such as super speed, super jump boost, and massively increased damage
  • Include some insane new items, such as throwable stars that will create mini black holes where they’re thrown that such up any nearby blocks and players

Get Avaritia Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/avaritia

4. Botania

Like Avaritia, Botania also adds in some cool new gear and items. However, Botania has the edge because it’s balanced a bit better and the effects look great in battle

How Botania Makes the Game Fun: 

  • Adds in unique pieces of gear with effects not seen in many other mods, like a sword that can summon a pixie to fight alongside you in battle
  • Botania also includes some great accessory items such as rings that increase your stats and can give special abilities like being able to summon lightning

Get Botania Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/botania

3. God Weapons

This mod adds in some fantastically splashy new weapons inspired by Greek gods that will make every battle one to remember

  • God Weapons adds in gear that is perfect for PvP. From more utility-based effects like invisibility and flight to strict damage weapons like ones that summon ice or lightning
  • God Weapons also looks impressive, with great models and particles that allow for amazing looking battles between friends

Get God Weapons Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/godweapons

2. Flans 

Flans adds in every modern weapon from real life that you could possibly think of, allowing you and some friends to conduct full-scale wars in Minecraft

How Flans Makes the Game Fun: 

  • Adds in every real-life weapon possible. From every single type of gun to cannons, to flamethrowers, to grenades, you name it Flans has it
  • Also adds in some modern warfare vehicles, like tanks you can drive and fighter pilots that you can fly

Get Flans Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/flans-mod-5-5-2

1. Electroblobs Wizardry

This is the mod you want if you want a fully realized magic battle between wizards, it has everything you could ever want and every spell possible to make an amazingly magical battle

How Electroblobs Wizardry Makes the Game Fun: 

  • Allows you to fully channel the elements into an enormous amount of powerful attacks that can be devastating if leveled up enough
  • Also includes some other big damage spells like arcane missiles and spells that allow you to levitate, heal, and control time itself

Get Electroblobs Wizardry Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/electroblobs-wizardry

PvP against some friends can be an incredibly fun experience, an experience made even more enjoyable when you add in some great mods. I hope this article helped you figure out the mods you want to use to make your next PvP experience even better


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