[Top 10] Minecraft Best Enchantments For Every Item

Minecraft Best Enchantments
Enchantments are the easiest way to level up your favorite tools, just make sure you're choosing the best ones.

It's time to break out the lapis lazuli and upgrade your tools and weapons.


You finally have enough diamonds to craft a diamond tool of every type and a full set of armor. It’s been a long journey to get here, rich in the world of Minecraft you have spent so long on. You stare at the enchanting table in the corner, collecting dust. Regardless of how much lapis lazuli you have now, you want to make sure that every enchantment you cast onto your tools counts. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best enchantments for your materials.

Before getting into the fun stuff, a good thing to mention is that the Unbreaking III enchantment is the best first option for nearly all your tools and armor. Unbreaking III allows you to get the absolute most out of your items. Check out the Unbreaking enchantment details here. With that being said, all of the enchantments aside from Unbreaking III will be included in this list for time’s sake, but don’t forget about it!


10. Shovel

Dirt no longer stands a chance!

Best enchantments for the shovel:

  • Efficiency V - This allows you to mine quicker, so if it is applied to a diamond shovel be prepared to mine at the speed of light. Not literally, but still, it’s very fast. 
  • Mending - The mending enchantment is very powerful and allows you to mend items through the use of your XP.
  • Silk Touch - Silk Touch is good for when you just don’t want to wait for your grass to grow back on its own. Mining grass-covered dirt with Silk Touch gives you grass blocks instead of regular dirt blocks!
  • Fortune III - This enchantment on a shovel is most useful when mining gravel in search of flint. It increases the chance of specific block drops when applicable.


9. Fishing Rod

So this is the meaning of "there's plenty of fish in the sea!"

Best enchantments for the fishing rod: 

  • Luck of the Sea III - This enchantment increases your luck when fishing, meaning you have a better chance of catching treasure and a lower chance of catching junk!
  • Lure III - Lure decreases the wait time for something biting your hook.
  • Mending - You can make a new fishing rod or mend your old one with the Mending enchantment, which uses your XP to repair it!


8. Axe

Transform your regular wood-cutting axe into a powerful battle axe

Best enchantments for axe:

  • Sharpness V or Smite V - These enchantments are not necessary if you're simply planning on chopping down trees. Sharpness V and Smite V increase the amount of damage your weapon does to most mobs.
  • Bane of Arthropods V - Bane of Arthropods is another enchantment that is more useful if you’re on the hunt for mobs. In this case, the enchantment deals extra damage to arthropods which includes bees, endermites, silverfish, and spiders.
  • Efficiency V - Mine your wood logs quicker with this enchantment, which speeds up your mining rate!
  • Mending - If you want your axe to live a long and fulfilling life apply the Mending enchantment to repair it with XP points.
  • Silk Touch - Applying silk touch on an axe is useful for mining beehives, bookshelves, and campfires. It makes it so they do not break apart into separate items to be recrafted, or prevents it from being destroyed altogether.


7. Pickaxe

Ah yes, the tool that truly puts the "mine" in Minecraft

Best enchantments for the pickaxe:

  • Fortune III - This is the crème de la crème for pickaxe enchantments if you are mining specifically for diamonds. Fortune III increases the chance of a mined block dropping up to four times more than the standard one block.
  • Efficiency V - Efficiency V is good on a pickaxe especially if you are trying to dig a tunnel or create space for an underground secret lair by quickening the pace at which you mine stone, ore, and other material.
  • Silk Touch - Say goodbye to smelting cobblestone, because with Silk Touch when you mine stone it stays as stone! It also works on other materials such as ice and more!
  • Mending - It’s hard to let go of some tools. Your trusty pickaxe has been with you through thick and thin. So repair it with the Mending enchantment using XP!


6. Sword

A weapon built to combat even the most worthy foe

Best Enchantments for the sword:

  • Sharpness V, Smite V, or Bane of Arthropods V - These are just so hard to choose from when applying to the sword, so we’ll just group them together. All of these enhancements deal extra damage from regular attacks done to even the most worthy foes. 
  • Mending - Mending is an important enchantment to use to repair your favorite sword after a long night of fending mobs off from your home.
  • Sweeping Edge III - This enchantment increases the damage done by a sweep attack.
  • Looting III - Looting III increases the number of mob drops to three! This is extremely useful when trying to collect ender pearls and begin your journey to the Ender Dragon!
  • Fire Aspect II - This is simply another enchantment that allows you to deal extra damage to your enemies by setting them on fire with a single strike!


5. Crossbow

Use the crossbow to claim superiority over the skeletons...

Best enchantments for the crossbow:

  • Quick Charge III - Quick Charge III allows you to decrease the speed at which you load your crossbow with arrows by up to 0.75 seconds. 
  • Mending - Use this to repair your crossbow with XP points!
  • Multishot - This enchantment makes it so you fire three arrows or firework rockets at the price of one. Can you imagine the number of arrows you’d save?
  • Piercing IV - Piercing IV allows the arrows from a crossbow to pass through mobs and entities up to four times. It also passes through shields unscathed and is still able to be salvaged after use. 


4. Bow 

...Or beat the skeletons at their own game with the regular bow!

Best enchantments for the bow:

  • Power V - This enchantment increases the damage done by arrows. 
  • Infinity - Infinity allows you to shoot unlimited arrows as long as you have at least one arrow in your inventory. This eliminates the chance of running out of arrows mid-battle!
  • Flame - This causes the arrows shot from a bow equipped with Flame to be on fire, and deal fire damage along with the initial damage from the arrow itself. 
  • Punch II - Punch II increases an arrow’s knockback. This is perfect for creepers, so you are able to kill them while keeping yourself a safe distance from a possible explosion.


3. Boots 

No set of armor is complete without a pair of shiny new boots

Best enchantments for the boots:

  • Protection IV - Protect your feet better by applying Protection IV to your boots! Protection increases overall damage reduction.
  • Mending - Repair your armor using your XP points and this enchantment!
  • Feather Falling IV - Boots equipped with Feather Falling reduce the damage done by falling by up to 48% with level IV!
  • Depth Strider III - This enchantment increases the speed at which you move underwater. This is useful if you have ocean ruins you want to explore, or you’re simply too lazy to craft a boat for your water travel.
  • Frost Walker - Frost Walker is another enchantment that helps with water travel. It creates ice blocks when walking over water and even protects against damage when walking over magma blocks or campfires.


2. Chestplate and leggings

Protect yourself from mobs in style

Best enchantments for the chestplate and leggings:

(Chestplate and leggings are grouped together because their best enchantments are essentially the same.)

  • Protection IV or Blast Protection IV -  Protection IV provides extra protection in general, this is best when applied to the leggings. Blast Protection IV reduces the amount of explosion and firework damage the wearer can take. This is especially useful for fighting creepers and is best when applied to the chestplate.
  • Mending - Mending is best for repairing your armor but at the cost of your precious, hard-earned XP points.
  • Thorns III - Inflict immediate payback with this enchantment. Thorns deals damage back onto whatever dealt damage to you and even knocks them back.


1.  Helmet 

Be sure to enchant your helmet for maximum protection

Best enchantments for the helmet:

  • Protection IV - This provides extra protection to your noggin, by increasing the damage reduction of the armor itself.
  • Mending - Clearly one the most useful enchantments, Mending allows you to repair your helmet using XP.
  • Respiration III - Respiration III essentially allows you to breathe underwater for a certain amount of time. For level III you are capable of staying underwater without drowning for up to 45 seconds. 
  • Aqua Affinity - Aqua Affinity remedies one of the most annoying game traits, which is the ridiculously slow mining speed when underwater. Usually, underwater mining takes five times longer than the normal rate, but with Aqua Affinity you mine as if you are on land.
  • Thorns III - When wearing armor enchanted with Thorns, the attacker is damaged when they try to deal damage to you. It also causes knockback.


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