[Top 15] Minecraft Most Useful Items Every Player Needs

Minecraft Most Useful Items Every Player Needs
Here are the most useful items

Which are the most useful items in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a pretty straightforward game, you gather resources, mine ores and fight mobs and that would be just about it in the shallow part, but if you dig or should we say “mine” deeper you will realize that is full of things to do; you can go on adventures across the world, mine for precious ores, fight mobs and bosses amongst other things, but if there is one thing that these quests have in common is that you need certain items to do them, some items are indispensable for this task and without them, it would be impossible to play the game. For this reason, we came up with the top 15 most useful items that every player needs.


15. Potions

Potions are very useful for any player who likes to go on adventures since you can have many types of effects with different potions, they can either be used on the player itself like healing, or they can be used against other mobs like poison; for this reason, we always recommend you have some potions laying around in your inventory.  

Why potions are Great

  • Can be used for many things
  • Useful for your adventure
  • They can heal you or make you stronger

Get Potions if

  • You can get potions by brewing different items in a brewing stand 

Potion details: 

  • Rarity: Common
  • Stackable: no 
  • wiki 


14. Bed

Beds are items that can be crafted using wool and wood and their main use is to provide the player with a respawn point, otherwise, the player would respawn where he originally started his adventure; they can also be very useful to skip nighttime and to fast-forward to the next day.

Why bed is Great 

  • Skips into the next day
  • Works as a spawn point for the player

Get bed if

  • You can craft beds by using 3 blocks of wood and 3 blocks of wool, beds can also be found inside villagers' houses

Bed details: 

  • Rarity: common
  • Stackable: no
  • wiki 


13. Enchanting table 

The Enchanting table is a rare item that can be crafted; although its crafting is complicated since it uses rare items such as obsidian and diamonds, so to craft one you will need to have at least a diamond pickaxe. 

Why enchanting table is Great 

  • Can enchant tools
  • Can enchant armour
  • Can enchant weapons 

Get an enchanting table if

  • Enchanting tables can be crafted by using four obsidian blocks, two diamonds and a book

Enchanting table details: 

  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Stackable: yes 
  • wiki 


12. Shield

The Shield is an item that helps the player protect itself from hostile attacks, such as mobs or explosions, shields can be used by placing it on the opposite hand of the player and will be activated when the player crawls. 

Why shield is Great 

  • Protects the player from mob attacks 

Get shiel if

  • The shield can be crafted by using one iron ingot and six blocks of wood 

Shield details: 

  • Rarity: Common
  • Stackable: no
  • wiki 


11. Totem of undying 

A totem of undying is an item that can be held by the player like a shield, except that if the player dies when holding it he will automatically respawn without losing any of its items or experience. 

Why totem of undying is Great 

  • Prevents you from dying 
  • Gives you fire resistance
  • Gives you absorption

Get a totem of undying if

  • They are dropped by evokers when they die 

Totem of undying details: 

  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Stackable: no 
  • wiki 


10. Bow

A bow is an item that the player can use for self-defence during long-distance battles. IT can be crafted and enchanted for even more utility. 

Why bow is Great 

  • Is a long-distance weapon
  • Can be enchanted 

Get bow if

  • The bow can be crafted by using three strings and three sticks, or it can añso be dropped by skeletons when killed. 

Bow details: 

  • Rarity: common
  • Stackable: no 
  • wiki 


9. Elytra

The elytra is an item that lets the player fly through the map, kind of like in creative mode. The elytra can be considered the equivalent of fast travel in Minecraft without using cheats or being in creative mode. 

Why “elytra” is Great 

  • Fly through the map 
  • Can be propelled by rockets 

Get elytra if

  • The elytra can only be found in the End.

Elytra details: 

  • Common: uncommon
  • Stackable: no 
  • wiki 


8. Torches 

Torches were one of the first items to ever be introduced in Minecraft and when placed on a surface they will provide that space with light keeping mobs from spawning and making it easier for the player to see in the dark. 

Why Torches are great 

  • Provide light to dark rooms
  • Stops mobs from spawning 

Get Torch if

  • Torches can be crafted using a stick and coal 

Torch details: 

  • Rarity: Common
  • Stackable: yes 
  • wiki 


7. Armour

Armour is an item that provides protection to the player from mobs or other kinds of attacks; there are different kinds of armour such as chest plates, helmets, boots and  Legging; each of them grants a different type of protection to the player. 

Why Armour is Great 

  • Protects the player
  • Can be enchanted

Get armour if

  • Armour can be crafted from gold, iron leather or diamond or can be found inside chests in villages, fortresses or mineshafts. 

Armour details: 

  • Rarity: Common
  • Stackable: no 
  • wiki 


6. Shovel

Shovels are items that the player can use to dig faster dirt, grass or sand and their variations, they can be made from netherite, diamonds, gold, iron or stone; depending on the material they are made from is how you can determine a shovel's duration and digging speed. 

Why shovel is Great 

  • Lets the player dig faster 

Get shovel if

  • Shovels can be crafted by using one iron ingot, rock, Gold ingot, or diamond and two sticks

Shovel details: 

  • Rarity: common 
  • Stackable: no
  • wiki 


5. Sword

The world of Minecraft is full of dangers, especially when nighttime comes, so there is no better item to defend yourself than a sword; especially if it is a netherite one. Swords are one of the strongest and easiest to craft weapons; therefore making them one of the most useful items you will need. 

Why sword is Great 

  • Will protect you from hostile mobs
  • Swords are easy to craft

Get sword if

  • To craft a sword you will need two pieces of wood, stone, iron, gold or diamond and a stick.

Sword details: 

  • Rarity: common
  • Stackable: no 
  • wiki 


4. Axe

Axes are very useful since they can both work as a weapon for self-defence or a tool for cutting wood, for that reason is why axes are so high on our list. An axe is one of the first tools any player should craft since wood is one of the most important resources you will be using in Minecraft. 

Why axe is Great 

  • Can be used as a weapon
  • Can be used as a tool 
  • It is easy to craft

Get axe if

  • You can craft axes by using three pieces of wood, stone, iron, gold or diamond and two sticks.

Axe details: 

  • Rarity: Common
  • Stackable: no
  • wiki 


3. Pickaxe

In a game called Minecraft we believe mining should be an important part of the gameplay, right? Well for that reason every player should craft a pickaxe as soon as possible, or else how are you going to mine all of those precious ores that are laying all over the world? 

Why pickaxe is Great 

  • Can mine hard clocks and ores 
  • Easy to craft

Get pickaxe if

  • Pickaxes can be crafted using three pieces of wood, stone, iron, gold or diamond and two sticks

Pickaxe details: 

  • rarity: Common
  • Stackable: no 
  • wiki 


2. Furnace

Well, you've gathered all your resources and ores using the very useful tools that we mentioned above, now what? Well, it's time to smelt them into something that can be useful and craftable and to do that all you need is a furnace and some fuel like coal or any block that can be lit on fire.

Why furnace is Great 

  • Smelt ores and food
  • Works as a temporary light source

Get furnace if

  • To craft a furnace all you will need is 8 blocks of stone

Furnace details: 

  • Rarity: common
  • Stackable: yes
  • wiki 


1. Crafting table 

As simple as it may seem the crafting table is the most fundamental item you will need in Minecraft, without one you are probably not getting very far, a crafting table will help you craft most of the blocks you will need for your adventure, not to mention that almost every item on the list will need a crafting table to be made. So the next time you place your crafting next to your bed and furnace when beginning your adventure, remember that without that crafting table you wouldn't be where you are now. 

Why is the crafting table Great 

  • It is fundamental for crafting any kind of item or block that needs more than four spaces

Get a crafting table if

  • You can craft a crafting table using four blocks of wood

Crafting table details: 

  • Rarity: Common
  • Stackable: yes
  • wiki 


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