[Top 10] Best Minecraft Modpacks With Quests

The questing begins...or ends?

 Modpacks, or Minecraft mods tied together into one playable unit, are a great and fresh way to experience the game! There’s so many to choose from, but where to begin? Many are themed, many encourage open-ended gameplay styles to learn mods, and some are just plain difficult! Here’s my top ten modpacks with quests that I think you should give a try!


10. RLCraft

“You will die. A lot.” To start this list off with a bang, we’re beginning with the ever-famous RLCraft, a notoriously difficult modpack that offers both a challenging early game and RPG-style leveling and combat, as well as ruthless creatures. Many have praised this pack for its difficulty curve, giving it an entirely fresh look on the game.RLCraft’s Key Features:

  • Adds many new hostile creatures to make the game challenging yet highly rewarding
  • New health, thirst, and temperature system that adds a layer of management to the already difficult challenges thrown at you
  • RPG leveling system that gives you higher tier items and abilities the longer you play
  • 340+ quests

Get RLCraft here


9. Fear Nightfall

How brave are you? Are you confident in your ability to handle some scares? Fear Nightfall is a very newly released modpack specifically designed to give Minecraft a hostile, scary, and “horror-esque” feeling. The pack includes a story to follow that makes you, the player, the hero of the world, in five chapters. You must defeat the infamous Herobrine and restore the glory to the Aether dimension!

Fear Nightfall’s Key Features:

  • Includes a wide variety of creepy and horrible monsters that try to stop you at every turn, especially at nighttime
  •  Dazzling new visuals by way of fonts, shaders, textures, extreme darkness, and animations to make the game intense and scary
  • Tons of structures teeming with many more dangers
  • Five chapters to progress through to defeat Herobrine and become the hero of the Aether

Get Fear Nightfall here


8. Better Minecraft

This is a very vanilla-like, or “vanilla plus”, modpack with a modern, clean, and beginner-friendly feel. It adds hundreds of smaller decorative and easy-to-digest features for modded newbies to explore and discover. Although, even if you’re a veteran player, I’m sure you’d love this pack!

BetterMC’s Key Features:

  • Focused mainly on relaxed gameplay styles with dozens of small and fun mods such as new paintings, furniture, animals, villagers, and lots more
  • Enhances structures and dimensions to make them feel fuller and more vibrant and fun to explore
  •  Includes many performance-enhancing mods to make the pack more accessible to anyone on any system
  • Over 100 quests to complete

Get Better Minecraft here


7. Regrowth

Regrowth is a unique modpack in which you’re tasked with bringing nature back to a desolate wasteland. Create a thriving infrastructure with technology to further progress through the modpack and make your world grow! . Regrowth is unique because unlike other post-apocalyptic gaming experiences, you’re given both technology and magic mods to rebuild the world around you. Can you survive in this wasteland?

  • Magical crop mods to kickstart the nature restoration efforts, namely Botania and Agricraft
  • Dozens of technology mods to automate the crop growth and spread the landscape faster
  • Forestry and Magic Bees to perpetuate natural pollination and cross-breeding plants

Get Regrowth here


6. FTB Academy

Are you still brand-new to modded Minecraft and all the common concepts therein? I’ve been playing for years, and I still get confused at tech mods and the crazy processes that go along with them! This is the perfect modpack for learning everything you need to!  FTB Academy is a beginner-friendly modpack with quests to guide modded newbies and veterans alike through the most common and popular mods.

FTB Academy’s Key Features:

  • Designed by one of the largest mod hosters, Feed the Beast, to help the newest members of the modded community
  • Features a full tutorial area before entering into the world to introduce some of the most basic and common terms and concepts presented in most mods
  • Includes the most common and popular mods to aid in learning
  •  Over 300 quests carefully written for newbies

Get FTB Academy here


5. PokehaanCraft 2

A refined successor to the original PokehaanCraft, this is a 1.16.5 modpack that combines two beloved games – Pokemon and Minecraft! This is done by integrating the famous Pixelmon mod, along with a few addons, to give Minecraft a unique twist for fans of both franchises. I tried to catch ‘em all - can you?

PokehaanCraft2’s Key Features:

  • Includes Pixelmon and Pixelmon Go, the two mods that the pack focuses on, so that the player can make their own focus catching Pokemon
  • Automation and tech mods to ease the process of resource gathering
  • Special decorative mods to make yours and your Pokemons’ home base more comfortable and cozy

Get PokehaanCraft 2 here


4. Project Ozone 3

Project Ozone 3 is one of the most popular “skyblock” packs – a skyblock, of course, being a world in which you’re stuck into a small plot of land in the sky and given mods to work with to create resources from nothing and expand your base. Skyblock modpacks are common and a great twist on the normal Minecraft formula, something that those who are bored of the normal gameplay might enjoy. This pack really helps me zone in on the mods themselves, and trims a lot of the fat from the game.

  • Features the mod “Ex Nihilo”, which is used as the early-game way of getting the most basic resources in the most creative ways
  • Packed to the brim with popular mods that are tied together extremely well
  • Encourages all sorts of playstyles with the different technology mods
  • Over 1100+ quests to follow and earn the modpack’s custom currency, “Random Acts of Kindness”

Get PO3 here


3. Enigmatica 2

Boy, have I spent a lot of time with this one, and for good reason! Classified as a “kitchen sink” modpack, Enigmatica 2 has everything, even the kitchen sink! This pack, being one of my personal favorites, allows for a huge variety of playstyles as it’s extremely open-ended and contains nearly all of the most popular mods for the 1.12.2 version of Minecraft.

  • Over 250 mods to explore and tinker with in-game
  • Incredibly balanced power generation to make all power fair and valid
  • A handful of new dimensions for an even wider diversity of new and high-tier resources, materials, and machines or magic
  • Over 800 quests to follow

Get Enigmatica 2 here


2. Automaton

Another one of my own personal favorites, Automaton is a simple and lightweight modpack designed to teach the beginnings of technology in modded Minecraft. There’s a small mix of mods, but it’s great for beginners and those wishing to dip their toes into the world of Minecraft tech mods and automation. Every time I boot up this pack, I get focused on trying to build myself a big factory!

  • Hand-picked mods ranging from simple to popular to ease modded newbies into automating resource processing and gathering
  • Easy-to-follow questlines to act as a tutorial
  • Over 200 quests to guide you through the main “big” mods, of which there aren’t too many so as not to overwhelm newer players

Get Automaton here


1 . All the Mods 8

When I took a break from modded Minecraft, this modpack was the first to bring me back into it and re-learn my favorite mods as they had been given a new coat of paint for the newer Minecraft version. The new textures and easily-compatible and pretty shaders made the game feel new to me and helped me rediscover the world of modded Minecraft. (Disclaimer: unfortunately, this mod does not actually contain “All the Mods”.)

ATM8’s Key Features:

  • Lightweight and beginner-friendly despite the name, “All the Mods”
  • The stunning new textures, shaders, and bright colors will draw you in to the world
  • There’s a diverse mix of older and newer technology and magic mods that mix to please both newer and older players of modded Minecraft

Get ATM8 here


And that’s my own top ten Minecraft modpacks with quests! I hope you enjoyed these enough to give them a try!

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