Minecraft: How to AFK

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You'll never get kicked for idling ever again!

Minecraft: How to AFK


Check out this handy video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4_EeP71YKI

Video by: Cow Pun Fun

Several servers and realms will kick you off if you spend too much time away from your computer, but if you’re just trying to let an AFK farm run and fill your inventory with resources, this can be a real annoyance. There are some simple ways around it, though, so if you need a quick and easy way to AFK on Minecraft, here’s an easy tutorial.

  • For this tutorial, you will need at least 22 solid blocks of any resource, 1 slab of any material, 1 bucket of water, and 1 sign.
    • Pick an area to build your AFK lazy river. Doesn’t have to be particularly large; just enough to fit a 5x5 block square.
    • In the center of your build site, place 1 of your 22 solid blocks. Leave the surrounding 3x3 square empty, and then build the 5x5 square around that. Pick one corner of the 5x5 square and place the last 4 blocks on top of it in an L shape. 
    • The L shape should be lopsided; 1 block longer on one side. That extra block is where you will place your sign, facing the inside of the 5x5 square.
      • You don’t have to write anything on it, but if I were you, I’d write a note there explaining that anyone in this little lazy river is AFK.
  • Now, on the floor, in the empty 3x3 square, is where we’ll be placing your slab. It will be in the same corner you chose for the L shape, just on the bottom layer of the structure. 
    • Right above this slab and next to your sign, pour your water bucket.
    • The water will automatically fill the 3x3 square and flow in a circle around the standalone block you placed at the beginning.
  • Now, anytime you need to AFK for a while, just hop into your little lazy river. It will float you in a circle indefinitely so that the server or realm won’t recognize you as idle.

It’s as simple as that! Now, you can let your mob farm run for an hour or so without you monitoring it and you don’t have to worry about being kicked. We’ll see you around, and happy gaming!

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