[Top 20] Best Minecraft Mods To Play With Friends

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1. Minecraft Comes Alive

Transform the NPC villagers into interactive and engaging characters. Make conversations, build relationships, and even get married. This mod adds a new level of depth and immersion to the world, making multiplayer interactions more engaging.

  • Build the kingdom of villagers you always wanted but now they actually useful
  • Collaborate with friends to create a thriving community, complete with marriages, families, and social interactions.
  • Funnier role-playing opportunities by assigning different roles and responsibilities to each player within the village.

2. Biomes O' Plenty

Expand your Minecraft world with a an array of new biomes, including lush forests, expansive deserts, and stunning landscapes. This mod adds variety and more exploration opportunities, creating fun collaborative expeditions.

  • Venture through a wider variety of biomes, with each offering unique landscapes, resources, and challenges, providing ample opportunities for cooperative exploration and discovery.
  • Work together with friends to establish bases and camps in different biomes, creating diverse and visually stunning builds.
  • Engage in cooperative or competitive expeditions to gather specific resources found in specific biomes, promoting teamwork or rivalry.


3. JourneyMap

You know how you’re always getting lost and have a hard time finding a way to work the maps? Try this mod. Stay oriented and navigate your world more efficiently with this map mod. It allows you and your friends to mark waypoints, share locations, and coordinate your adventures together.

  • You can share waypoints and locations with friends, allowing for coordination and navigation during multiplayer sessions.
  • Work together on large-scale building projects by marking areas you want to work on and sharing coordinates to ensure you’re always on the same page
  • Avoid getting lost by using the map to find each other easily, making team projects easier and more fun.


4. Pam's HarvestCraft

Unleash your inner farmer with Pam’s HarvestCraft. Introduce a culinary adventure to your Minecraft world with a plethora of new crops, trees, and recipes. Work with friends to create a thriving farm, trade market, and prepare delicious meals.

  • Create a cooperative farming experience, where each player can specialize in different crops, and build teamwork.
  • Trade harvested resources to create a well-rounded and bountiful supply of ingredients for cooking and crafting.
  • Collaborate on designing and building a community farm, complete with organized plots and irrigation systems.


5. Tinkers' Construct

Can you build it? Yes you can. Revision your tools and weapons system with this mod, which allows you to create customizable and upgradeable equipment. Work together with friends to gather materials, experiment different combinations, and forge powerful gadgets.

  • Work together to gather resources and experiment with different tool combinations, allowing for collective optimization.
  • Collaboratively build and upgrade tools and weapons, distributing the workload and maximizing efficiency.
  • Each friend can specialize in one area so everyone works more efficiently.


6. Applied Energistics 2

For my aspiring engineers. Add a touch of advanced technology to your Minecraft experience. This mod introduces a sophisticated storage and automation system, great for resource management and large-scale construction projects.

  • Collaboratively design and build storage and automation systems, assigning tasks among friends for efficient resource management.
  • Coordinate efforts to gather the required materials and build up a network of machines and storage devices, optimizing productivity and organization.
  • Share access to resources and automate processes easing large projects.


7. Galacticraft

Start your interstellar adventure with this mod, enabling you to build rockets and explore the vastness of space. Work together with friends to establish a space colony, mine extraterrestrial resources, and discover new planets.

  • Find new planets and give whatever funny name you come up with
  • Work on gathering resources and constructing rockets, enabling each player to contribute to the mission's success.
  • Plan coordinated missions to explore different planets simultaneously, building teamwork and exploration.

8. The Twilight Forest

Delve into a mystical realm filled with enchanted forests, dangerous creatures, and hidden treasures. This mod offers a challenging cooperative quest as you and your friends navigate through the Twilight Forest. Have fun screaming together might be deaf at the end of the session though.

  • Team up to conquer the challenges of the Twilight Forest, facing dangerous creatures and navigating through treacherous landscapes and scaring one another
  • Collaborate to solve puzzles and complete quests, leveraging each player's skills and abilities.
  • Explore the enchanting realm together, creating funny moments and shared experiences


9. Botania

Unleash the power of nature with this magical mod. Work together to gather mana, create mystical flowers, and unlock powerful spells and artifacts.

  • Gather mana and create magical flowers together, utilizing the unique abilities and spells they offer.
  • Work together to unlock and master the powerful artifacts and spells available in the mod, maximizing the group's full magical potential.
  • Combine your efforts to show impressive displays of magical prowess.

10. Chisel

Enhance your building options with a vast array of new decorative blocks. Collaborate with friends to create stunning structures, monuments, and works of art. Become the sculptor of dreams.

  • Design and construct elaborate buildings using a wider variety of decorative blocks.

  • Speed up building processes by splitting tasks

  • Share chiseling techniques and ideas, inspiring each other to create stunning architectural creations.


11. Pixelmon

Become the next Ash Ketchum. Combine the world of Minecraft with the excitement of Pokémon. Catch, train, and battle with your friends using this mod, which adds a wide variety of Pokémon to your Minecraft world.

  • Engage in friendly competition by catching, training, and battling Pokémon together.
  • Collaborate on building a Pokémon gym or tournament arena, providing a shared space for exciting battles among friends.
  • Trade Pokémon and resources to support each other's journeys, enhancing the cooperative and interactive gameplay experience.


12. IndustrialCraft 2

Introduce industrialization and technology never seen before your Minecraft experience. Work together to build machines, harness electricity, and automate resource production.

  • Collaboratively build industrial systems and machinery, making resource production and automation more efficient.
  • Coordinate the gathering of materials and construction efforts, dividing tasks among friends to speed up processes.
  • Share knowledge and strategies for power generation and management for a collective learning experience


13. Blood Magic

Journey to a dark and powerful path of magic with this mod. Collaborate with friends to master blood rituals, unlock forbidden spells, and become a formidable force. 

  • Start a dark magical journey together, delving into blood rituals and unlocking forbidden spells.
  • Team up with friends to gather the necessary resources and conduct intricate rituals. Pool resources and share responsibilities .
  • Support each other during dangerous fights and boss battles. Combine forces to overcome powerful foes.


14. Railcraft

Ditch that fake roller coaster and revamp your railway systems with this mod, offering a wide range of new rails, carts, and machines. Collaborate with friends to make a new transportation network and fun way to get around .

  • Plan and construct a new railway system or roller coaster together
  • Collaborate on designing and building railway stations, ensuring fun travel and easy access to different areas.
  • Build, conduct, and have fun.


15. Bibliocraft

When your mom says read a book, Come to Bibliocraft. Add functionality and aesthetics to your home with this mod, which introduces customizable bookshelves, furniture, and storage solutions. Collaborate with friends to design and furnish your bases and shared spaces.

  • Instead of going to the library, make one with your friends. No more worrying about shushy librarians. 
  • Share knowledge and stories by writing and exchanging books within the group.
  • Work together to design and furnish community areas with stylish and functional furniture pieces, enhancing the multiplayer experience.


16. Morph

Shapeshift into various creatures and mobs with this mod, granting you their abilities. Play with friends to strategize and overcome challenges using your combined morphing powers.

  • Collaboratively strategize and adapt to different situations by morphing into various creatures and mobs.
  • Combine morphing abilities with friends to overcome challenges and explore new areas, utilizing the unique traits of different forms.
  • Engage in friendly competitions or challenges involving morphed abilities. 


17. Mystcraft

Dive into the world of magic and mysticism with this mod, which allows you to create personalized dimensions and portals. Collaborate with friends to explore and conquer unique realms together. Building the new hogwarts.

  • Collaboratively create personalized dimensions and portals, building unique and challenging worlds for exploration.
  • Work with friends to find required materials and resources needed to build complex portals
  • Share discoveries and have expeditions into new dimensions.


18. Thaumcraft

Uncover the secrets of arcane arts with this mod. Research and unlock powerful spells, artifacts, and magical constructs with your friends.

  • Collaborate on research and unlock powerful spells, artifacts, and magical constructs.
  • Assign different roles of Thaumcraft specialization to each player, creating a functional team.
  • Combine magical abilities to tackle difficult enemies and progress through challenging quests, promoting teamwork and strategic thinking.


19. Twilight Forest: Aether II

Explore into the heavenly realm of the Aether with this mod.  With floating islands, mythical creatures, and exciting quests there’ll be no dull moments. Play with friends to overcome challenges and conquer this ethereal dimension.

  • Combine your forces to conquer the challenges and quests in the Twilight Forest and Aether II dimensions.
  • Work together on collecting resources and crafting specialized gear and equipment for navigation.
  • Plan cooperative trips. Work together to beat powerful bosses and find hidden treasures.


20. Custom NPCs

Create your kingdom and populate your Minecraft world with custom non-playable characters. Play  with friends on interactive quests, and play unique experiences for each other.

  • Design your Minecraft world with your own non-playable characters share ideas for the best outcomes
  • Give jobs to each player in the created NPCs' stories, providing interactive and engaging cooperative gameplay

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