Minecraft: How to Activate Beacon

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Beacons can really light up your life.

Minecraft: How to Activate Beacon


Check out this handy video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P9emlaAnA8

Video by: RajCraft

We won’t be discussing how to acquire or craft a beacon in this tutorial, but RajCraft’s video is swift and comprehensive if you’re still struggling to find your footing. However, if you already have a beacon, this tutorial will quickly clarify how to activate it! A beacon can be a handy tool to pinpoint landmarks and improve your stats and skills in your home base.

  • Once you’ve built your pyramid and placed your beacon, use your interact key - for most people, their right mouse click - to open the beacon menu. 
    • You’ll need a mineral to offer the beacon - iron, gold, and netherite ingots are all good options, as well as diamonds and emeralds. Place one of these items in the empty slot in the middle of the menu. Don’t activate it yet! Above the mineral slot, you’ll have access to a few choices of powers for the beacon.
    • The height of your pyramid directly affects the primary powers you can choose from:
      • Speed I
      • Haste I
      • Resistance
      • Jump Boost I
      • Strength I
  • Once you’ve selected a primary and secondary power, hit the green checkmark. Your beacon should be completely activated now!

Defeating the Wither might seem like a monumental task, but getting to use a beacon can make it all worth it! We’ll see you around… happy gaming.

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