Minecraft: How to Breed Turtles

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Combatting species endangerment, one blocky egg at a time!

Minecraft: How to Breed Turtles


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Breeding Turtles in Minecraft is an important skill. It’s trickier than breeding dogs or cats and takes a lot of dedication and time, but once you breed them, you gain access to Turtle Shells, which can be worn as strong helmets intrinsically imbued with the Water Breathing effect. If you’re determined enough for it, here’s how to breed Sea Turtles in Minecraft.

  • As with every Minecraft Mob, step 1 of breeding is always to find at least 2 of your mob - in this case, Sea Turtles. You might have guessed this already, but you can find Sea Turtles… in or around the sea.
  • Step 2 of breeding is always to contain your mob. Here’s where breeding Sea Turtles gets a little more complicated than breeding a cow - you can’t just build a fence and call it good. Sea Turtles need access to both the ocean and sand, where they lay their eggs. Building a large wall that encompasses a section of the coast is a fairly easy way to do this, but it might take you a little while to build that wall all the way to the sea floor.
  • Step 3? Food. Sea Turtles eat seagrass, a naturally spawning item that grows on dirt underwater. It looks a lot like grass… but under the sea. You can only harvest seagrass with shears. 
  • Once you have found and contained 2 Sea Turtles and collected at least 2 pieces of seagrass, you’re ready to breed. Use your interact key on the Turtles while holding the seagrass. Floating hearts should appear, and they’ll try to get near each other, as mobs are wont to do when they’re in the mood. They’ll mate in the water, and then one of the turtles will come up onto land to find a sandy spot to lay their eggs. 
    • Once the egg(s) is/are laid - it looks like a little white box with green polka dots - you’ll want to protect it. The eggs are fragile; you can break them by walking or jumping on them, and so can other mobs. You can build a little fence around the egg to keep it safe from the elements.
  • Once the egg is laid and protected, the last step is to wait. The eggs mature over a couple days, and they hatch at night.
    • Once the egg hatches, not only do you get to see an itty bitty baby Turtle emerge and greet the world, but you also receive a material called scute. Using 5 scutes in the shape of a helmet on a crafting table, you can make a Turtle Shell, which can be worn as a helmet to grant the wearer 10 seconds of Water Breathing whenever you’re underwater.

Isn’t that baby Sea Turtle just scute? 

Yea, I know, terrible joke, but you get the idea. Hopefully this tutorial has granted you unlimited Turtle Shells and single-handedly reversed Sea Turtle endangerment in your Minecraft world. We’ll see you around! Happy gaming!

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