[Top 10] Minecraft Best Amplified Seeds

Minecraft Best Amplified Seeds
Experience this kind of terrain and so much more in an amplified seed.

Bored of the regular lay of the land in Minecraft?


An amplified seed is a specific version of a normal seed that can be created by activating “amplified” when generating your world. Amplified seeds overexaggerate a world's natural proportions, creating insane mountains, valleys, and floating structures. These types of worlds are fun because they pose a challenge and test the true strength of your survival and building skills. Do you have what it takes to thrive in an amplified seed?

Keep in mind that all of these seeds are only available on the Java version of Minecraft for PC!


10. Shadow Mountains - Seed -615404404

A perfect introduction to amplified seeds

Found by Reddit User u/Mythsqueue


The structures in this seed look like they haven’t even finished generating yet and there is a variety of biomes just within spawn distance, which is a perfect example of what to expect when venturing into an amplified world! 


What makes this seed awesome:

  • The sudden drop-offs and random floating structures are something you would never see in a regular seed, and they cast some awesome shadows, too.
  • Right at the base of one of the mountains is a small birch forest, and then right next to it is a dark oak forest!
  • You can also easily access and explore the ocean as it surrounds the mountain.
  • This seed is rich with interesting build opportunities because of the strange generation pattern. Test your creativity here!


Compatible with version(s):

  • 1.14.4


9. Snowy Village Spawn - Seed 1151862873

If you're looking for easy access to a village, this is your seed

This seed is perfect if you’re looking to get into the winter spirit at any time of the year. You spawn into a scenic tundra with snowy taiga biomes connecting in the distance. Doesn’t it just make you want to curl up near a campfire on top of one of those dangerous cliffs?


What’s awesome about this seed:

  • The spawn point is right in front of a huge mountain in the middle of a massive snowy biome.
  • Perhaps the most immediately rewarding trait is that right behind the mountain at spawn you can find a small village!
  • This seed is very scenic, with several waterfalls and flowing rivers!
  • You do not need to search high and low for building materials, because this tundra biome connects with a snowy taiga biome in the distance if you’re up for the trek!


Compatible on version(s):

  • 1.16.3


8. Water Heavy - Seed 2484405433649801586

Get your potion of Water Breathing ready

Found by Reddit User u/Chubbychaser03

With this enormous ocean who knows what treasures you may find with a little exploring. This seed is only for those who aren’t afraid of confronting a little bit of water, and just to be safe I’d put the Respiration enchantment on your helmet as well.


What makes this seed awesome:

  • There are multiple coral reefs and who knows what else at the bottom of this ocean!
  • The amount of water in this world makes the towering mountains look even more dramatic.
  • This seed provides a new challenge for even the most experienced player and survivalist.
  • This seed is perfect for building an underwater base while still enjoying the amplified features of the world.


Compatible with version(s):

  • 1.14.4


7. Sky High Mountains - Seed -5707472292548279773

Be prepared to climb 

Found by Unstoppable Cam

If you are looking for more common biomes with a completely uncommon generation this is your seed. It may not look very “amplified” when you first spawn in, but you will quickly notice the towering mountains and steep valleys. 


What makes this seed awesome:

  • It provides your basic woods like oak and spruce directly near the spawn point for easy access to building materials right away.
  • However, just because the biomes are common it does not mean that it denotes the crazy structures generated around the spawn point. There are plateaus, waterfalls, lava falls, mountains, hills, and floating islands galore!
  • Right in front of the spawn point, you will discover a snaking river cutting low through the enormous mountains!
  • This world provides a really fun twist to generic seeds and biomes to those who are just starting to introduce themselves to amplified worlds.


Compatible with version(s):

  • 1.16.3


6. Village and Pillage - Seed 8857522626057459026

The total explorer's package

Found by NowoCraft

This seed has almost everything to offer and more with multiple biomes, villages, and other goodies to be discovered. If you’re looking for a high risk yet high reward challenge, this is the seed you’re going to want to use.


What makes this seed awesome:

  • This seed has no shortage of steep mountains and floating islands! Be ready to craft a lot of stairways if you’re planning on living atop any of these extremely unnatural generations.
  • It provides a generous mix of biomes including desert, swamp, plains, and more, all very close to the spawn point. 
  • It also has a regular ocean and deep ocean, if you’re more into underwater exploration.
  • The biomes are not the only satisfying parts of this seed. There are also villages, shipwrecks, pillager outposts, and other profitable aspects to be found not far from spawn! 


Compatible with version(s):

  • 1.14 
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.16.3


5. Mooshroom Island - Seed -3809413073267378935

In need of some mushroom soup?

Found by Reddit User u/lurkbne

Mushroom biomes are hard to come by, but what if I told you that you could combine the rarity of the mushroom biome with the drama of an amplified seed? Well, now you can!


What makes this seed awesome: 

  • The most obvious thing that makes this seed awesome is the mushroom biome that is within only 200 blocks of the original spawn! It’s rather expansive as well and extends over various hill and mountains
  • This mushroom biome is also surrounded by a huge ocean!
  • Despite the massive amount of water that this seed has, on land you encounter a dramatic lava fall.
  • This is another seed to try out if you’re looking to put your survival skills to the test.


Compatible with version(s):

  • 1.16


4. Mesa Spawn - Seed -7787406471712364301

This seed defies environmental laws

Found by Reddit User u/Killstepz

Get ready to be challenged, intrigued, and even a little confused by this next seed. It’s an interesting mixture of sand, clay, ice, and a lot of stone.


What makes this seed awesome:

  • You spawn in a mesa biome, which is one of the rarer biomes in the game. Be ready to stock up on clay!
  • A snowy taiga biome connects with the mesa biome, which also connects to an ice biome with icy spikes scattered along the mountains. There even seems to be a little bit of a desert biome incorporated into this mixture!
  • There is a mountain top village so high up that I’m sure at least one villager has fallen to its death before.
  • Speaking of falling, if you do fall from these towering structures you have the chance of being caught by one of the various extravagant waterfalls that are spilling from the mountains. 


Compatible with version(s):

  • 1.15.2



3. Woodland Mansion Spawn - Seed -7295218833530769400

Conquer a Woodland Mansion early in the game by spawning near it! 

Found by Reddit User u/Killstepz

This seed is a true treasure. It combines the challenge of surviving in the extreme conditions of an amplified world, along with the dare of a Woodland Mansion! It’s sort of a dream for any adventurer in a few different ways.


What makes this seed awesome:

  • No more searching endlessly for your next battle in a Woodland Mansion, this seed provides you with one right at spawn.
  • As if the promise of a Woodland Mansion wasn’t enough, you are also right near a gorgeous mesa biome with scenic waterfalls!
  • Speaking of biomes, the Woodland Mansion is nestled into a dark oak forest and a savanna biome creeps into the mesa!
  • There is a large ocean surrounding these generations, with several pronounced waterfalls pouring into it from the mountains.


Compatible with version(s):

  • 1.15


2. Craziest Generated Structures - Seed 1616352388

Watch out for the floating sand!

Found by Reddit User u/WonderfulYam69

If you’re a fan of totally unnatural and outrageous structures this is the seed for you. There are several floating islands, steep drop-offs, towering cliffs, and… floating sand?! Be careful where you step and what you mine in this world.


What makes this seed awesome:

  • As soon as you exit the spawn point you are met by one of the most unlikely structure generations. Build your base on one of the floating islands or random plateaus that cut unexpectedly into the mountains! Just make sure you don’t fall.
  • Only a short distance away from the spawn point you will encounter a desert like you’ve never seen before. Stacks of sand defy the laws of gravity as they hang over you!
  • Adventure around the seed a bit more to discover a plethora of biomes such as an ice biome, a jungle, mushroom fields, and more!
  • This is the perfect seed for a nomad or adventurer that is interested in seeing all the truly amazing generated structures that the amplified setting is capable of. 


Compatible version(s):

  • 1.16.2


1. Ice Chain Biome - Seed 555040716

You've never seen ice generations like these

Found by Unstoppable Cam

This seed welcomes you into an icy wonderland of dramatic and shocking structures. Even the most talented ice sculptor pales at the view you encounter when entering this world.


What makes this seed awesome:

  • As you enter this world you are greeted with giant chain-like ice generations!
  • Basic environmental laws do not apply in this seed as there are a couple of huge lava falls right in the center of the ice biome!
  • Ice spikes litter the mountains!
  • If you are not looking to live in the ice biome you can live near it in the taiga biome on a closely neighboring hill. That way you can collect wood and other materials more easily while also keeping the luxury of the icy view!


Compatible with version(s):

  • 1.16.3


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