[Top 10] Minecraft Best Levels for Mining

Minecraft Best Levels for Mining
Are you ready to find every ore that you are looking for?

Which are the best layers for mining in Minecraft?

As you may know for its name, Minecraft is a game about “mining”, which means that mining is one of the most important activities in the game, for that reason we have the top 10 best levels for mining for ores and resources. 


10. Layer 120 - Below

Best way to mine - Minecraft

These layers are where of course you can find every single ore, but since it covers such a vast amount of layers, it’s going to be quite hard to get your hands on some of the scarcest resources and you will probably end up finding coal and iron.

What makes layer 128 and below great: 

Gives you a wide range to mine from mountain to caves


9. Layer 12 - Below 

Minecraft - Diamond mining for begginers

This layer is great if you are looking for diamonds and red stone and are only planning on strip mining since below these layers you will only find stone and bedrock, so we suggest you only use these layers if you really need to find diamonds and you are stacked on other resources like iron and coal.

what makes layers 12 and below great:

  • Perfect for finding diamonds and Redstone


8. Layer 30 - 60

Minecraft - Guide to mine coal

Between these layers, you will find most resources except for diamond and Redstone. In these layers, mining is a bit harder since to get here you will either need to dig your way down or go up and look for cave openings to help you save on resources.

What makes layers 30 to 60 great: 

Great for mining common ores

You will find some rare ores

You will start at ground level


7. Layer 30 - 79

How to mine iron

Between these layers finding every kind of ore is possible except for the rare ones such as diamonds and Redstone, the great advantage in this layer is that you will be able to find cave entrances which will give you a clearer path to getting into the deeper levels without wasting many resources.

What makes layers 30 to 79 great: 

  • Find most ores
  • Easy to get to lower levels through caves


6. Layer 29 - 32

Emerald mining in Minecraft

Between these layers, you will find some rare resources such as emeralds (only in the mountain biome) and gold and other common ones such as coal and iron. 

What makes layers 29 to 32 great:

  • Great for common resources
  • Can find some rare ones
  • not so extent so strip mining is easy to do 


5. Layer 45 - 60

Minecraft how to mine

Between these layers, you will find most common items; but also they can be found are mostly on ground level where most of the caves start to form, which gives you a headstart into getting to the lower layers without the need to mine like crazy.

What makes layers 45 to 60 great:

  • Great variety of common ores
  • You can find caves that lead you to lower levels
  • They can be found at ground level


4. Layer 35 - 45

Minecraft guide

These layers are perfect if you are in need of common ores such as coal and iron. In these layers, you will also find gold, but only in the mesa biome.

What makes these layers great:

  • Perfect for mining common materials


3. Layer 25 - 35

How to find ores in Minecraft

Between these layers resources such as coal and iron are common, you will also encounter some rare ores like gold and lapis lazuli, in these layers is where most cave tunnels start to generate most of their paths, you may also find emeralds if you are lucky enough. 

What makes Layers 25 to 35 great:

  • Find common ores
  • You will start to find some rare ores
  • Easy to get to 


2. layers 16 - 25

Minecraft Mining ores and tools

Between these layers, you will find most of the resources you need, from coal to gold and sometimes if you are lucky enough you will be able to find some diamonds but these are scarce and complicated to come across, these layers are great, but you can always dig even deeper!

What makes layers 16 to 25 great:

  • find most ores
  • great for mining
  • you can find caves in these layers


1. Layer 10 to 15

Minecraft Guide to mining

In these layers, you will be able to find any type of material, from common ores such as coal and iron to rare ones like diamonds and emeralds, this layer is great for mining although sometimes it can be quite difficult to find caves that spawn at this point, so keep in mind that you will need quite a handful of pickaxes.  

What makes layers 10 to 15 great:

  • You can mine every type of ore
  • most materials are available here


Mining is a crucial part of Minecraft, but it is probably more important to know where to mine and when to mine also, so we hope you can use this top 10 as a guide to help you make it easier whenever you need to mine some of those resources that make Minecraft such a great game. 


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