[Top 15] New Best Minecraft Seeds (1.15 +1.14) 2020 Edition

Best Minecraft Seeds 1.15, Best Minecraft Seeds 2020
Enjoy all the features of Minecraft all within new seeds!

What Are The New Best Minecraft Seeds?

If you’ve never experimented with Minecraft seeds before, you’re missing out. Minecraft worlds are procedurally generated, meaning each new world you create is randomly generated from a world building algorithm. A seed is a string of numbers that influence the world you generate when you create a new world.

Think of starting a world without a seed as rolling the dice on what kind of world you get. With a seed, you have some influence over what world you spawn in. Are you looking for a fun sandbox to play in? Do you want to take on a hardcore survival challenge? Take a look at the top 15 seeds for Minecraft patch 1.15.

15. 927605758

A village AND a minesharft? What an awesome place to start!

To start off our list, we have an epic way to start a survival game. With this seed, you’ll spawn at a village with a massive ravine and mineshaft beneath! This seed is an excellent way to have vital resources at your fingertips from the start.

14. -205290443

If you want to feel like a Minecraft Viking? This is the seed for you!

Coming in at number 14, this seed was made for those who love combat. Seed 14 features a small island with a Pillager outpost and a smaller adjacent island with a few resources. This seed is perfect for those looking for a challenge. Gather what you can when you spawn and take on the Pillagers! A great seed for a fun challenge while flexing your Minecraft knowledge. Can you defeat Pillager island?

13. -854994388

A desert village awaits you here with a temple just waiting to be looted

The next seed on our list features a village with a desert temple submerged in the sand! This seed is an excellent way to kick off an adventure. You have instant access to resources from the village followed up by the sweet loot of a temple.

12. 527517686

What a beautiful place to start your Minecraft adventure!

Our next seed spawns us right next to a majestic coral reef! What better place to build your home then a beach with a beautiful underwater biome in your backyard!

11. 1525413704

If you're looking for a challenge in your next playthrough, this seed will certainly make things interesting.

Here we have the ultimate survival challenge. Seed number 1525413704 features an isolated island, a lonely patch of land in the middle of a vast ocean. Do you have what it takes to survive here? If you can, there’s an ocean temple waiting to be explored north of your spawn point.

10. 4837753214958088255

Two beautiful biomes sitting side by side in this seed

Our next seed is the first of our list to be truly rare. With this seed, you’ll spawn at the crossroads of a bustling forest and a winter wonderland. Gather some wood and take a walk through the ice biome to enjoy the beautiful ice spires and frozen lakes.

9. 113560767

Let's go phantom hunting in this place!

With our next seed, you never have to worry about finding a map to a manor. Here, you spawn directly in front of a mansion! Get some supplies ready and charge headfirst into the Illagers’ layer.

8. Frt7g5

Neat foating islands and deep caves await you in this strange world

Now we’re getting into physics-defying territory. With this seed, you’ll spawn in a strange world where floating islands tower over a dark abyss. Can you build a settlement in the clouds? Or are you brave enough to explore the alluring cave?

7. 1154343752

Shrooms! Shrooms everywhere!

Want to spawn in a coveted mushroom biome? With this seed, you’ll never have to search for this odd, rare biome ever again! Make all the mushroom soup you could ever want with this seed!

6. 3273650411067511766

While these may not be misty, your Dwarven friends might like these elegant mountain ranges

This seed is among the most majestic on this list. Here, you’ll spawn on a magnificent island with forests, caves, waterfalls, and snowy mountains. What kinds of homes could you make on this beautiful island?

5. 3971121552768171949

A large canyon with relaxing rivers and few trees

Ever wanted to visit The Grand Canyon? With this seed, you can! Seed number 3971121552768171949 will spawn you in the middle of this beautifully rare forest canyon biome.

4. -8649882919108446796

What a strange place. And that village there looks far from being normal...

This is a weird one. This seed spawns you in an otherworldly mountain range with an equally strange village to accompany it. Here you’ll be greeted to a floating mountain range with a village that has floating crop fields. This seed is the best bet if you’re looking for an odd but interesting experience.

3. -4706651163609820240

That mountain looks like you could put a thread through it

Coming in at number three on our list, this seed features a gaping mountain. An example of Minecraft’s beauty, the potential fortresses that can be built here are truly exciting.

2. 8061648139126237361

Beautiful in its own way, these floating blocks and otherworldly look can call to any adventurer

With this seed, we combine the beauty of procedurally generated Minecraft worlds with the oddity and mystery of floating blocks. Can you see the potential that this otherworldly mountain range holds? If so, this seed is for you!

1. 1168863261

A combination of everything good, this place is the ultimate getaway for any Minecrafter!

Last, but definitely not least, we have seed number 1168863261. This seed manages to combine the glory of all the previous seeds and yet still remain unique and exciting. Between a desert and a jungle biome, this seed features a gorgeous mountain with gaping holes, natural bridges, and mysterious floating blocks. The mountain is gushing with a phenomenal waterfall and lava flow; accompanied by plenty of trees, stone, and minerals to mine. What more could you ask for from a Minecraft seed?

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