[Top 15] Minecraft Best Datapacks Every Player Should Have

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Datapacks and mods can make infinite games infinitely more fun!

[Top 15] Minecraft Best Datapacks Every Player Should Have

Datapacks are useful tools for Minecrafters who crave a truly customized experience every time they play - but they can also come in handy when you really just want to streamline little mechanics and make the game nicer overall. Whether you’re looking to improve quality of life on your personal server, or want to massively change your game with new creatures and dimensions, here are fifteen datapacks every player should try!

15. Amethyst Golem

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If spelunking isn’t exciting enough for you, this datapack adds a new naturally spawning mob to the game. Adding color, life, and danger in a creative way, the Amethyst Golem is a fearsome hostile mob that lurks in your caverns, waiting to cause some serious damage to any unlucky player that wanders within its grasp. However, if you have the guts and skills, you can take one of these bad boys down for some handy, rare loot.

  • Adds a new mob to the game: Amethyst Golems
  • Adds new items to the game: Amethyst Cores, Amethyst Wands
  • Amethyst Wands are powerful weapons that summon clusters of amethyst to do damage to mobs

14. Waterfalls

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I’m a big fan of water features in real life. The gentle sound of flowing water is calming, and more than that, they’re beautiful to watch. I have always been disappointed in the lack of detail included in Minecraft’s water physics; no splash, no gentle waves, no reflections. Building a fountain is underwhelming - and don’t even get me started on a full waterfall! Luckily, this datapack is here to help, adding extra textures and details to waterfalls to make water physics more visually satisfying.

  • Adds particles and textures to where flowing water blocks collide with still water blocks
  • Adds new sound effects
  • These features also apply to lava!

13. Towns & Towers - Structure Overhaul

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Villages are a staple of Minecraft exploration. It’s always fun to stumble across a village, especially if you get to encounter multiple different variations. However, if you’d like even more spice, this datapack redefines how villages generate to include new structures that interact with one another in unique ways.

  • Adds new architectural styles to Minecraft villages, based on real architectural styles from around the world
  • Adds new Pillager Outpost styles to match each biome they’re found in
  • Adds sailors that can be found exploring the seas

12. Better Mineshafts

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This datapack is perfect to pair with the 1.18 update. Now that the caves have been completely overhauled, it’s about time that the mine shafts got a face lift, too. There’s a lot more variety to the mine shaft experience now - it will be a lot harder to get lost when you have such unique landmarks to help you keep your wits about you.

  • Changes the way that mine shafts generate
  • Adds diverse new rooms to mine shafts and diverse loot

11. Infinite Trades

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This datapack is incredibly simple, but also incredibly handy for any Minecrafter that is familiar with villager trading. An integral part of the game, villager trading takes a lot of time and effort before you can get anything really good. With this datapack, you don’t have to wait for villagers to cool down before you trade with them.

  • Removes trade limits from villagers so you can trade with them endlessly

10. Daily Quests

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If you like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, you likely miss having a daily routine when you’re playing Minecraft. These games always have an in-game scheduling or quest system that reminds you to keep active and on top of your chores. This datapack adds that mechanic to Minecraft!

  • Adds a daily quest system to Minecraft
  • Completing quests grants the player with XP points for enchantment levels

9. Spotify

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Everyone loves Minecraft’s music - it’s notoriously relaxing and comforting. However, sometimes, you want something a little more personal. Your own songs, your favorite tracks from your favorite artists. This datapack allows you to use Spotify in Minecraft via music discs.

  • Adds Spotify to Minecraft through music discs
  • Requires a texture pack to work, which can be downloaded on the creator’s Discord server

8. Working Vanilla Backpacks

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When I was a kid, having access to backpacks in Minecraft was my number one desire. I want backpacks in every game, honestly - there’s never enough room in my inventory! Luckily, this datapack offers backpacks to vanilla Minecraft players in a variety of colors, so you’ll always have space for that extra stack of gravel blocks, just in case you really need a lot of gravel.

  • Adds new items to the game: Backpacks that contain a usable inventory
  • The backpacks come in infinite colors and sizes

7. Doggy Care

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Nothing makes a house feel like a home quite like having a pet around. If you’re worried about creepers, you could keep a cat, but if you want to do some damage, you’ll need a dog. Unfortunately, taming a wolf to fight by your side is not very rewarding in Minecraft’s base game. If you want your dog to really take mobs down, you’ll need this datapack - which allows you to level up your dogs!

  • Adds a leveling system to tamed wolves
  • Adds new items to the game: Station Crafters, Dog Beds, Dog Toys
  • Allows you to add special properties and perks to specific tamed wolves

6. Beekeeper Villagers

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I always find it nice to construct a garden around my Minecraft homes, populated with many types of colorful flowers, goats, any pets I may have acquired, and, of course, bees. Bees are good for your crops, but most importantly, they give you honey - a useful harvestable found in beehives! With this datapack, some villagers can become designated beekeepers.

  • Adds a new village structure to the game: Apiary
  • Adds a new villager role with a unique appearance: beekeeper
  • Allows you to trade with villagers for beekeeping items, like honey and beehives

5. Magic Wands

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If you’re interested in spicing up PVP in your personal Minecraft server, this datapack is for you. It adds a wide variety of magic wands to the game. The wands can perform spells and be used to attack mobs and players.

  • Adds new items to the game: Magic Wands
  • Adds a magic spell system to the game

4. Minecraft Explosion Rebuilder

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This is another simple staple datapack, but possibly one of the handiest on this list. Everyone hates when a creeper wanders by their house and blows up their hard work, and everyone hates a griefer that enjoys destroying carefully crafted structures for their own amusement. This datapack ensures that none of that nonsense can occur, by automatically rebuilding structures destroyed by explosions.

  • Automatically detects damage done by explosions and replaces blocks that have been disturbed
  • Works for any kind of explosion: creepers, TNT, ghasts, and wither skulls

3. Beasts & Monsters

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Unlike some of the other datapacks on this list, this pack is massive. Based on the iconic Witcher franchise, this datapack introduces a whole host of unique monsters to fight, including brand new items and loot. There are even bosses!

  • Adds new mobs to the game: Bruxa, Carcass, Cockatrice, Crow, Draugr, Gargoyle, Ghoul, Goblin, Grizzly Bear, Mare, Rotfiend, Siren, Spirit, Trapper, Troll, Unicorn, Werewolf, Wight, Wraith, Wyvern
  • Adds new bosses to the game: Chimera, Djinn, Elder Vampire, Fiend, Leshen, Royal Wyvern
  • Adds 80 new items, 7 new structures, and 23 advancements to the game

2. Custom Dimensions

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Much like the classic Aether mod of old, this datapack allows you to build a portal - like a Nether portal - out of a block other than obsidian to go somewhere else. It’s always handy to have quick access to an End city or a village, and now you can get there from anywhere!

  • Adds new portals and dimensions to the game: Bastion Dimension, Fortress Dimension, End City Dimension, Village Dimension, and Desert Temple Dimension

1. Safe Creative Dimension

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Just like the previous datapack, this datapack allows you to build a portal to a new dimension. In this case, however, it’s particularly handy for multiplayer servers. This datapack allows players to build a portal to a superflat creative world where they can build anything their heart desires without affecting the rest of the survival world. If that wasn’t enough, the portals are also stunning and uniquely shaped.

  • Adds a new portal and a new dimension to the game: Superflat Creative Dimension or “Dream World”
  • Allows players in a multiplayer setting to have a free-for-all space without affecting the integrity of the main survival world

With this list of datapacks, you have all the tools necessary to tailor your Minecraft experience perfectly to your needs and wants. We’ll see you around - and happy gaming!

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