Minecraft: How to Craft

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Minecraft: How to Craft


Check out this handy video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm0sJ-_W4oI

Video by: TexureCrafters

Now… if you don’t know how to craft… like, anything, in Minecraft, you, uh - well, you must be new around here. That’s totally cool! Minecraft is a really fun game, and it’s even more fun with friends - the more, the merrier. But you’re going to be a little lost if you don’t even know the basics - so here’s a quick guide to the craft part of Minecraft.

  • To start crafting, you have to start where every new gamer starts: controls. In Minecraft, controls are customizable, so you can change these in your settings to whatever is most comfortable for you - but first, we’ll go over the terms.
    • Your main key is your mine/break/punch key. I’ll be calling this the mine key, but the basic idea is that this is the key you use when you want to break or collect something. For most PC players, this is the left-click on their mouse.
    • Your next key is your interact key. You use this whenever you want to, well, interact with something - opening a menu for an interactable item, feeding animals, feeding yourself, engaging with Villagers, etc. For most PC players, this is the right-click on their mouse.
    • Movement controls are, for most PC players, the WASD keys. W for forward, A and S for left and right respectively, and D for backwards. Easy peasy.
    • To open your own inventory, most PC players will press E. E is kind of like aloha - it can be both hello and goodbye. You press it to open your inventory and also to close your inventory.
  • Alright, the next step is to find a tree. Any tree will work. Use your mine key to break at least 1 block from the trunk of the tree. You hold the key down until the block breaks, and then you should automatically collect the block of wood that appears.
    • Then, open your inventory. In one slot, you should be carrying the wood you just harvested. In the top right of your inventory, you’ll see a small 2x2 grid. This is your mini Crafter. Place the wood you harvested into one of the squares on this grid to turn it into 4 Wooden Planks. Then, place 1 of each of those Wooden Planks blocks into the 4 squares of your mini Crafter. This will turn the planks into your most useful tool: the Crafting Table.
    • Close your inventory and then place your Crafting Table on the ground within reach by holding it and using your interact key. Once it’s placed, you can use the interact key again to open your Crafting Table menu. Now, you’ll see your inventory on the bottom of the screen and the full 3x3 Crafting grid on the top. 
      • There’s a little book on your screen - that holds all the Crafting recipes you’ve discovered, if you’re having trouble remembering some of the recipes. 
  • Now that you have access to a Crafting Table, you can make anything your heart desires.

As this is probably your first time playing Minecraft, let me personally welcome you. I wish you good luck - and happy gaming!

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