[Top 10] Minecraft Best Tnt Canon Designs That Are Awesome

Minecraft Best Tnt Canon Designs That Are Awesome
Ready, Aim, Build!

Which are the best Tnt canons in Minecraft?

Imagine you just finished building your nice and comfy base and suddenly the night falls and a bunch of skeletons, creepers, and zombies start to spawn, you try to fight them all but there are too many and you run out of arrows and your sword breaks... But luckily you read this article, and you use the extra trick that you've been saving up your sleeve and use one of the top 10 best Tnt canon designs that are awesome!


10. The simple canon

This canon is simple and powerful this is why we recommend this canon as your first one if you are a beginner in the world of canons. 

What makes this design great:

  • The simplicity of this canon makes it perfect for the average player
  • Works fantastically and shoots very far and accurate
  • Uses simple materials to build it 


9. The Tnt Tank

The fact that this canon resembles that of a real-life tank makes it perfect not only to protect your base but also as a way to decorate it and make it look cool. This tank is also simple to build and works perfectly.

What makes this design great:

  • Can shoot lots of Tnt across the map
  • The design and materials make it easy to build
  • It will not take many resources to build


8. The flying sphere canon

Another name for this powerful Tnt canon is the Shotgun since each shot will simultaneously fire up to 5 or 6 blocks of Tnt, turning it into one of the strongest canons to protect your base. 

What makes this design great:

  • This canon will shoot 5 or 6 Tnt at the same time
  • Looks pretty cool after building
  • The fact that it is flying gives the Tnt more range to travel. 


7. The slime-powered canon

As the name suggests, this canon works with slime, and one of its advantages is that each shot will fire three blocks of Tnt together but also in a very accurate way, which most TNT canons can't manage to achieve. 

What makes this design great:

  • This canon is very accurate and always hits the same place
  • It shoots 3 Tnt blocks but lined in parallel making it even more destructive power
  • Fun to build and not as complicated as most canons


6. The trench canon

This canon might be pretty fun to use, but it's not that resourceful since it needs to be loaded manually, and it will take eight blocks of Tnt just to launch one projectile, though the distance it travels is one of the longest you will see in a canon, therefore, placing it on number 7 of this list.

What makes this design great:

  • Very fun to look at when it shoots the Tnt
  • The Tnt travels a long distance which is a great advantage when building a Tnt canon
  • The canon is accurate and will hit its target most of the times 


5. The obsidian canon

This canon is similar to the trench canon in functionality except that is much more efficient and doesn't need 8 blocks of Tnt to work, another great feature is that it is very accurate and it shoots a great distance.

What makes this design great:

  • Shoots quite far and is very accurate
  • It doesn't need to be loaded manually
  • Is very efficient with resources 


4. The Hit and run

The "Hit and run" is a unique type of canon since it can only be activated once, and after that, it resembles more of a nuclear bomb than a canon, but it still is one of the most destructive Tnt canons you can build.

What makes this design great:

  • Shoots tons of Tnt everywhere 
  • Its destructive power is one of the most efficient and powerful ones 
  • It will effortlessly destroy everything within the distance of blocks


3. The hidden Tnt canon

This canon is almost invisible, except for the exposed button on the surface the rest of it is hidden underground which is why it is perfect for protecting your base and shooting anyone who dares gets close to your precious loot.

What makes this design great:

  • This canon is hidden underground making it undetectable to any player
  • It shoots in a very accurate way
  • Very cool to look at the mechanism while it launches the Tnt


2. The bomber

The bomber is one of those ideas that sound great on paper but not so much in reality.

For this canon to work you must build it hovering above whatever it is you want to destroy.

What makes this design great:

  • Firing from the canon feels like riding a bomber plane in a war
  • Looks very cool and is very accurate
  • Find a way to move this canon and you will have a powerful and destructive machine at your service!


1. The manual canon of destruction 

What makes this design great:

  • This canon is always ready to fire just place the Tnt and watch the fireworks go
  • No need to use buttons or levers
  • You can spam click To place as much Tnt as you want and the canon will fire



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