[Top 10] Best Minecraft Armor Enchantments

Best Minecraft Armor Enchantments
These enchantments will make you invincible.

[Top 10] Best Minecraft Armor Enchantments

When you first drop into the world of Minecraft, you’re naked. Unequipped. Vulnerable. But luckily, as you progress you can get your hands on all manner of armor tools for defense. Leather, iron, chain, diamond, however you choose to style, by far, the best advancement for your wardrobe is enchantments. Here are ten of the most versatile enchantments and guides on how and when they are most useful.

10. Unbreaking - Any

Unbreaking is a staple enchantment for any tool or piece of armor, toughening up the materials and making them last longer before breaking. Endlessly replacing your items is one of the hassles of Minecraft - it keeps the game interesting via the constant need to stock up on resources, but it can also get rather frustrating in late game when you’re replacing your boots for the four hundredth time. Unbreaking won’t make your tools last forever, but it can buy you some time in between those chores, stretching their lifespan by a notable degree that increases with all three levels of potency this enchantment can be applied at.

9. Projectile Protection - Chestplate

For a few of these enchantments, they are applicable to any piece of armor, but I have my own recommendations of where specifically they might be most useful. In this case, you can place Projectile Protection, an enchantment that lessens the damage taken from arrows, anywhere you like, but considering your torso is the largest part of your character model and more likely to be hit, it’s objectively the best place for it! This enchantment has four possible levels of potency.

8. Thorns - Chestplate

This is another enchantment that could be placed anywhere but is most effective on the chestplate. Thorns allows for damage you take to be echoed back on the dealer, again, very handy when dealing with long-range wielding enemies. Anything they hit you with, they’ll feel the pain from, too - ultimate revenge, as well as being a practical way to get a few extra points of damage in, even from a distance. This enchantment offers three levels of potency.

7. Respiration - Helmet

Getting your hands on a turtle shell to use as a helmet can take a long time, but if you want improved water breathing sooner, luckily, the Respiration enchantment exists at three levels of potency. When applied to a helmet, this enchantment increases the length of time you can spend underwater without drowning and taking damage.

6. Depth Strider - Boots

This is yet another enchantment designed to optimize your performance underwater, but this one is applied to your boots instead of your helmet. Depth Strider, available at three levels of potency, increases your speed while moving or mining underwater. Pair this with a Riptide-enchanted trident, and you’ll be an unstoppable god of the sea.

5. Blast Protection - Any

The iconic and meddlesome creeper is one of the most dangerous and frustrating enemies in Minecraft, and they’re not even the only creature capable of inflicting some real explosive damage to you and your lovingly crafted structures. Blast Protection, which is available at four levels of potency, is a handy secret weapon in these infuriating scenarios: it reduces blast damage!

4. Fire Protection - Any

Fire is a constant and pervasive peril within the world of Minecraft, but, just like explosives, this danger also has a secret weakness that you can apply to any piece of armor in your inventory: the Fire Protection enchantment. It protects you… from fire. Simple, but useful! This enchantment is available at four levels of potency.

3. Feather Falling - Boots

Feather Falling is an uncommon but incredibly versatile enchantment for your boots, decreasing fall damage and allowing you to leap from great heights without getting hurt. This effect is stronger with all four levels of potency, keeping you safe when you’re scaling mountains and cliffs.

2. Frost Walker - Boots

This enchantment is one of (if not the) coolest enchantment(s) in all of Minecraft. The Frost Walker enchantment, exclusively applicable to your boots, not only negates damage taken from standing on magma blocks, but automatically changes water blocks below your feet to ice, allowing you to bend nature to your will and walk on water like the freaking Messiah. At two levels of potency, you can live your dreams of being a master of the elements with just a few strokes of luck and clicks of your mouse.

1. Mending - Any

Finally, as the most versatile enchantment overall, protecting all of your other enchantments from being lost when breaking the tool they’re placed on, Mending repairs the piece it’s applied to with every experience point you gain. This is another way to stretch the lifespan of your tools, especially when paired with Unbreaking. Mending only comes in one level of potency.

Now, with that knowledge and forethought, you have all the information you need to build the most incredible set of armor possible within Minecraft. I can’t wait to experiment with these combinations and see just how invincible I can become. We’ll see you around - happy gaming!

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