[Top 10] Minecraft Most Useless Items

Minecraft Most Useless Items
This post is not as useless as the items

Which are the most useless items in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game that has a handful of items and most of them have a well-defined purpose, others can be used for many things, but there are also some items that are completely useless… In fact, we don't even know why they were added in the first place, so to save you the time to find it out by yourself we came up with a list of the top 10 most useless items in Minecraft. 


10. Fire charge

This item is very similar to flit and steel, strike it to the ground and it will light a fire, doesn't sound so useless, does it? Well, the catch is that it can only use once and it is gone forever, unlike its useful variant (Flint and steel), so why would you go through all the trouble of crafting it just to watch it disappear after using it?


9. Gold hoe

The thing with golden hoes is that they are completely useless and unnecessary to craft, this is due to them being even weaker than wood, breaking after 33 uses while wooden hoes break after 60. So tell me, who in their right mind would waste their gold just to craft something that can be overpowered by its wooden variant? 


8. Dried Kelp

Dried kelp is an item that can be obtained when cooking kelp in a furnace or smoker and they can be used as a food source or for compost, except they are not worth the trouble since eating it will only fill one bar of hunger and you have so many easier to get alternatives for compost… 


7. Minecart with furnace

The only reason you would use this atrocity of an item is to move around other minecarts, but who in their right mind would waste a minecart and a furnace just to do something you can achieve with levers and reads one or even just doing it yourself?


6. Spyglass

Let's be honest although this item may seem like a great addition to Minecraft in the long view it is useless and it will most certainly be stored in a chest never to be used again… since there is no actual purpose for using one in-game yet.


5. Tropical fish

This useless excuse for a food source is one we recommend throwing into the ocean as soon as possible since it has no use rather than being edible, but the catch is that unlike many other kinds of fish, tropical fish cant be cooked and eating it raw will only restore one bar of hunger, which is pretty useless if you ask us… 


4. Rabbit hide

Rabbit hide is an item that rabbits drop when killed, it has no real use in the game yet, its only use is that if you put four on a crafting table you can make leather, but why would you go through that whole process wen cows are such a common mob in Minecraft. Although, rumor has it that it will be useful in the upcoming update until that update comes rabbit hide will remain a useless item. 


3. Amethyst shard

This item is obtained when breaking a fully grown amethyst cluster, but the thing is this shard has no utility in the game whatsoever, all you can do with it is to make make an amethyst block by gathering four shards, but let us be honest the book is o ugly it doesn't even work s decoration, and its second “utility” is to make a spyglass, which as we mentioned above is another useless item, so why would you waste your time and resources to get these two useless items?


2. Dead bush 

This item is not only useless but also ugly, dead bushes can be found in deserted biomes and when breaking them they will drop sticks, which is quite useless when you realize that you can craft more sticks using trees or bamboo, the only useful thing about this item is that it helps the desert biome look a bit more “deserted”…


1. Roten Potato

This item is useless, ugly and quite sincerely we can't even imagine how it got in the game, eating it will poison you and it doesn't even work as compost nor for brewing, heck it doesn't even work as decoration; this item will only fill otherwise useful space in your inventory and it will only piss you off every time you harvest your potatoes and you see one of these pop up in your inventory…

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