[Top 10] Minecraft Best Bedrock Texture Packs That Are Awesome

Minecraft Best Bedrock Texture Packs That Are Awesome
Want to know the best texture packs for Bedrock?

Which are the best texture packs for Bedrock?

As every player should know, there are two versions of Minecraft, Java and Bedrock and although they might seem exactly the same at first glance, they have quite a great variety of differences; these differences are mainly gameplay-wise, but one very important difference is the fact that most texture packs don't work with both versions of the game. 

For this reason, we decided to make a list of the top 10 best texture packs for Bedrock edition. 


10. Better undead death animations 

When it comes to death animations Minecraft is pretty straightforward, you kill a mob, it falls to the ground and it explodes into a cloud of smoke; so why not give it a new and fresher look by adding some new and unique animations with this mod. 

Why is this Mod fun:

  • New death animations
  • Fun and unique experience
  • Each animation is new and unique 
  • Get it here


9. Butterfly add-on

New mob mods are always welcome on our lists and mostly when they are as beautiful and unique as the “butterfly add-on”, yes now you can watch these beautiful creatures fly around the mountains and valleys of your world and the best part is that there are different kinds of butterflies depending on the biome that you are. 

Why is this mod fun:

  • Get a new unique mob
  • The butterfly will drop new items
  • Brings new features to the game
  • Get it here


8. Vein Miner and Treecap Add-on

Most of the time mining can be a very exhausting and time-consuming task; and for those times, that’s when this mod comes in handy. This mod will help you by mining veins or similar blocks altogether without having to mine the whole vein by yourself. 

Why is the mod fun:

  • Makes mining faster
  • Saves you time for other stuff
  • Great add-on 
  • Get it here


7. Shaders:

This mod is simple but makes Minecraft look better and more realistic, by adding shaders to the game, improves the realism and the way the textures work. Shaders are one of Java edition's most famous features, so why not share it with the Bedrock edition too?

Why is this mod fun:

  • Makes Minecraft look better
  • Textures are more realistic
  • Gives you a new and unique experience 
  • Get it here


6. Handheld torches 

This mod gives the player the ability that every player has been dreaming of since torches were first introduced; yes, we are talking about the ability to use them while holding them in our hand without having to place them in order to light our path. 

Why is this Mod fun:

  • New features for torches
  • Light the way when holding torches
  • Helps you see better in the dark
  • Get it here


5. Food add-on

This mod gives you a new and bigger variety of food to choose from and also new and unique ways to cook them, it may seem simple at first but it does add tons of new variety to the game. 

Why is this Mod fun:

  • Add new food options to the game
  • New unique items
  • Mobs drop new food that can be cooked
  • Get it here


4. Thirst bar add-on

If you ignore Minecraft textures and graphics you can say that in terms of gameplay Minecraft can be quite realistic;  you have to eat to avoid dying of hunger, you must rest to avoid hallucinating at night and you have to build yourself a house to avoid getting eaten alive by the terrible mods that wonder the world; but it can always get more realistic, with this mod you will add a thirst bar that will give you one more trouble to worry about and not die on your mission to build the perfect base. O and it also works as a good reminder to drink water and stay hydrated. 

Why is this Mod fun:

  • Ads a thirsty bar
  • Makes surviving a lot more difficult
  • New fun experience 
  • Get it here


3. Morphing mod

Morphing mod does exactly what you'd expect, it gives the player the ability to experience Minecraft through the eyes of any mob in the game, from peaceful mobs like sheep and cows to hostile ones like creepers and zombies; now you can put yourself in the shoes of your favourite mobs and feel a little sorry the next time you have to kill one. 

Why is this mod fun:

  • Turn into any mob you want
  • Experience Minecraft through the eyes of any mob
  • Play with your friends
  • Get it here


2. Advanced farming 

Farming is already an essential part of  Minecraft, so why not give it a big update? This may not be an official update but it sure improves farming a ton and it makes it feel like it is part of the game. It's like combining Minecraft with a farming simulator. 

Why is this Mod fun:

  • New items and blocks
  • Unique farming experience
  • Fun and creative 
  • Get it here


1. Backpack add-on

In Minecraft, you'll be walking around seemingly endless worlds and collecting loads of useful items and blocks, it all may seem fun and games until you run out of storage space… Now here is where this mod comes in handy; this add-on will give the player the ability to carry with him a backpack where he will be able to get more space to store those items that he would originally have to throw away. 

Why is this Mod fun:

  • Adds a backpack
  • More options to store your items
  • Explore the world of Minecraft without worrying about inventory space 
  • Get it here



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