[Top 10] Minecraft Best Escape Maps

Minecraft Best Escape Maps
Face an evil warlock to earn your freedom

There are a ton of different Minecraft maps of all different styles and genres, the more popular of them being the escape maps where you have to figure out how to escape from a dangerous situation. This article will take you through the 10 best Minecraft escape maps.

10. Escape Room: Prison Escape

This map emulates an escape room that you can do in real life, with plenty of puzzles and secrets you have to work through to earn your freedom

What’s Great About Escape Room: Prison Escape: 

  • Custom textures and NPC’s to bring the map to life
  • An enormous prison setting filled to the brim with puzzles and secrets to explore

Download Escape Room: Prison Escape: https://www.playthismap.com/products/entity-builds/escape-room-prison-es...

9. Escape the Emerald Empire

Escape the Emerald Empire is an escape map where you have to beat a series of parkour and puzzle challenges to earn your freedom from the emerald dungeon

What’s Great About Escape the Emerald Empire:

  • Tons of parkour challenges created in really cool settings
  • A great mix of puzzle and combat challenges, requiring you to use brains and brawn to make it out

  Download Escape the Emerald Empire: https://mcstore.io/pixeloneup/escape-the-emerald-empire

8. The Nether Escape 

The Nether Escape is an awesome escape map that challenges you to escape from the Nether and away from the evil Leech King

What’s Great About The Nether Escape:

  • Custom textures, enemies, and weapons all come together to make an extremely unique and cool experience
  • Plenty of quests and tasks to do away from the main goal of the map, which adds to the game overall

  Download The Nether Escape: https://www.playthismap.com/products/mythicus/the-nether-escape

7. Lava Block Survival 

Lava Block Survival is a mix of parkour and dungeon crawler as you jump and slash your way to freedom from the Nether

What’s Great About Lava Block Survival:

  • New custom mobs to offer some serious combat challenges
  • Complex and creative parkour challenges that offer a swift lava death should you fail them

Download Lava Block Survival: https://www.playthismap.com/products/team-visionary/lava-block-survival

6. Escape Room: The Temple

 Escape Room: The Temple is a classic escape map, with puzzles, traps, and secrets to test your mental skill

What’s Great About  Escape Room: The Temple: 

  • 4 acts of parkour, puzzles, and traps that will constantly test your problem-solving skills
  • Custom sounds and textures to add to the ambiance of the map

Download  Escape Room: The Temple: https://www.playthismap.com/products/project-moonboot/escape-room-the-te...

5. 4 Escape Rooms

4 Escape Rooms has 4 unique different escape rooms all on the same map, all of which are extremely unique and fun

What’s Great About 4 Escape Rooms:

  • 4 unique escape rooms filled with puzzles and secrets for you to make your way through
  • Different skins for every room completely changes the feel of each map

  Download 4 Escape Rooms: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/pdp/?id=b10e0c51-5858-4a5d-bea2-d23ef656...

4. Elements: Survival Adventure 

Elements: Survival Adventure is a super unique map that requires you to earn your freedom by completing tasks for the four different elemental guardians

What’s Great About Elements: Survival Adventure:

  • 4 different islands that each have been terraformed and decorated to uniquely match each of their respective elements
  • Amazing custom textures for the decorations and the elemental guardians

Download Elements: Survival Adventure: https://mcstore.io/blocklab-studios/elements:-survival-adventure

3. Brain-Box

Brain-Box is an extremely unique map that places you directly into someone head and requires you to explore the different parts of the brain

What’s Great About Brain-Box:

  • An extremely unique and refreshing setting that you won’t find in any other Minecraft map
  • This map will challenge you by providing you with very limited resources as you attempt to battle your way through the brain and to freedom

  Download Brain-Box: https://www.playthismap.com/products/the-wizard-and-wyld/brain-box

2. Survival Island

Make your way off an island with limited resources, all the while encountering new animal species and fighting back pirates

What’s Great About Survival Island:

  • Cool new animals and enemies to find and to challenge
  • Very challenging because of the limited amount of resources that are available to you

1. Prison Escape

Prison Escape allows you to take the role of either the inmates who attempt to escape from prison or as the police officers who try and stop them

What’s Great About Prison Escape:

  • A unique concept, with you being able to choose which role you’d like to play and how you play the map
  • Great multiplayer map, with a few friends being able to act as the inmates and others being able to act as the officers

  Download Prison Escape: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/pdp/?id=ad5bf327-0244-4e8a-8803-072215e4...

There is no shortage of options when it comes to escape maps, so many of them are amazing. I hope this article helped you narrow down your choices and help you decide the best escape map to play

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