[Top 15] Best Minecraft Mods For Realms

Best Minecraft Realm Mods
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Top 15 Best Minecraft Mods For Realms

Players can safely play online with up to 10 people using Minecraft Realms, a personal server subscription, in any world of their choice. Only invited players are allowed access to the Realm, and they don't have to wait for the host to be online in order to start playing. And friends can use it for free. While community-created custom maps are supported in Minecraft, there is no official support for the use of mods in realms. As a result, some mod creators opt to use data packs rather than full mods. We offer a variety of data packs and mods that work with Realms, as well as a few extras, for you to check out.

15- Entity's Realm

Entity's Realm is a dimension exploration mod based on the multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight. This mod takes you on an adventure to discover new structures, ores, and blocks, uncover treasure, and meet well-known original and licensed horror characters. You must build a portal to the Trial dimension in order to begin the quest. There, players can explore Entity's Realm, Coldwind Farm, and Backwater Swamp, in three separate biomes. A few of the horror characters you may meet are the Trapper, Nightmare (Freddy Krueger), Hag, Leatherface, and more.

This mod is available for 1.16, 1.17, and 1.18 game versions.

Why Entity's Realm is fun 

  • Journey to the Trial brings the player closer to defeating The Entity - the final boss.
  • There are advancements that will guide players during their Minecraft adventure. To help players are items such as a medkit, flashlight, and a generator.
  • There are Christmas and Halloween event monsters as well as two passive mobs, the Crow and the Observer.

Get the mod here.


14-  Pollution of the Realms

Pollution of the Realms Mod introduces blocks of carbon and sulfur emissions from the combustion of various fuels into the Minecraft world. These blocks are produced near fuel-burning sources, fly into the air, build up in the clouds, and, if left unchecked, have a variety of negative effects on plants, animals, and players. This mod illustrates the issue of air pollution and invites players to explore different solutions to reduce its negative effects. There are techniques included in the mod to accomplish this, but the goal in building the mod was to encourage flexible solutions when combined with other mods.

This mod is available for 1.18 and 1.19 game versions.

Why Pollution of the Realms is fun 

  • This mod makes players think about environmental factors and how their actions have an effect on the world and themselves.
  • This is for people who want a different Minecraft experience that is a little more realistic.
  • It is fully customizable with configuration files and is compatible with multiple mods.

Get the mod here.


13- Ancient Realms

This mod is all about exploring dimensions and dungeons. Players can go through the dimensions to discover the ancient worlds and their environments. Each dimension is different with its own unique vegetation, animals, and environments. Check out this mod to discover what Pandora, Aerium, and Sugarenia realms have to offer!

This mod is available for 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16 game versions.

Why Ancient Realms is fun 

  • There are NPCs who can help players in exchange for information and items.
  • It’s possible to find a marvelous treasure within this mod.
  • Players are warned that the road ahead has its dangers so beware!

Get the mod here.


12- The Little Things

Best Minecraft Mods For Realms

Over 100 recipes are added in this Little Things mod to un-craft items back to their original components. It doesn’t add any new items to the game, only the recipes for vanilla blocks and items. Some of the un-crafting recipes included are for crafting, smelting, and stonecutter items:

From Doors to Blocks, Leather Armor to Leather, Iron Bars to Nuggets,  Iron Doors to Ingots Iron, Glass to Sand, and Diamond Armor to Diamond.

Why The Little Things is fun 

  • This mod can be added to already existing worlds.
  • The Little Things works on Servers, Realms, and Single-player worlds.
  • This mod is perfect for moments when too many items were created. 

Get the mod here.


11- Survival Miner

The Survival Miner addition includes Vein mining and Tree-capitation for all types of ores and trees in both the overworld and the underworld. Players can mine a whole ore vein at once when they engage in vein mining. A similar concept applies to Tree-capitation, where players can completely destroy a tree by simply destroying the bottom tree block. Two additional charms are included in this addon.

Why Survival Miner is fun 

  • The two new items are the Charm of the Core which is used for mining ore veins, and the Charm of the Canopy which is used for chopping trees.
  • These charms are easily accessible and players can still take advantage of their powers even when it’s been locked to the off-hand.
  • The latest update has ores dropping XP orbs that regularly drop the orbs.

Get the mod here.


10- One Player Sleep (Pocket Edition)

Normally while playing with friends during multiplayer mode, all the players have to go to sleep at the same time to skip the night. But with this addition, that's no longer an issue.  Players' multiplayer experience is improved by using this. 

This mod is available for Pocket Edition Bedrock 1.17 to 1.18 game version with support for Realms.

Why One Player Sleep is fun 

  • Only one player needs to go to sleep and the night passes within seconds.
  •  Players can continue with whatever activity they are working on without having to stop and sleep.
  • This can be used in Survival mode and it is compatible with Realms and servers.

Get the mod here.


9- Natural Trees - Bedrock 1.17 + [Realms Support]

Best Minecraft Mods For Realms

The Natural Trees Addon is a simple mod that changes the vanilla trees to have a more Real World appearance without adding new trees. Give your world a new look with The Natural Trees Addon. This addon does not add new trees!

This mod is available for Pocket Edition Bedrock 1.16 and 1.17 game versions with support for Realms.

Why Natural Trees is fun 

  • This is for players who have specific ideas about how they want their Minecraft world to look or who simply want their trees to look more realistic. 
  • The trees stay in their Vanilla form and are still grown from the Vanilla saplings.
  • The mod changes Birch, Jungle, Oak, Acacia, and Swamp trees.

Get the mod here.


8- [Permanence] Keep Inventory - [Realms Support]

The Permanence Keep Inventory mod consists of a tag that can be added to any player that wants it while playing in Multiplayer. To give a player “Keep Inventory” simply give them the tag "keep_on_death" by typing a specific command. All other players will continue to lose stuff as usual if they don't have the tag!

This mod is available for Bedrock for the 1.17 and 1.18 game versions and it is supported to play with Realms.

Why Keep Inventory is fun 

  • For those who activate the command tag, gone are the days of your inventory items disappearing or becoming unreachable after dying.
  • The others who choose not to activate the tag will continue with the survival challenge of losing their inventory items upon death.
  • This is claimed to be the first add-on for per-player keep inventory command.

Get the mod here.


7- Shulker Drops Two Mod

Best Minecraft Mods For Realms

Shulkers are cubic hostile mobs found in End cities that provide the only source of shulker shells. They hide in their shell to blend in with their surroundings while guarding the city's treasures and usually drop only one shell. By default this mod uses the normal drop chance of shells.

This mod is available for Forge and Fabric 1.16 through 1.19 game versions.

Why Shulker Drops Two is fun 

  • This mod is configurable in that it removes the option of the drop chance.
  • With this option removed, players can collect up to 64 shells.
  • Now players can craft multiple Shulker boxes.

Get the mod here.


6- Return Anchors

With the Return Anchors add-on players don’t have to walk all the way back home or rely on the “/home” command in order to go back to their home spawn. Instead, players can craft a block that lets them mark a return location and get home within 5 seconds. 

Why Return Anchors is fun 

  • A Totem of Returning is used to teleport to the Return Anchor.
  • Each item can be craftable into multiples and used several times.
  • This is perfect for use in Survival mode and it is supported for Realms.

Get the mod here.


5- Bot-Topia Realms Edition

Players can create and program Bots with computer chips to perform a variety of activities using this add-on. The Bots can mine, harvest, cut down trees, farm, mine, and protect you from intruders. By squatting and clicking on the bot, you can easily pick them up off the ground. They gravitate toward the player who is holding a redstone.

This is available for 1.16. game versions and is supported for Realms.

Why Bot-Topia Realms Edition is fun 

  • All you need to do to get the Bots to follow you is to hold a chunk of redstone because they are drawn to players who are holding it.
  • Want the farm Bot to do its job? Simply give it a Farm Chip, take it to the crop of your choice, and add the seed or crop to the bot's inventory to get things started. This robot can cultivate wheat, potatoes, carrots, beets, pumpkins, and melons.
  • Guard bots will follow a player even if they are not holding redstone or redstone flakes.  Any nearby foes or any mob that attacks them or the player will be attacked by guard bots. The Guard Bot will pick up and equip whatever weapons you drop on the ground. 

Get the mod here.


4- TreeCapitator Data Pack

This mod was part of a duo in a previous mod pack but for those that only want to chop trees, this is for them. The TreeCapitator Data Pack has a new function that speeds tree-cutting along with a modified axe that has Unbreaking.  However, it loses its durability based on the number of destroyed blocks.

This is available for 1.17 and 1.18 game versions.

Why TreeCapitator is fun 

  • Instantly chop down a tree no matter what type of wood it is.
  • The data pack can be customized.
  • It is available in creative mode for a quick and efficient way to knock down trees without blowing them up.

Get the mod here.


3- Graves

Best Minecraft Mods For Realms

After a player dies in-game, this Graves data pack secures their belongings in a grave that only they can access. But if a player kills another player, they can collect an Ancient Gravedigger's Shovel, which can be used to try and rob the grave. The data pack’s behavior can be customized, such as whether to allow grave robberies to happen or to make cursed items disappear.

This data pack has been made for 1.16.5 and tested in 1.17, 1.18, and 1.19. It is also compatible with other data packs.

Why Graves is fun 

  • It’s easy to collect the items by clicking the grave and the items will drop out. 
  • If a friend has died in-game other players can add flowers to the grave to honor them. There are also different graves for each dimension.
  • Your XP levels are also stored in the graves so you can level back up again.

Get the mod here.


2- Kektimus' Realm Enrichment Datapack (K.R.E.D)

Best Minecraft Mods For Realms

This Realms data pack, which is compatible with single-player and multiplayer modes, intends to give you the motivation to try new things and introduce you to new activities. There are changes to the game mechanics, added buffs and effects to most of the foods, and new recipes in several categories Everything is explained in detail in-game in the Advancements tab or on the mod wiki page.

Why (K.R.E.D) is fun 

  • Most of the foods have different effects with descriptions included. This can make players want to farm specific foods based on their needs.
  • Some of the game mechanics that are different are using fire arrows instead of torches, jumping higher when sneaking, and getting pets that are stronger.
  • Over 100 recipes are added to improve player quality of life.

Get the mod here.


1- VillEdit

The VillEdit data pack enables players to design and alter their own unique villagers. With a clever menu, they can quickly adjust the trades, professions, biome, levels, and even the name of the villagers. Finally, the player will receive a spawn egg that may be used to generate their custom villager anywhere in the globe. For further information, view the above instructional video.

Why VillEdit is fun 

  • Players can come up with all sorts of custom villagers to spawn with varying professions that what is part of the Vanilla game.
  • It is fairly easy to set up the villager editor with a chest and villager spawn egg. Once everything is set up the data pack can be removed and the villager/s will still be there.
  • Changing the profession, biome, or level of the villager affects what it looks like.

Get the mod here.

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