[Top 15] Best Minecraft Mods For Ores and Mining

Best Minecraft Ore and Mining Mods
Never Dig Straight Down! Or Up!

Top 15 Best Minecraft Mods For Ores and Mining

A significant resource, ores are used to create a variety of things, including stronger tools, weapons, and other equipment. Players find them via mining through the earth or in caves above or below ground. In order to mine some ores, players must level up their pickaxe because some ores can only be mined with an iron pickaxe or above. We've selected 15 of the greatest mods we think you'll like for players who spend a lot of time exploring caves or those who want to improve their mining experience.

15- Exp Ore

Best Minecraft Mods for Ores and Mining

Experience Ore or Exp Ore Block Mod is as simple as the name states: this mod adds a new block full of experience that drops points once broken. The points are different every time, but because this mod is configurable, you can choose the maximum and minimum experience that drops. The default amount is between 40 and 225 points.

This mod is available for 1.16, 1.17, and 1.18 game versions.

Why Exp Ore is fun:

  • Because it is configurable, players can choose whether or not the ore should be generated in the first place, as well as the vein size. 
  • It generates in every biome so it can be found everywhere.
  • This mod is perfect to level up your experience score quickly.

Get the mod here.


14- Emulyte

Best Minecraft Mods for Ores and Mining

This mod is named after one of the ores the creator came up with called Emulyte. The purple ore is used to craft armor, weapons, and tools. The other ore, Rosium,is a pink ore that is used similarly to coal.

This mod is available for the 1.18 game version and can be downloaded as Forge and Fabric versions.

Why Emulyte is fun:

  • If purple is your favorite color this mod is for you! Now players can have an all-purple fully decked-out outfit.
  • The ores are rather rare so it makes for a new challenging discovery.
  • New biomes are also included with a few new structures to explore both in the Overworld and in the Nether.

Get the mod here.


13- Elingo's Ore Generators Add-on

Elingo’s Ore Generators give players the option of an infinite supply of ores. This mod includes recipes to craft the generators, each with different times for producing ores (from 15 seconds to 3 minutes). The available generators are for iron, copper, coal, emerald, diamond, and more! Once crafted, the generator blocks have the image of raw ore on all sides. As it’s generating ores, the image starts out gray, with the color filling up like a progress bar. You’ll know when the ore is ready to mine once the texture of the generator block looks like the regular ore block.

Why Elingo’s Ore Generators are fun:

  • Players must first gather the ores for the generators they need, but after they have enough, they no longer need to go mining! Great for those who dislike the activity.
  • It's fun to see the process of producing ores as the color of the block's image returns. 
  • The mod is simple to use and those who like to craft items will enjoy the ease it brings.

Get the mod here.


12- Lucky Ores

The Lucky Ores mod was developed to add mystery to the mining experience by introducing ores with random events that occur when mined.  The mod adds two blocks and six additional items, which are found inside the mines and are generated in the game to look like other ores. This is a perfect mod to use alongside the vanilla version of the game!

Why Lucky Ores is fun:

  • The mystery element of the mod comes from mining the ore. Players won’t know if they got a positive or negative event coming up for them until they’re hitting the ore at the moment.
  • The two blocks are: Mysterious Glowing Ore and Eerie Glowing Ore. Mysterious Ore is the main ore, it glows in the dark, and can be smelted to gain a shard. Eerie Glowing Ore can also be smelted but behaves differently than the other.
  • Try your luck with this ore! You just may get an enchanted tool or start floating into the air. 

Get the mod here.


11- Mining Lantern

Best Minecraft Mods for Ores and Mining

The main purpose of this mod is to provide players with a lantern, casting light around the player. The lantern is placed behind the players’ back, which can be seen when looked at. It’s not real light, like a torch, so mobs can still spawn at night around players. There are slight configurations that can be implemented for this mod. It can be activated with a keybind to be switched on and off when needed. 

This mod is available to use with the 1.12 Minecraft version.

Why Mining Lighting is fun:

  • This is very useful to use when traveling at night or while mining without needing to place down torches.
  • Because this mod creates the lantern as a bauble trinket, it can be put into any bauble slot and used comfortably.
  • The design of the lantern may be different depending on the texture pack a player has added.

Get the mod here.


10- ++Ores

This is a mod that adds more ores to your game! ++Ores is an unusually named mod that adds extra 14 ores to Minecraft. These ores are used to create extra unique blocks, tools, armor, and weapons. These ores include lead, tin, ruby ore, sapphire ore, honeycomb ore, jungle ore, and more!

Why ++Ores is fun:

  • Honeycomb ore: This ore is naturally generated in the biomes in the Overworld. Honeycomb ore can generate 15 ores per chunk. 
  • Sapphire ore: This ore naturally generates between levels 0 and 38 in all biomes and can generate 8 ores per chunk.
  • Jungle ore: This ore naturally generates only in jungle biomes between levels 0 and 57 and generates 19 ores per chunk.

Get the mod here.


9- Mineral Finder Addon–Pocket Edition

This mod is for the extreme miner, with several hardcore tools included. Players are able to craft excavating machines, mineral detectors, magnets, and mineral vacuum cleaners to mine and collect ores and blocks from entire chunks of land within seconds. 

This mod is available for the Pocket Edition 1.19 game version.

Why Mineral Finder is fun:

  • There are numerous tools in this add-on that players can use to enjoy the greatest and quickest mining experience. For instance, by activating the extractor magnets, all ores within an 8-block radius will be gathered at once. 
  • Each tool can be crafted using different materials such as gold, iron, and diamond. There doesn’t seem to be any difference in functionality for each one but the texture is different.
  • All of these add-ons can be used in survival mode.

Get the mod here.


8- Mining Gadgets

Dire’s Mining Gadgets may only have one gadget but it is a powerful tool that can be used for more than just mining. This modification adds a rechargeable multipurpose laser with the ability to melt ice, evaporate water, and burn mobs up to 10 blocks away, among other things. Its main purpose is to create a balanced and effective method for quickly mining large regions. To create this laser, a specific crafting table will need to be created as well as a charging station used by another mod. It is configurable with upgrades to improve the gadget’s settings and power requirements.

This mod is available for the 1.17 through1.19 game versions.

Why Mining Gadgets is fun:

  • You get to use a laser with different functions. Once it is all set up and charged, you may be unstoppable.
  • The different available functions and ways to destroy blocks are fun because who doesn’t like to destroy things every now and then?
  • Among the configurable settings, players can choose the shape they want to excavate blocks for their mining purposes through the settings.

Get the mod here.


7- Nate's Better Mining Mod

Best Minecraft Mods for Ores and Mining

The Nate's Better Mining mod introduces a number of new items and blocks that can be used to enhance and streamline the vanilla mining experience.  There is a lot to be discovered!

This mod is currently available for the 1.17 game version.

Why Nate’s Better Mining is fun:

  • The addition of a Compressor to the game allows players to construct a wide variety of new things using new blocks. 
  • Mines can now be worked with brand-new, incredibly powerful equipment, including powerful bombs.
  • New sets of strong swords and armor. 

Get the mod here.



6- Large Ore Deposits

This is a mod that adds extremely rare but huge ore deposits to Minecraft worlds. Players can use a variety of commands and combinations with this easily customizable mod to find these large ore deposits. Additionally, circles of Glowroses, Mystical, and Vanilla blossoms use flexible surface markers for subsurface deposits.

Players are encouraged to use this mod in any modpacks. The mod is available for the 1.16, 1.18, and 1.19 game versions.

Why Large Ore Deposits is fun:

  • The ore deposits can be customized with simple guidelines.
  • Players can choose particular restrictions for different biomes and dimensions.
  • Ore deposits can be mixed with predetermined ore ratios.

Get the mod here.


5- Better Fuel-Java Edition (Pc/Mac/Linux)

Best Minecraft Mods for Ores and Mining

Better Fuel adds different forms of longer-lasting, more efficient fuel to Minecraft. There are tiers included for the fuel. Firstly, players must create a fuel mold that can then be used to create the different tiers of fuel. The tiers start from stone and go up to iron, gold, and diamond, and go up to cobalt, which is also a new ore addition. 

This mod is available for 1.16. and 1.18. game versions.

Why Better Fuel is fun:

  • The different tiers of fuel mean faster smelting time. The higher the tier, the more items can be cooked and smelted.
  • Not only does it make it faster but they also look cool and are interesting to make.
  • This adds another challenge for players because it’s another item they may look forward to creating to enhance their Minecraft experience.

Get the mod here


4- Dynamic Mining

Best Minecraft Mods for Ores and Mining

The Dynamic Mining mod adds several new blocks and ores to Minecraft’s caves. There are 7 decorative blocks, such as Syenite, Dripstone, and Schist as well as dusty dirt and dusty gravel. 3 new ores are included: Dirt coal, dirt iron, and dirt emerald ores.

This mod is available for the 1.16 game version.

Why Dynamic Mining is fun:

  • The new decorative blocks add a colorful variety to the currently available blocks.
  • Even though the ores have the word "dirt" in their names, players can still use them just like they would any other mineral.
  • The new dirt and gravel blocks can be used as extra decorations when creating landscapes.

Get the mod here.



3- Compact Ores

The Compact Ores mod includes new ores that add more resources. A compact ore is a block that looks similar to an ore from a different mod or from the base game of Minecraft. It has a different texture than the ore block it is built on, offers a lot more treasure, and is very modifiable. The textures of the ores can be changed but it’s best to do so with a resource pack. 

The mod has been translated into Chinese and Russian and is currently available for 1.15, 1.16, and 1.18 game versions.

Why Compact Ores is fun:

  • Ores can be customized and given a definition.
  • World Gen Debugging command: This command removes all non-ore blocks from the world. This is to check that all ores are properly generated
  • This mod is recommended for modpack creators.

Get the mod here.


2- Mining Master

Mining Master is a mod that adds 10 new 'Enchanting Ores' to the game. When these ores are used on a smithing table, they add an Enchantment to a tool or piece of armor. The level of enchantment can also be raised by adding extra Enchanting Ores to the same item of gear. The ores range from common to uncommon. These new ores can be found in the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. The gems can only be applied to vanilla objects, but there is a tag built into the mod that allows users to add functionality for enchanting any modded items.

This mod is available for the 1.19 game version.

Why Mining Master is fun:

  • Leeching: Used on swords and axes, 25% of dealt damage is restored back to the attacker as health with every hit.
  • Freezing: Used on swords, axes, bows, and crossbows, it inflicts slowness and critical fire on enemies.
  • Snowpiercer: Used on leggings, gain speed while on snow and ice blocks.

Get the mod here.


1- Ore Excavation Mods

Ore Excavation is a mod that lets you quickly and easily remove lots of bricks. With this mod, you can do anything, like quickly constructing a strip mine, clearing entire forests of trees, and gathering massive ore veins. Players can even design their own excavation shapes to alter staircases, tunnels, and other features. For mod pack developers, simple-to-understand configurations are also offered, including tool or block black lists, size limitations, tick rate, and much more.

This mod is currently available for the 1.19 Game Version.

Why Ore Excavation is fun:

  • Nearly every block can be harvested in bulk.
  • Tools and blocks can be blacklisted or whitelisted.
  • You can customize tunnel shapes during mining.

Get the mod here.

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