[Top 10] Minecraft Best Castle Designs That Are Awesome

Minecraft Best Castle Designs That Are Awesome
Is your castle not big enough?

Which are the best castles in Minecraft?

Are you tired of those chests full of useless items and blocks? Are you also tired of that tiny house made of dirt you built right after starting your adventure so that you had somewhere to keep you safe from mobs? 

Well, why not try building one of the castles from our top 10 best castle designs that are awesome?


10. Dirt Castle

This design may sound quite dumb, but if done correctly you may be looking at one of the most unique and cool castles you'll ever see. Remember to add the appropriate balance between dirt, grass, and other plants.

What makes this design great:

  • The materials for this castle are easy to obtain
  • This castle design looks incredible, and it is unique
  • This castle is ideal for when starting your adventure


9. Simple castle

This is the castle you make when you start your adventure and want to look like a total pro, this design is very cool but simple to make.

What makes this design great:

  • This castle is ideal when embarking on your adventure
  • This castle may also work as practice for when wanting to create more complex ones
  • This castle makes it harder for mobs to get inside or destroy


8. Modern Castle

Although in real life this type of castle is uncommon, in Minecraft they look awesome and they give a twist to the classic medieval castle design.

What makes this design great:

  • A clean, simple, and minimalistic design makes this castle very beautiful and unique
  • Most players enjoy a modern design
  • Using blocks like quartz and concrete give this design a complete facelift


7. Gothic castle

The dark ages were one of those times when architecture was unique. These castles tend to be very dark with tall and spacious structures.

What makes this design great:

  • The aesthetic of this castle makes it perfect for Minecraft´s environment
  • Gothic architecture is complex, making it suitable for a building challenge
  • Gothic castles are very eye-catching


6. Japanese Castle

Most Minecraft players are big fans of the Japanese culture, so why not honor it by building this beautiful Japanese-style castle?

What makes this design great:

  • Japanese castles tend to be very peaceful and zen
  • Their design is unique and beautiful it makes them stand out from most castles
  • This design is one of the most ambitious castles you may try to build


5. Medival Castle

If we were to guess the period in which Minecraft takes place, our first guess would be the medieval times, due to the antique looks of their villages. So why not level those villages up by making a castle worthy of the villagers?

What makes this design great:

  • This castle blends perfectly with most villages and looks very cool
  • There are many styles for this kind of castle, but all look incredible
  • If you surround your castle with a fortress, you can make a safe village to trade and keep the villagers safe from hostile mobs


4. Haunted Castle

Torches, hostile mobs, and spider webs. Those are the main ingredients for a haunted castle; these castles look very cool and give out a dark and terrifying atmosphere that will give chills to anyone who dares to go inside.

What makes this design great:

  • This castle can be turned into an escape room for you and your friends to have a good time
  • This castle blends perfectly with the abandoned villages
  • You can turn any kind of castle into a haunted castle by making it dark and using spiderwebs and moss blocks


3. Hogwarts castle

This is one of the most famous castles in media and one of the most magical places in the world, so why not give it a go in Minecraft and live the adventures from your favorite wizard story?

What makes this design great:

  • Live the adventures from your favorite movie/book
  • The attention to detail in this castle is amazing
  • Who wouldn't love to walk the halls of the world-famous wizard school?


2. Golden Castle

The main point of castles is to let people know that you have power and money and what better way to show that in Minecraft than by flexing the amount of gold you have and building a castle made entirely from gold?

What makes this design great:

  • If you have the amount of gold it takes to build a castle then you are probably a pro player
  • This is a great way to use your gold since sometimes gold can seem a little useless
  • Gold is stronger when turned into a solid block


1. Falcon´s Rock

This castle is not only one of the biggest you will find it is also one of the best castles to explore. The best part is that you can download it.

What makes this design great:

  • Made up of 9 different castles and villages, Falcon´s rock is one of the most popular downloadable maps for Minecraft
  • Its aesthetic was based on medieval Germany and is one of the most realistic castles you will find


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