10 More Awesome Minecraft Seeds You Should Try Out!

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There's treasure in every chunk, if you know where to look...

Sometimes, you just need the right seed to give you that sense of adventure

This article isn’t about your average wheat seed (though there are some very good things to say about growing wheat), we’re talking about your Minecraft world seed; a randomly generated code that determines your spawn area, as well as what neat things you see where. Minecraft players rely on world seeds to get the best possible worlds they can, whether for a distinct survival advantage or, if you’re a speedrunner, for a better time.

What is a Minecraft seed?

Minecraft world seeds are responsible for your spawn point, where villages are located, where dungeons are located, and where the player will find the End Portal (very important if you’re looking to get that sweet end-game credits sequence). While most players don’t bother with the world seed, it can be absolutely invaluable if you want the best start to your world, whether for survival, or if you know there’s cool stuff nearby.

If you’re just playing Minecraft for fun, there are some gorgeous world seeds that are worth your while; some have nearby resources great for the early game, while some have benefits sticking it out till the end. This list will outline the top 10 seeds suitable for however you play Minecraft. All seeds have been tested on the latest Update Aquatic for the Java release.

A desert temple near a desert village makes for a great first base, as well as a start for resources.

10. Adventuring Head Start Seed

Seed : -2579494896997723047

Looking for adventure in the boundless expanse of the Minecraftiverse? This is a great starting location for players who like to have decent stuff right off the bat. For this world, go to the village first and hit the blacksmith; there, you’ll find an iron helmet and chestpiece, an iron pick, and iron bars along with a couple of diamonds, some apples and some bread. There isn’t much else in the village unless you like looting the farms for potatoes and wheat, but when you’re just starting out, the security of a house for the first night is a blessing.

With your new equipment, you can then head to the desert temple and carefully dig your way down to the good stuff (being careful not to step on the redstone plate at the bottom). There is the usual loot of golden apples, string, rotten flesh, and sand, but a few key finds in these chests are three enchanted books, as well as a few emeralds. Take everything that you want, and you should be set for the first few days of your adventure.

This seed is a great starting location for adventurers because of how compasses work; you can easily keep your valuables in chests in the village, and always have a reliable way to come get them should you need to. The village is also above a huge ravine to explore, and while there aren’t any abandoned mineshafts, there’s certainly enough coal and iron to kickstart your adventure.

The forest is deep, dark, and full of danger. Also, mushrooms.

9. Mushroom/Dark Oak Forest Spawn

Seed: -113443656787882

While this seed doesn’t have the village and desert temple right off the bat, there is a relatively expansive dark oak forest full of giant mushrooms for players to explore. The mushrooms offer a distinct advantage in terms of food, as mushroom soup can be crafted on the go relatively easily. This makes for a filling food source just starting out.

Other biomes nearby include a desert, a swamp (unfortunately, not a slime chunk), a birch forest, and a savannah. All of these biomes lie within 500 blocks of the spawn point, making it a great location for those players who like to collect wood for construction projects.

While there isn’t too much available in terms of structures, the multiple outcroppings and caves nearby create innumerable opportunities to get the materials that players need to get started on their adventure. Or, if you prefer, the spawn point is a great place to build your first house, as it resides right by the river so you can fish for your food. However, getting the string is going to be another story.

Nothing better than spawning into a world and immediately being assaulted by a skeleton and a zombie.

8. Deep Cavern Spawn

Seed: 8867705636605960574

This seed spawns you right beside a couple of cave systems, both of which have their own benefits. If playing on Normal difficulty and above, be aware that a couple of mobs may spawn in the darker area in the cave to the right. That open outcropping is a great place to wall in and make a temporary base, as it offers you access to a lot of early game ores such as coal and iron. Plus, fleshing out the stone outcropping will give you plenty of cobblestone to work with.

However, the more interesting feature of this particular spawn is the cave on the left; it features a winding tunnel down to near diamond level, and if you follow the main cavern down most of the way, it should lead you straight to an abandoned mineshaft. Be warned, however; getting down there on even Normal difficulty will be a fight.

If you prefer to stay topside, the surrounding forest does tend to go on for a while, so you’ll be hard pressed to find anything of note, at least for a few hundred blocks. If you do make it to the ocean (X:-230/Z:-500), you will find a very cool looking iceberg formation floating in the water. This does appear to be out of place, but it is pretty neat regardless.

The depths of the ocean hides fantastical treasures and terrifying dangers.

7. Nearby Shipwreck

Seed: 152398712093875

This seed has a shipwreck that is not too far from the spawn location, though you do have to do a little swimming to get there. The ship pictured above is located at (X:-10/Z:125) and, like many broken wrecks, holds a treasure map in its bow.

However, shipwrecks aren’t necessarily interesting (but very useful for finding cool things buried underground). If you’re really looking for something cool, head over to (X:12/Z:480) to find not only an intact sunken ship, but also a collection of small buildings hosting an undead cluster of Drowned. There are a few chests in these buildings, which makes travelling here very rewarding if you want enchanted armor and tools.

The Drowned cluster you’ll find here is a very lucky find, as one of them may be holding a Trident, a very rare drop if you can get it. The trident, once you find the right enchantment for it, is an absolutely invaluable tool, and can up your survival chances considerably.

Getting a steak and mushroom dinner has never been easier!

6. Mooshroom Island Spawn

Seed: 16000784105

This seed spawns you right on a massive Mooshroom island. Mooshroom islands are rare, hard to find, and while they look super cool, they’re pretty useless in a survival setting unless you want to gorge yourself on mushroom soup (Which you can’t do unless you find some wood!). Besides mushrooms, this island’s sole inhabitants are Mooshrooms, or mushroom cows. They do give milk, and you can breed them for meat, but beyond that, it’s a pretty lonely existence on this island.

There is surrounding ocean, and right near spawn there appears to be a derelict building with a chest, but there’s not much inside to speak of. So if you want some semblance of adventure, you’re going to have to swim to get anything substantial.

Because you won’t have any trees to start, you’re going to have to prepare for a long, uneventful swim. Heading straight out into the ocean from your original spawn point will lead you to some snow plains… Eventually. After that, it’s only a matter of walking a little longer before you find some trees and you can really start your adventure.

Jungles are magical realms full of tameable animals - a favorite place for crazy cat ladies!

5. Jungle Biome Spawn

Seed: -106396336

If you’re anything like me, and you enjoy domesticating animals to spruce up your homestead (to the annoyance of everyone on the server when they visit), jungles are among the worst biomes to find. You can travel for days, endlessly running through plains, desert, savannah, forest, and plains again, only to be frustrated with the lack of ‘cool’ biomes. Jungles are home to innumerable resources, such as wood, cocoa beans, melons, but they are also the only place to find ocelots and parrots.

Again, if you like domesticating animals, you need a jungle to pad out your bird collection.

This seed spawns you right in the middle of an expansive jungle, and you don’t have to walk far to find a few melons hanging around. If you fancy yourself an alchemist, glistering melons are a must-have for healing potions. Alternatively, you can grab some wood, as well as some cocoa beans, and you can start re-enacting the hit browser game “Cookie Clicker” in no time flat.  

Need to jumpstart your adventure? The jungle temple is a santuary for new Minecrafters, just beware the arrow traps.

4. Jungle Temple Nearby

Seed: -6114657262860776306

Upon spawning in, immediately walk west - there, you’ll find one of the elusive Jungle Temples, ripe for the taking. Jungle temples are great if you want redstone early, or need an easily defended place for your first residence. Admittedly, there’s not a lot in the Jungle temple: some string, some redstone tripwires, and the only visible chest containing some iron and bone. However, if you know where to look, you could end up with some pretty decent loot (Here’s a hint: look behind the levers!)

Be warned that if you decide to continue going west, this jungle is HUGE. The actual seed name is literally “modified jungle” which means it spans quite a few chunks. Great opportunities to be had for gathering cocoa beans and recruiting 50+ birds to your small chirping army.

While jungles are a great starting place, but not everyone likes hopping over the shrubs, or wandering through the thick trees just to get somewhere new. The easiest way to get out of this jungle is going North, or even West. Just make sure to grab a few melons on your way out - you’ll need them later.

Watch your step! Amplified worlds feature gravity defying columns and dangerous cliff faces.

3. [Amplified World] Floating Sky Islands

Seed: -236772797

If you’re bored with the regular world generation, try amplified worlds. Amplified worlds simply make the landscape more drastic; higher hills, sometimes even going up to the build ceiling, and more drastic caves. You might need a nicer computer, or you might have to turn down your visual settings, but these worlds are well worth it. In this seed, you literally spawn above the clouds, looking at an alien like world with huge mountains and floating islands. It looks like something right out of a movie, and it’s absolutely picturesque.

Wandering around this particular world doesn’t really give you much to work with, at least to start. At the very least, you would need to be careful getting down, lest you break both of your kneecaps on the descent.

There are caves aplenty when you do get down, and an innumerable amount of hiding places for when it gets dark. Beaches are a little all over the place, but you should still have no problem traversing the world once you get to sea level.

Snow and ice, a quiet retreat away from the usual hustle and bustle of Minecraft.

2. Fortress of Solitude Seed

Seed 85490543201

A winter wonderland of snow, cold, and menacing ice spikes that pierce the heavens. This is a great biome if you like danger, and occasionally running into polar bears. This seed plops you right in the middle of an expansive ice spikes biome, and, while it’s not particularly useful to a new adventurer, it’s a great biome to come back to when you find your pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment on it.

This biome is ideal for making temporary houses, or, if you find a boatload of pumpkins on your travels, you can make an army of snowmen to defend your homestead. Alternatively, hosting a server on this kind of world is great for having snowball fights with friends.

Book your next desert getaway right here, as soon as you spawn into the world!

1.  Mesa Biome Village

Seed: 1785852800490497919

Mesa biomes are incredibly hard to find; spawning next to one is a rarity, so this seed gives you a great advantage, and all the red sand you could possibly want, as well as colored clay. The mesa itself is pretty to look at, and for those of us who don’t see them all the time on our travels, it’s definitely something to explore.

A village right by spawn is a quick home for the early game while you get set up, and a nearby desert temple has a good selection of things to get your adventure started. Tip: head south from spawn until you reach another village (X:246/Z:746); there’s another village and desert temple combo for you to loot.

Nearby spawn, there are some horses, so if you happen to find a saddle by chance, or use cheats to obtain one, you’ll have a fairly reliable source of fast transport. I say “fairly reliable”, because horses can’t swim, so try to make a lead or two as well.

Change up your game with world seeds

There are an infinite number of worlds out there to explore, each with their own unique characteristics. One day you'll be spawned in a dry, dry desert, while another day will be at the edge of the ocean, imagining the breeze. The world is what you make it, and with world seeds, it's that much easier to get the perfect starting location for your adventure. 

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