[Top 5] Best Minecraft Helmet Enchantments

Best Minecraft Helmet Enchantments
The ever sought after diamond helmet

Minecraft is a very well-rounded game, with a large variety of mechanics and playstyles. One of these mechanics is enchanting, the ability to magically buff your tools to do a variety of different things. Any usable tool, from hoes to chest plates, can be enchanted. This articles will take you through the five best enchantments to put on a Minecraft helmet


5. Unbreaking

Unbreaking is all around just a great general enchantment. There's never really a time where you want your tools to break, especially if its a tool with a large number of other enchantments on it

What Makes Unbreaking Great: 

  • Helps preserve your resources by making it so that you don’t have to craft new tools as often
  • Makes sure that your helmet with a ton of other good enchantments stays as healthy as possible so you can get a lot of use out of all those enchantments


Unbreaking Details:

  • The unbreaking enchantment increases the durability of your tools, allowing them to last longer
  • Unbreaking enchantment levels range from 1-3, with three being the strongest and making it extremely difficult for a tool to break


4. Projectile Protection

The projectile protection enchantment is a bit more niche than unbreaking in that it only works well in certain situations, but when it does work it's really effective. A Lot of the more annoying enemies in the game shoot projectiles so being able to take less damage from them can be really good


What Makes Projectile Protection Great: 

  • Gives bonus resistances from all projectiles thrown, great for taking on any skeletons you might find in any caves
  • Projectiles include things like fireballs, so this is also a great enchantment for the Nether where you’ll face Blazes and Ghasts


Projectile Protection Details:

  • The projectile protection enchantment allows you to take less damage from any projectile, such as arrows and fireballs
  • The enchantment levels range from 1-4, with four allowing for the maximum amount of protection from any projectile


3. Respiration

Respiration is an enchantment unique to helmets, giving the player the ability to stay underwater for a longer period. This is a fantastic enchantment that can have a lot of uses and can help with accomplishing a lot of different tasks


What Makes Respiration Great:

  • For the builders of Minecraft who like to use a lot of underwater materials such as clay and sand, Respiration is the perfect enchantment because it allows for more time to gather materials before being forced to come up for air
  • For the fighters of Minecraft, Respiration is really great for taking on underwater sea temples. It can be very challenging to manage your air while taking on these dungeons and Respiration can make it a lot easier


Respiration Details:

  • Respiration buffs the air meter, allowing it to deplete much slower than it normally would
  • Respiration enchantment levels range from 1-3, and at max rank, it almost triples the amount of time you can spend underwater


2. Protection

By far one of the best general enchantments to put on any piece of armor, you should never be sad to get it from a random enchant because there's no way it could ever be bad


What Makes Protection Great: 

  • Protection works in any situation, giving resistance to all sources of damage except drowning and hunger. Zombies, Creepers, explosions, Endermen, etc. will all do less damage to you
  • If stacked high enough Protection hinges on overpowered, with the average mob just simply not able to damage you at all


Protection Details:

  • Barring drowning and fall damage, protection reduces damage taken from all sources in the game
  • Protection enchantment levels range from 1-4, with four being the point where you become borderline invincible if its on multiple armor pieces


1. Mending

Mending is by far one of the best enchantments in the game because it pretty much ensures that your tools will never break. It’s the best enchantment to put on any piece of equipment that you want to make sure never runs out of durability

What Makes Mending Great:

  • The mending enchantment will passively repair the tool its enchanted with by consuming experience. So as long as you have exp, the enchanted tool can never break and you’ll never lose it
  • This is the enchantment you want on an end-game item, something that you can always rely on to never break even when facing the final boss of the game


Mending Details: 

  • Mending passively consumes experience points to maintain and increase the durability of whatever tool that it’s been paired with
  • Mending only has one level, but that’s really all it needs because of how strong the effect is


There are a ton of Minecraft enchantments, not just for helmets but just in general. It can be a little overwhelming, so I hope this article helped you decide the best enchantments to put on your Minecraft helmets

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