Top 10 Best Minecraft Horror Maps

Minecraft Horror Maps

Minecraft is one of the most calming games by far. Even at night it’s not that scary if you manage to get a couple of upgrades.

But Minecraft is a game about making it what you want it to be, so why not give it a new story? That’s the beauty of adventure maps, you can add any story you want, so why not horror in Minecraft.

These are the top 10 horror maps in Minecraft.

10. Hello Neighbor

This awesome map by Foodblex and Nukacho is the popular game “Hello Neighbor” reimagined in Minecraft! Sneak into your neighbor’s house to find the secrets that lie inside, but make sure no one’s watching!

What’s awesome about Hello Neighbor!:

  • The blocky version of a great horror game
  • New enemy
  • Knockbable Rod item

Map details:

  • Based on the game
  • Smaller size
  • Custom item and enemy

You can find this map here.

9. SCP Blocktainment Breach

SCP Blocktainment Breach is a blockified version of the popular SCP stories. This map has a bunch of new enemies that will be familiar to SCP fans. A lot of detail and work has gone into this map and it is definitely a must-play.

What’s awesome about SCP Blocktainment Breach:

  • Play as a Class-D personnel trying to escape
  • Run away from new enemies
  • Scary, maze-like map

Map details:

  • Custom resource pack
  • A lot of new enemies
  • 5800 command blocks

You can find this map here.

8. Abandoned City

Have you ever had a nightmare about being alone in a city, with no contact to the outside? This is what this map is all about. You are in the abandoned city of Wedsington, exploring its abandoned structures. Be careful though, the toxic waste stored there may have created something horrifying.

What’s awesome about Abandoned City:

  • Great story
  • Multiplayer
  • Easter Eggs!

Map details:

  • Built for Minecraft 1.14.3
  • Book of Cheats in case you’re stuck
  • Set time to night for the best experience.

You can find this map here.

7. Titan

Imagine being the only survivor of a massacre and waking up in an old testing facility. With no knowledge of where you are, you need to escape the facility and get back to civilization. Be careful of the secrets you may uncover during your escape.

What’s awesome about Titan:

  • Huge map
  • Super dark
  • Its own mysterious story

Map details:

  • Brightness needs to be set to low
  • No music
  • Single-player only

You can find Titan here.

6. Rusty Metal

You’re a detective in the future on the case of a serial killer. What you’re about to witness will change your life forever. This is a psychological horror map that will haunt your dreams.

What’s awesome about Rusty Metal:

  • Detailed story
  • Neo-Noir
  • A map 3 months in the making

Map details:

  • 10-40 minute story
  • Mostly psychological horror
  • Interesting areas to explore

You can find this map here.

5. The Darkest Hour

This horror-themed escape map made by the same creator as Rusty Metal. You wake up in your office surrounded by your once-alive coworkers trying to piece together the events you slept through (Must’ve been a quiet murderer or you’re a deep sleeper). Escape through the office to ensure you don’t experience the same fate as your dead peers.

What’s awesome about The Darkest Hour:

  • Horror themed
  • Mystery to keep you wondering
  • A short and exciting map

Map details:

  • Large area to explore
  • Not suitable for younger players
  • Short run-time

You can find this map here.

4. System Shock 2

This remake of the classic game is going to send chills down your spine. A rogue AI has taken over all systems on base and you must fight your way to restore the base to its former glory.

What’s awesome about System Shock 2:

  • Remake of a classic game
  • Long gameplay
  • Added sound bytes from the original game

Map details:

  • Skill upgrades
  • 2-3 hours long
  • Custom textures

You can find this map here.

3. Abandoned Hospital

This map would be an urban explorers dream. It hasn’t been used in 27 years and it looks like no one is home. Looks may be deceiving though as you’ll soon find out in this ultra spooky adventure.

What’s awesome about Abandoned Hospital:

  • Large area to explore
  • Secrets waiting to be uncovered
  • Engaging story

Map details:

  • Shorter run-time
  • Book of Cheats to help when stuck
  • Can set spawn points

You can find this map here.

2. The Smiling Prince

This map is more of a walk in the park, literally. You walk along the path to learn the story of the smiling prince. You won’t be smiling at the end of this tale.

What’s awesome about the Smiling Prince:

  • Crazy story
  • Short run-time
  • Engaging environments

Map details:

  • Disturbing themes
  • Rule book included
  • Not for players who are sensitive to themes of suicide

You can find this map here.

1. OneNight

OneNight is about a man named Ben leaving work at a late hour. He is on his way home when he finds himself in trouble. You play as Ben as he figures out how he is going to make it home.

What’s awesome about OneNight:

  • Thrilling story
  • Plenty of scares
  • Great environments

Map details:

  • Custom textures
  • Larger map size
  • Tons of command blocks

You can find this map here.

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