[Top 15] Minecraft Best Packs For Bedrock That Are Excellent!

Minecraft Best Packs For Bedrock That Are Excellent!
Bedrock players need love too

Tired of the same old Java edition?

As every Minecraft player should know, there are two different Minecraft editions, Java and Bedrock. These days both seem to be quite similar, but back in the day, the Java version had a lot more features and updates and it was also known as the Pc version and the Bedrock version used to be the “console” or “mobile” version of Minecraft (also referred as Pocket Edition). Although they share some similarities, they still differ in a couple of features, one of them being Mods and texture packs, and for that reason, we decided to list the top 15 best texture packs for Minecraft Bedrock that are excellent!


15. Vein Miner and Treecap Add-on

Most of the time mining can be a very exhausting and time-consuming task; and for those times, that’s when this mod comes in handy. This mod will help you by mining veins or similar blocks altogether without having to mine the whole vein by yourself. 

Why is the mod fun:

  • Makes mining faster
  • Saves you time for other stuff
  • Great add-on 
  • Get it here


14. Butterfly add-on

This cool mod adds a new mob to your Minecraft world; “the butterfly”, but not only that but every butterfly comes with a different texture depending on the biome it spawns on. 

Why is this mod fun:

  • Get a new unique mob
  • The butterfly will drop new items
  • Brings new features to the game
  • Get it here


13. Butchery add-on

Although most of the time, we would rather not kill those beautiful cube-shaped animals that wander the world of Minecraft, sometimes it is vital for our survival. With the battery mod, you will get some new and creative ways to get the meat out of those animals and add some more realism to the game. Okay, this mod is not for the light-hearted… 

Why is this Mod fun:

  • New interactive experience
  • Unique butchering animations
  • adds more realism to the game
  • Get it here


12. Food add-on

When it comes to food in Minecraft, sometimes there is not much variety to choose from and our options seem to get boring really fast, for that reason this mod adds tons of new options such as raw bacon, caramel, butter and tons of more options to give you a new and unique way to not die of hunger. 

Why is this Mod fun:

  • Add new food options to the game
  • New unique items
  • Mobs drop new food that can be cooked
  • Get it here


11. More Swords 

Well, what can we say about this mod, except for “more swords”, with this mod you will add 10 new types of unique swords each with new crafting methods and abilities.

Why is this Mod fun:

  • Adds new swords
  • Each sword is unique
  • Adds new abilities to each sword
  • Get it here


10. Smelters Forge 

Smelting in Minecraft is quite simple but very important for the game, but with the use of this mod not only will you get tons of new blocks and items, but you will also give the smelting process some more realism!

Why is this Mod fun:

  • New features added
  • More realistic smelting
  • New blocks and items
  • Get it here


9. Better undead death animations 

When it comes to death animations Minecraft is pretty straightforward, you kill a mob, it falls to the ground and it explodes into a cloud of smoke; so why not give it a new and fresher look by adding some new and unique animations with this mod. 

Why is this Mod fun:

  • New death animations
  • Fun and unique experience
  • Each animation is new and unique 
  • Get it here


8. Shaders:

This mod is simple but makes Minecraft look better and more realistic, by adding shaders to the game, improves the realism and the way the textures work. Shaders are one of Java editions most famous features, so why not share it with the Bedrock edition too?

Why is this mod fun:

  • Makes Minecraft look better
  • Textures are more realistic
  • Gives you a new and unique experience 
  • Get it here


7. Handheld torches 

Torches are a great item in Minecraft for illuminating at night or dark spots, but unfortunately, they only work when placed on a block and turn out to be pretty useless when held by the player, that is unless you have this add-on, which will late the player illuminate its path while walking with a torch on its hand. 

Why is this Mod fun:

  • New features for torches
  • Light the way when holding torches
  • Helps you see better in the dark
  • Get it here


6. Amplified Bedrock

This is a simple mod that without changing anything about your game changes everything and gives it a new and unique experience, with this mod you will get the option to amplified every biome and give them a little bit more realism just like the amplified world option in Java edition. 

Why is this Mod fun:

  • Doesn’t change anything from the game
  • Realistic terrain generation
  • Great for exploring 
  • Get it here


5. Morphing mod

This fun mod will let you turn into any mob in the game, from villagers to creepers; this fun is simple but loads of fun to play with. 

Why is this mod fun:

  • Turn into any mob you want
  • Experience Minecraft through the eyes of any mob
  • Play with your friends
  • Get it here


4. Thirst bar add-on

If you ignore Minecraft textures and graphics you can say that in terms of gameplay Minecraft can be quite realistic;  you have to eat to avoid dying of hunger, you must rest to avoid hallucinating at night and you have to build yourself a house to avoid getting eaten alive by the terrible mods that wonder the world; but it can always get more realistic, with this mod you will add a thirst bar that will give you one more trouble to worry about and not die on your mission to build the perfect base. O and it also works as a good reminder to drink water and stay hydrated. 

Why is this Mod fun:

  • Ads a thirsty bar
  • Makes surviving a lot more difficult
  • New fun experience 
  • Get it here


3. Serp Pokedrock

What are the two best things in the world? if your answer is Minecraft and Pokemon, then this mod is for you! With this mod you will bring pokemon into your Minecraft world, although you can not battle (yet) you can capture and breed your pokemon just like in the games, so why not go ahead and catch them all, or should we say “Mine” them all!

Why is this mod fun:

  • Adds new mobs to the game
  • A new adventure to experience
  • Brings pokemon into your world
  • Get it here


2. Advanced farming 

Have you ever played farming simulator and thought; “all of these features would go great in my Minecraft world”, neither have we, but we still have this advanced farming mod that adds tons of new items and blocks that bring a more realistic and unique farming experience to your Minecraft world. Oh yeah, and it also adds a tractor, who would love driving a tractor in Minecraft!

Why is this Mod fun:

  • New items and blocks
  • Unique farming experience
  • Fun and creative 
  • Get it here


1. Backpack add-on

Sometimes when exploring the world of Minecraft you run out of space in your inventory and have to throw out some very valuable items to get new ones, or sometimes you just die and lose them all; all of these troubles would be easier to solve if we only had a backpack to help us store our items… Well with this mod it is now possible 

Why is this Mod fun:

  • Adds a backpack
  • More options to store your items
  • Explore the world of Minecraft without worrying about inventory space 
  • Get it here

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